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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Obama Wants Your Organs While You Are Still Alive!!

Obama Wants Your Organs While You Are Still Alive!!

Latest Obama controversy: Who's ID'd as organ donor Doctors warning changes would erase crucial line

The Destruction of Lives Unworthy of Life

A spokeswoman for the the operators of the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network told WND that a new round of public comments will be heard regarding the issue that the CMA said would allow those caring for critically ill patients to start considering them for their potential to donate organs while they remain alive.

"Gone [would be] the crucial wall separating patient care from donation solicitations," said a letter this week from the chief of the CMA. "Such undue influence on difficult decisions at a heart-wrenching time is ethically unacceptable."

Proposed changes are to various definitions and standards that the nationwide organ-donation coordination program uses.

The first was the removal of an important stipulation "separating patient care from donation solicitations.

"Previously the hospital's primary healthcare team and the legal next of kin must have decided to withdraw ventilated support or other life-sustaining treatment before the patient may be evaluated as a DCD [donation after cardiac death] candidate."

"Under the proposed policy a patient may be evaluated as a DCD candidate prior to a decision by family members and caregivers, which ought to be free from external pressure."

The proposed language change specifically would instruct, "A potential DCD donor should be evaluated by the primary healthcare team and the local OPPO to determine if the candidate meets the following criteria:"

Those included irreversible disease or "end-stage musculoskeletal disease."

The changes also are for a plan for patient care "in the event that death does not occur within the established time period after the withdrawal of life-sustaining medical treatment or ventilated support."

The proposed changes involve the deletion of a long section of guidelines on defining "irreversibility."

Irreversibility is a "persistent cessation of function during an appropriate period of observation." It also says "donor death occurs when respiration and circulation have ceased and cardiopulmonary function will not resume spontaneously."

"The removal of the requirement of 'irreversibility' of cardiopulmonary cessation exposes patients to potential exploitation," the CMA letter said. "CMA is concerned that relaxing the definition of death would considerably increase the risk that procedures to remove vital organs would be performed on some patients lacking unambiguous signs that death has occurred.

(Obama wants to take your organs out while you are alive. At least hitler gassed his victims before he murdered them.) Story Reports

The "model elements" that previously had been recommended were to be made "mandatory," and further, "The proposed requirements broaden donor criteria to include patients without cognitive neurological injury. As physicians, we are greatly concerned that patients with chronic illnesses such as spinal cord injury or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) would be vulnerable to real or perceived pressure to decline further treatment in order to donate their organs. (Christian Medical Association)

"The unintended consequences of the proposed requirements would be antithetical to the ethical practice of medicine. By loosening previous stricter guidelines, by eliminating vital safeguards and by failing to clarify key criteria, the proposed requirements signal that hospitals and healthcare professionals can now relax ethical concerns and safeguards in favor of pursuing a utilitarian 'higher good' of obtaining a greater number of organs for transplant," the CMA letter said.

"We believe that such a change in emphasis, however subtle, would erode the ethical practice of medicine by promoting a culture of utilitarianism or casualness regarding life and death decisions," the statement said.

"If physicians conscientiously opposed to such policies were forced to retire from the practice of critical care medicine rather than participate in them, society would lose many dedicated, skilled and compassionate caregivers."

The government proposal makes clear its intentions: "The proposed changes will help to maximize the number of donors and transplants by identifying the currently unrealized donor potential."

The doctors' concern, however, was found a few pages later: "A controlled Donation after Circulatory Death donor is a donor whose life support will be withdrawn and whose family has given written consent for organ donation in the controlled environment of the operation room."


While there is no doubt that the degeneration of our culture, in terms of the valuation of life, has proceeded quite a distance over the last decades, thus preparing our population to accept Nazi euthanasia today, the apparatus parallel to that which Hitler set up can still be stopped. It must be done now—before the medical and economic "experts" carry out genocide again.

Hitler's T4 Program Revived
In Obama's Health-Care `Reform'

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