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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stanley Ann Dunham’s real name is Jo Ann Newman NO

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(I will admit this post is a little confusing. As far as obama being malcolm X son I don't know for sure. What I do know is obama has produced a FAKE social security number and a FAKE birth certificate that cannot be validated. Who his real name is is speculation based on various reports of what his real name is.

His real name is not unimportant. What is important is obama cannot validate his US citizenship which invalidates the last 8 years of his election as pressident. This is what the FAKE national news media has suppressed and is still suppressing.)

(Now we know why obama has a fake birth certificate, fake ss number and fake past. His identity was faked by him and his mother who herself had a fake identity to promote and hide the fact obama was possibly malcolm x's son. (This is speculation based on facts uncovered and is NOT fake news.)

Malcolm X lives on in the form of Bâri′ M. Shabazz. Obama's BC is fake as is his SS number but MS Trowbridge's story is from her fiction writing.) Story Reports

Martha Trowbridge reports that she has uncovered the true identity of Stanley Ann Dunham, putative President Barack Obama’s mother. She writes in her latest article, Stan The Sham, and True Love, posted at her blog, Terrible Truth, on November 15, 2011, that Dunham’s real name is Jo Ann Newman.

Correction: I took the small amount of time to look up some information on Martha Trowbridge and it ain't good. I found: Martha Trowbridge Radio, LLC provides inspirational, practical programming for women, in a variety of domains. With empathic inspiration for women who suffer emotional and mental agonies, The Martha Trowbridge Radio Hour focuses upon depression, trauma, complicated grief, betrayal, victimization, post-traumatic stress disorder, self-erosion, degradation, profound shame, perceived powerlessness, loneliness, and struggles with self-esteem and self-actualization.

She has a radio show called "The Crazy-Making Husband Radio Show" that speaks to women who suffer moderate to severe crazy-making at the hands of their husbands.

It seems the "crazy" person is really Martha Trowbridge who has an affliction for deception as does obama.

I know think this is all a fake story. Martha my dear writes FICTION in addition to other things as her website states. Keep that in mind as your read it. I think is a distraction to help deter the public from the the fact obama claims to be a natural born citizen but is not therefore he is a usurper fraud president that should not have ever been on the ballot for president.

As I said above the Martha Trowbridge story is not valid and is as fake as obama's US citizenship status as a natural born citizen.)

As often as she can, Martha quilts, sews, gardens, cooks, writes fiction, reads, paints with watercolor, and songwrites [ASCAP]. A strict environmentalist, she is a devotee of American Classic Films — in particular, those of the 1930’s and 1940’s. The proud, passionate mother of three German Shepherd dogs and ooodles of cats and kittens, she is hopelessly in love with The Land. A native and longtime resident of Cambridge Massachusetts, Martha and her family presently live in an antique farm house on forty-two splendid acres in the Vermont hills.

Martha Trowbridge Terrible Truth

Is Putative President Barack Obama’s Mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, Really Jo Ann Newman? By Mario Apuzzo, Esq.

Why would Obama tell us that his mother’s name is Stanley Ann Dunham when it is really Jo Ann Newman, a white teenage girl from the Bronx, New York who according to Ms. Trowbridge was Malcolm X’s teenage lover and devotee?

Is Obama telling us a lie about his mother’s true name because he wants to hide his own real identity?

Is he telling us that lie because he wanted to make himself more electable to the average American?

What would knowing that Obama’s mother’s real name is Jo Ann Newman tell us about Obama’s true identity?

And why would Obama want to hide his true identity?

Various experts have concluded that Obama’s long-form birth certificate which he posted on the internet in April 2011, is a forgery.

Obama is also using a questionable social security number issued from Connecticut and that evidence shows that he forged his Selective Service Registration application.

Ms. Trowbridge maintains that most of the pictures of Obama and his mother that the American public has been fed by Obama and his campaign have been photo shopped so as to conceal the real face of Obama’s mother. These pictures were done, among other reasons, to give Stanley Ann Dunham the appearance of having long hair when in fact she had short hair. Other facial features were also digitally changed in these photographs. So now we discover that not only has this person’s hair and face been altered but also her name. Many of Obama’s other publicly-released photographs also reveal signs of tampering and forgery.

Obama’s real name is Bâri′ M. Shabazz, born in New York City, on October 28, 1959, who was assigned social security number 084-54-5926, issued in New York, in 1974.

Malcolm X, also known as Malcolm X Shabazz, is the biological father of Barack Obama whose real name is Bâri′ M. Shabazz.

How do we reconcile the name of Jo Ann Newman with the Stanley Ann Dunham life story that we have been provided. As we know, this alleged fabricated life story consists of, among many life events, a birth in Kansas; youthful years and schooling in Washington; schooling in Hawaii; a hasty marriage to and divorce from Barack Obama Sr.; a marriage to and divorce from Lolo Soetoro; a move to Indonesia; and the birth of Maya Soetoro in Indonesia.

Regardless of whether Obama’s biological father is Malcolm X (a “citizen of the United States”), or Obama’s legal father is Barack Obama Sr., he is still not a “natural born Citizen” and not eligible to be President as he has originally claimed.

(Obama AKA bari m shabazz is the bearer of malcolm's X's legacy. Stanley ann dunham never existed. Jo ann newman from new york city did.

Obama's mother's real name was Jo ann newman who was quoted in The New York Amsterdam News about malcolm X, "you have not fallen in vain. Your ideas, your morals will be continued." Miss newman worked in the classified Advertising Department.

Jo Ann has seen to it along with Bâri′ M. Shabazz, that malcolm jr's identity would be reinvented just like his father malcolm X. The pieces of the fraud puzzle fit. Its all about getting "even" with the white man. Its all about hate, deception through reinvention of identity and the destruction of the white oppressor of the black man.

Now we know why obama has a fake birth certificate, fake ss number and fake past. His identity was faked by him and his mother who herself had a fake identity to promote and hide the fact obama was malcolm x's son. Malcolm X lives on in the form of Bâri′ M. Shabazz.

Jo ann newman has made sure malcolm X has not fallen in vain and Bâri′ M. Shabazz aka barack obama is the result!)

Sounds good doesn't it? Its Martha Trowbridge FICTION! Ms Trowbridge lives in a fantasy world. She is a deceiver as is obama. Its just another diversion from the truth obama is NOT a natural born citizen therefore he is an ILLEGAL president.
Story Reports

Stan The Sham, And True Love by Martha Trowbridge

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- George Orwell

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