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Monday, May 9, 2011

''Nothing on file' to document Obama’s citizenship

Bombshell: U.S. government questioned Obama citizenship; Said it lacked documents to determine birth country


'Nothing on file' to document Obama’s citizenship.

Dunham decided she would apply for a visa to Indonesia to live with Soetoro.

Before that, immigration authorities exchanged queries about Obama, with one noting questions about Obama's citizenship.

One critical exchange is dated August 21, 1967, from Sam Benson, an officer at the Southwest Immigration and Naturalization Service office in San Pedro, Calif.

Benson's query stated, "There is nothing in the file to document the status of the spouse's son. Please inquire into his citizenship and residence status and determine whether or not he is the applicant's child within the meaning of Section 101(b)(1)(B) of the Act, who may suffer exceptional hardship within the meaning of Section 212(a)."

Certificate of Live Birth Reveals Strange Morphology Of Obama's Adaptive Identity

Pen Johannson
Editor of The Daily Pen

Strange days continue as Obama suddenly decides, with the 2012 election looming, that Donald Trump and so-called 'birthers' are legitimately damaging his re-election bid with valid questions about his elibility, and permits the much maligned Department of Health in the State of Hawaii to release another digitized image of another alleged 1961 "Certificate of Live Birth", adding an attending, now conveniently deceased, doctor's name, a previously unidentified local registrar, and the name of the hospital he declared as his birthplace to the hollow saga of thin information about his identity.

OUT OF ORDER: Obama’s Certificate Number Is Based On Geography, Not Chronological Birth Order!

What documented evidence was used by the DNC, which was not available to the Democrat Party of Hawaii, to determine that Barack Obama was qualified

How is Baraka Hussein Abu Oumama (muslim name) able to hide his true identity?

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