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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Poll cat labels voter ID law a poll tax in SC

Poll cat labels voter ID law a poll tax in SC

The Rev. Jesse Jackson says the new voter ID law in South Carolina amounts to a "poll tax" designed to discourage voting.

The Greenville native spoke in his hometown Monday and said the voter ID requirement will make it harder for senior citizens and students to participate in elections.

Jackson says the new voter ID law could reduce votes that would have been crucial in close elections

He held a news conference with members of his Rainbow PUSH Coalition to talk about several issues facing the poor.

Jackson says he hopes presidential candidates campaigning in South Carolina will talk about unemployment, the declining number of doctors taking Medicaid patients, the problems of family farmers and the working poor.

(The poll cat action jackson doesn't want voters to verify their identity. He wants "voters" to vote several times if necessary. Jackson is a product of the dumming down of America before it was popular. Yes it smells as usual when action jackson is in the area. Its a big stink as is the illegal alien president bo.) Story Reports

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