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Friday, February 4, 2011

Obama could have ordered the cia/nsa to start the unrest in Egypt and create a diverson from news obamacare is unconstitutional or his BC is missing

(This pic says it all.)
The fraud president obama is not just commander of the armed forces, but the CIA and NSA both answer to him as well. They MUST follow his every order as long as it is not illegal.

He does not need Congressional approval to dispatch the military or to give the CIA/NSA orders. They can, however, hold him accountable after the fact but it would have to something particularly egregious for them to successfully remove him, which gives him a LOT of room to play.

(Did ya notice the senate hearing putting out the cover story and asking if the president was told that the riots in Egypt were about to happen. The hearing made it look like obama was in the dark about what was going on in Egypt. The cia testified that the white house was told.

What is possible is obama told the cia or nsa to make the unrest happen in Egypt. Notice how it started suddenly. Also notice how the Egyptian military is going along with the protests. Don't you think that is very odd?

All obama had to do was give the order for a "crisis" to begin.

The previous days before this manufactured crisis began was filled with news about the governor of Hawaii trying to find evidence obama was born in Hawaii but could not find any, remember?) Story Reports
Obama Can Do Anything He Wants Because the CIA Has His Back


The evidence is all there for anyone to see if they take the time to look. Zbigniew Brzezinski has “spoon-fed” Obama ever since he took him under his wing from Occidental College in 1980, apprenticed him through his first job in Pakistan and Afghanistan to his second job at Business International Corp. and ultimately, by manufacturing a background, faking his academic credentials and resume’, to the top job in America.

Brzezinsky was National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter from 1977-1981 and a professor at Columbia University 1960-1989 where he taught at the Institute of Communist Affairs. He’s a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, trustee of the Trilateral Commission and has attended Bilderberg meetings. He’s still a predominant presence in Obama’s “inner sanctum” and conveniently located near the White House at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies where he’s Professor of American Foreign Policy.

(A communist is a professor of American foreign policy. The imposter president is also a former communist professor with no birth documentation.) Story Reports

Obama cannot be questioned about any of this because, “It’s a matter of national security.” No one will talk about the fake birth certificate because, “It’s a matter of national security.” There is no attempt to investigate his stolen social security number, originally issued in CT, because “It’s a matter of national security.”

Word is, the White House Press Corps members will have their credentials yanked if they were to ask Obama about his Oxy or Columbia days, his work at BIC, a well-known CIA front, or his trips to Pakistan. Also on the list of banned questions is the birth certificate, his name Barry Soetero and his Indonesian passport of that name.

All the FOX News folks have gotten the word as to what’s off limits, too. Beck can go as far as linking all the players destroying our country but can’t mention the birth certificate. He “busted” Obama’s mother for her involvement with Shore Bank but doesn’t talk about her working for Asia Development Bank in Karachi, Pakistan while living in a five-star hotel for years laundering money to aid Mujahadeen and Taliban. Oops, that’s CIA and Pakistan; can’t go there. If you do, the FCC will shut you down so fast your head will spin.

Every once in a while, though, Obama really blows it and states a falsehood that sends the CIA into a panicked frenzy to cover his misstatement. As we all know, mistakes are made when you hurriedly try to fix an error. Obama’s error was saying that he signed up for selective service when he graduated from high school. That would be 1979 when there was no draft. The selective service was reinstituted in 1980 and so a record for Obama had to be created. Unfortunately for Obama’s “fixers” creating a record after the fact is a difficult thing to do and faced with time constraints they were forced to settle on a flawed document and probably unwittingly forever linked that document to another fraud, his social security number.

Brzezinski has been there for Obama all along and their secrets have to stay hidden because of national security measures. It’s really sad that America has been hijacked by wicked people like Brzezinski, Soros, Kissinger, the Clintons, Obama and all the godless members of their One World team.

If our country is to survive, we only need one brave patriot to break through the CIA’s code of silence into the mainstream and let the treasonous pieces fall where they may.


The CIA's most important "Cover Story is that of an "Intelligence" agency. Of course the CIA does make use of "intelligence" and "intelligence gathering", but that is largely a front for its primary interest, "Fun and Games." The CIA is the center of a vast mechanism that specializes in Covert Operations...or as Allen Dulles used to call it, "Peacetime Operations". In this sense, the CIA is the willing tool of a higher level Secret Team, or High Cabal, that usually includes representatives of the CIA and other instrumentalities of the government, certain cells of the business and professional world and, almost always, foreign participation. It is this Secret Team, its allies, and its method
of operation that are the principal subjects of this book.

It must be made clear that at the heart of Covert Operations is the denial by the "operator," i.e. the U.S. Government, of the existence of national sovereignty.

The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World L. FLETCHER PROUTY
Col., U.S. Air Force (Ret.)

(This is what rush limbaugh calls the "state run media". "The Agency has a whole stable of writers, its favorite magazines and newspapers, its publishing houses, and its "backgrounders" ready to go at all times." This is the propaganda machine that is nps,cbs,abc,nbc,cnn etc etc.) Story Reports

An organization such as the CIA, which exists in a true never-never land, needs to have someone write about it so that there will always be a plethora of material available and so that this vast stew-pot of material will be what the Agency wants the world to believe about it. The Agency does not answer writers, whether they attack it or not. But it works doggedly and brilliantly at times to bury anything not the party line that is written about it. Thus the Agency has a whole stable of writers, its favorite magazines and newspapers, its publishing houses, and its "backgrounders" ready to go at all times.

Allen Dulles had twelve or thirteen regular members of the news media who would be invited to join him frequently for lunch in the beautiful old dining room he maintained in East Building across from his office. Many an agent or military officer who had been invited to his offices to meet with him or with his deputy, General Cabell, to discuss matters of utmost secrecy, would be astounded at lunch with them to find the room filled with these well known writers and commentators. And then, as lunch proceeded, the same subjects that on the other side of the hall had been so carefully shrouded in secrecy would become table gossip with these men of the press. Dulles believed that if he kept these men well informed, they would then be able to draw that fine line between the CIA party line and its
security limits.

The law permits the NSC, national security agency, to direct the CIA certain duties and functions in the intelligence field in addition to those specifically enumerated in the law.

The NSC, which in effect means the President, can direct the CIA.

(Remember obama was known to be a cia agent in the past. What is he now? This would explain the total coverup of any documentation obama could never do by himself even with the help of the DNC.) Story Reports
Barack Obama conclusively outed as CIA creation

Far from being the mere ‘son of a goat herder’ (as obama deceptively paraded during and even before his candidacy), strong evidence has emerged that President Barack Obama is the product of the intelligence community.

Barack Obama Sr., Stanley Ann Dunham, Lolo Soetoro and President Barack Obama himself all hold deep ties to the CIA and larger intelligence community.

From 1983-84, Barack Obama worked as Editor at Business Internation Corporation, a Business International Corporation, a known CIA front company.

Presidents and vice presidents do not require security background checks, unlike other members of the federal government, to hold office. That job is left up to the press. In 2008, the press failed miserably in its duty to vet the man who would "win" the White House. With the ties of Obama’s parents to the University of Hawaii and its links to MKULTRA and ARTICHOKE, a nagging question remains: Is Barack Obama a real-life “Manchurian Candidate?”

Obama maintains that his mother and father first met in a Russian-language class at the University of Hawaii in 1959. However, a photograph has emerged of Stanley Armour welcoming Barack Obama, Sr., complete with traditional Hawaiian welcoming leis, from Kenya. Obama, Sr. was the only Kenyan student airlifted to Hawaii as part of the CIA-inspired Airlift Africa project that saw Obama and 279 other students from British eastern and southern African colonies brought to the United States for college degrees prior to their homelands gaining independence from Britain.

There is a strong reason to believe that Armour Dunham worked in the 1950s for the CIA in the Middle East. An FBI file on Armour Dunham existed but the bureau claimed it destroyed the file on May 1, 1997. Considering the sour relations between the FBI and CIA during the Cold War, it is likely that Armour Dunham was being monitored by FBI director J. Edgar Hoover in the same manner as a number of other CIA officials and agents were being surveilled. Similarly, the pre-1968 passport records of Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, were destroyed by the State Department.

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