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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Fruit Of Selma Barack Hussen Obama aka Barry Soetoro Fake SS Number

Selma has produced the corrput fruit of obama

OBAMA 2007: This is the site of my conCEPtion. I am the fruits of your labor. I am the offSPRING of the moveMENT. So when people ask me whether I've been to Sel-muh befo', I tell 'em I'm comin' home.

("The Fruit Of Selma" has a fake social security number. Not only was "the fruit of selma" never conceived in selama as obama said he was, he also has a FAKED SS NUMBER FROM CON-necticut. Obama was milking black Americans for votes when he declared he was "the fruit of selma" and was conceived in selma. This we know. Obama also has a FAKED SS number.) Story Reports

Information about the "fruit of selma's" FAKE SS Number

The Social Security number most commonly used by Barrak Hussein Obama is one issued by the state of Connecticut, the state where Barrak Hussein Obama never resided and shows him to be 119 years old.

This coupled with the fact that Mr Obama’s grandmother, Madeline Dunham was a volunteer at the Oahu Circuit Court Probate department and had access to the Social Security Numbers of the deceased, constitutes circumstantial evidence casting serious doubt on the legitimacy of Mr Obama and his claims of being born on U.S. territory.”

(On the eve of Election Day 2008 Madeline Dunham suddenly died. I don't believe it was just a coincidence.) Story Reports

Obama currently is using a Social Security number that was issued in Connecticut sometime between 1977 to 1979, even though Obama's earliest employment reportedly was in 1975 at a Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop in Oahu, Hawaii.

There is no evidence Obama, his father or his mother ever had a mailing address in Connecticut.

A Jun 2011 government policy change is an attempt to cover up in retrospect the controversy over Obama's Social Security number by making it impossible in the future to trace where a Social Security applicant lived at the time the person applied for a Social Security number.

Ohio licensed private investigator Susan Daniels says, "With Obama, there is obviously a case of fraud going on here. In 15 years of having a private investigator's license in Ohio, I've never seen the Social Security Administration make a mistake of issuing a Connecticut Social Security number to a person who lived in Hawaii. There is no family connection that would appear to explain the anomaly."

Randomizing Social Security numbers represents a fundamental change of a Social Security Administration policy dating back to the first issuance of nine-digit SSNs in 1936, in which the first three digits always have been used to designate the geographical location from which an applicant has applied for a SSN.

Since 1972, the SSA started issuing Social Security cards centrally and the area number has been used to reflect the state from which a person has applied for a SSN, as determined by the ZIP code in the mailing address of the application.

"By randomizing Social Security numbers in the future, the Social Security administration is facilitating identity theft," Daniels said.

The rationale for the change offered by the SSA is that the current numbering scheme with the first three digits designating area of issuance "limits the number of SSNs that are available for issuance to individuals by each state, such that changing the number assignment methodology 'will extend the longevity of the nine digit SSN in all states.'"

With 5.5 million numbers issued annually and 435 million numbers yet to be issued, the Social Security Administration could continue issuing numbers under the current numbering code for another 79-80 years.

Randomization of Social Security numbers also would assist illegal immigrants with the type of identity theft needed to obtain employment illegally.

"Once Social Security numbers are randomized, you have no idea from the person's Social Security number where an immigrant settled into the United States, even if they got here legally,".

President Obama is using a Social Security number set aside for applicants in Connecticut while there is no record he ever had a mailing address in the state.

The records indicate the number was issued between 1977 and 1979, yet Obama's earliest employment reportedly was in 1975 at a Baskin-Robbins ice-cream shop in Oahu, Hawaii.

Obama needs to explain why he is using a Social Security number reserved for Connecticut applicants that was issued at a date later than he is known to have held employment.

The question is being raised amid speculation about the president's history fueled by an extraordinary lack of public documentation. Along with his original birth certificate, Obama also has not released educational records, scholarly articles, passport documents, medical records, papers from his service in the Illinois state Senate, Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records and adoption papers.

To verify the number was issued by the Social Security Administration for applicants in Connecticut, Susan Daniels used a Social Security number verification database. She found that the numbers immediately before and immediately after Obama's were issued to Connecticut applicants between the years 1977 and 1979.

"There is obviously a case of fraud going on here," Daniels maintained. "In 15 years of having a private investigator's license in Ohio, I've never seen the Social Security Administration make a mistake of issuing a Connecticut Social Security number to a person who lived in Hawaii.

There is no family connection that would appear to explain the anomaly.

Does the Social Security Administration ever re-issue Social Security numbers?

"Never," Daniels said. "It's against the law for a person to have a re-issued or second Social Security number issued."

Daniels said she is "staking my reputation on a conclusion that Obama's use of this Social Security number is fraudulent."

There is no indication in the limited background documentation released by the Obama 2008 presidential campaign or by the White House to establish that Obama ever lived in Connecticut.

Nor is there any suggestion in Obama's autobiography, "Dreams from My Father," that he ever had a Connecticut address.

Also, nothing can be found in the public record that indicates Obama visited Connecticut during his high-school years.

Daniels told WND she believes Obama had a different Social Security number when he worked as a teenager in Hawaii prior to 1977.

"I doubt this is President Obama's originally issued Social Security number," she told WND. "Obama has a work history in Hawaii before he left the islands to attend college at Occidental College in California, so he must have originally been issued a Social Security number in Hawaii."

"It is a crime to use more than one Social Security number, and Barack Obama had to have a previous Social Security number to have worked at Baskin-Robbins," she insisted. "Under current law, a person is not permitted to use more than one Social Security number in a lifetime."

Another anomaly in the law enforcement databases searched by Daniels and Sampson is that the date 1890 shows up in the field indicating the birth of the number holder, along with Obama's birth date of 08/04/1961. A third date listed is 04/08/1961, which appears to be a transposition of Obama's birth date in an international format, with the day before the month.

Daniels disclosed to WND the name of the database she searched and produced a computer screen copy of the page that listed 1890 as a date associated with the 042 Social Security number.

Daniels said she can't be sure if the 1890 figure has any significance. But she said it appears the number Obama is using was previously issued by the Social Security Administration.

After an extensive check of the proprietary databases she uses as a licensed private investigator, Daniels determined that the first occurrence of Obama's association with the number was in 1986 in Chicago.

Daniels assumes, but cannot prove, that Obama took on a previously issued Social Security number that had gone dormant due to the death of the original holder.

The whole point is you can't be issued two different SS numbers in two different states. Obama worked in Hawaii and says he was born there. His SS number is from Connecticut around 1978. Obama was issued a SS numner around 1978 from Connecticut yet he NEVER LIVED THERE! The SS number obama is using is STOLEN!

This is exaclty what illegal aliens use to steal identities, FAKE SS numbers.

(1) Obama has a fake ss number

(2) Obama has no documentation that has verified his online certification of live birth.

(3) Obama has not answered the many questions asked in State and Federal courts about his identity.

(4) Is there any reason not to believe obama is an illegal alien? Story Reports

Obama Has Always Been An Illegal Alien And Still Is

Obama’s "American citizen parent", Ann Dunham, had to have been a resident of the United States for 10 years, at least five of which were over the age of 14. Dunham did not meet that requirement (of the Nationality Act of 1940, revised June, 1952) until her 19th birthday in late November of 1961, almost four months after Obama was born.

Obama was born 18 years 8 months after his mother was born. This is another reason why the SS number is FAKED. The documentation obama needed to present to get a SS number would have required a document trail. This document trail would have compromised his true identity. Obama has no valid documentation that validates his FAKE certification of live birth.


Yet there are those that defend this fact.

The US Supreme Court will not verify obama's identity nor will any federal court. The US Congress will not verify obama's identity nor will the State of Hawaii except to issue verbal statments that cannot be verified.

The DNC has verified obama's identity but the DNC will not reveal how it was done.

Kerchner V Obama Filed 1/20/2009

No one in any official capacity has fully vetted the eligibility and Constitutional qualifications of Obama to serve as President and Commander-in-Chief of our military.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) did not adequately vet and verify Obama’s Article II “natural born citizenship” by having a disinterested third party check his original long-form birth records in the vaults in Hawaii.

The DNC could have requested and obtained certified copies but never did. The DNC has not signed any affidavit that Obama is an Article II “natural born citizen” of the U.S.

Attorney Berg demanded of the DNC that it vet Obama’s Article II “natural born Citizenship” status prior to the DNC Convention but they ignored him at that time.

Nancy Pelosi merely signed an affidavit to each state certifying that Obama was nominated.

The DNC nomination affidavit was different for the State of Hawaii because Hawaii law required that article II be included that obama was a natural born citizen.

The DNC nomination affidavit from pelosi is a total fraud.

Political parties were responsible for vetting Obama in each state. Hawaii was different.

The State of Hawaii is very clear in its Statute. The candidate for president MUST qualify according to the provisions of the United States Constitution.

Okay, the DNC, by sworn Affidavit of Nancy Pelosi did swear to this. So what is the problem? The problem again is that an Affidavit was signed but NO supporting documentation accompanied the ballot application.

It appears that in order to meet Hawaii statutory requirements, Nancy Pelosi signed a notarized nomination certificate affirming that BHO was eligible to serve as president according to the U.S. Constitution, yet she apparently used no court-vetted probative contemporaneous documents to do so. However, by relying on Pelosi’s signature attesting to Obama’s constitutional eligibility, it appears that the Secretary of State of Hawaii placed Obama’s name on the ballot. Without any probative contemporaneous documents (which do not exist) as the basis of Pelosi’s certification of Obama, the nominating form is arguably a forgery.

Nancy Pelosi signed a DIFFERENT Affidavit for the other 49 States. The “other” Affidavit contained NO written clause whatsoever attesting to Constitutional eligibility of the candidate, Barack Obama.

Hawaii had the ability to require proof of “natural born” citizenship from the DNC and Obama by demanding supporting documentation.

The applicable Statute was not enforced by Hawaii.
Excerpt from South Carolina Statute:

South Carolina: SECTION 7-11-20.

Political parties must verify the qualifications of candidates prior to certifying to the State Election Commission the names of candidates to be placed on primary ballots. The written certification required by this section must contain a statement that each certified candidate meets, or will meet by the time of the general election, or as otherwise required by law, the qualifications in the United States Constitution, statutory law, and party rules to participate in the presidential preference primary for which he has filed. Political parties must not certify any candidate who does not or will not by the time of the general election meet the qualifications in the United States Constitution, statutory law, and party rules for the presidential preference primary for which the candidate desires to file, and such candidate’s name must not be placed on a primary ballot.

South Carolina DID NOT receive an Affidavit from the Democratic National Committee which included words to the effect of meeting “qualifications in the United States Constitution.” Pelosi sent the “other” Affidavit instead.

The State of South Carolina DID NOT enforce their “qualification” Statute either.

In sum, the August 14 letter from SC D state party Chair Carol Fowler Certifying the names and the eligibility of D candidates to appear on that state’s general election ballot appears to be kosher. On the other hand, that November 1, 2007 typed and hand-written memo Certifying the names and eligibility of D candidates to appear on that state’s Presidential Preference primary, signed by both Ms. Fowler and Ms. Hensley, have ‘election fraud’ written all over it.

The candidates to whose eligibility Ms. Fowler attested in that August 14 letter, did not include BO and JB as the Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominees for the party, but all of the ‘down ticket’ Democrats whose names the state D party wanted to appear on SC’s general election ballot, names listed on pages that were attached to her filing with the SCEC

This is how FRAUD occurred in the 2008 SC presidential election. Obama was qualified by the DNC with no supporting documentation

There was NO supporting documentation given to Hawaii or South Carolina.

Both of these states totally relied on the unverified qualification statments of the DNC.

Its just like what the Hawaii wants you to believe today. Unverified qualification statments about obama's certification of live birth certificate.

No one in the United States including the DNC can verify or prove obama is an American Citizen!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

US Supreme Court Will Not Reveal Obama Is An Imposter

Justices turn aside another challenge over Obama's citizenship

The Supreme Court has again cast aside an appeal that raised doubts about President Barack Obama's U.S. citizenship, a grass-roots legal issue that has gained little legal or political footing, but continues to persist in the courts.

The justices without comment Monday rejected a challenge from Charles Kerchner Jr., a Pennsylvania man who sought a trial in federal court forcing the president to produce documents regarding his birth and citizenship.

Kerchner's attorney, Mario Apuzzo, had argued in a petition with the Supreme Court that Obama did not fit the definition of a "natural-born citizen" required for the nation's highest office, as defined by Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution.

That clause states, "No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States."

(The Supreme Court is in denial about the fact obama is NOT a natural born citizen. The above Constitutional clause gives 2 examples of what qualifies a person to be president (at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution). The phrase "at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution" was added to exempt those who were british citizens at the time of the adoption of the Constitution. The phrase " natural born Citizen" was added to prevent a USURPER that was a dual citizen or a citizen not born of American parents from becoming president. The US Supreme Court knows this. The Court continues the FRAUD of obama because he was a dual citizen at birth, not a natural born citizen as the Constitution requires.) Story Reports

(Obama said Mccain was born to American Citizen(s). Obama said because of this Mccain is a "natural born citizen". Obama was born to ONE American citizen and ONE Kenyan citizen. Because obama has stated a "natural born citizen" has TWO American parents at birth and he did not, obama became a usurper and fraud the day he entered the presidential race. Its that simple. Obama continues to evade the American people. If Mccain is a "natural born citizen" because of his parents obama cannot be a "natural born citizen" because of his parents. Its that simple.) Story Reports

S.RES.511 -- Recognizing that John Sidney McCain, III, is a natural born citizen.

110th CONGRESS 2d Session S. RES. 511
April 30, 2008 Mr. OBAMA submitted the following resolution.


Recognizing that John Sidney McCain, III, is a natural born citizen.

Whereas the Constitution of the United States requires that, to be eligible for the Office of the President, a person must be a `natural born Citizen' of the United States;

Whereas the term `natural born Citizen', as that term appears in Article II, Section 1, is not defined in the Constitution of the United States;

Whereas there is no evidence of the intention of the Framers or any Congress to limit the constitutional rights of children born to Americans serving in the military nor to prevent those children from serving as their country's President;

Whereas such limitations would be inconsistent with the purpose and intent of the `natural born Citizen' clause of the Constitution of the United States, as evidenced by the First Congress's own statute defining the term `natural born Citizen';

Whereas the well-being of all citizens of the United States is preserved and enhanced by the men and women who are assigned to serve our country outside of our national borders;

Whereas previous presidential candidates were born outside of the United States of America and were understood to be eligible to be President; and

Whereas John Sidney McCain, III, was born to American citizens on an American military base in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That John Sidney McCain, III, is a `natural born Citizen' under Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution of the United States.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Solar storm in 2011 or 2012 get ready

Areas predicted to be most affected in 2012 or is it 2011? Yellow indicates grid collapse and red indicates transformer destruction. (top pic) This is what I call a natural EMP pulse.

Scientists at NASA and elsewhere are increasingly concerned about the potential for a massive solar "mega-storm" that could disrupt power grids in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Solar cycle 24 is headed for a peak sometime in 2011 or 2012, and some forecasters believe there is historical precedent for gigantic coronal mass (CME) ejections that could take down power grids here on earth.

A modern solar flare was recorded Dec. 5, 2006, by the X-ray Imager onboard NOAA's GOES-13 satellite. The flare was so intense, it actually damaged the instrument that took the picture. Researchers believe Carrington's flare was much more energetic than this one.

No one knows for sure if the dreaded "kill shot" could be unleashed in 2012. But the sun will be watched closely for the potential of a rare but devastating solar storm that could drastically change life here on earth for a period of days, weeks or longer.

Solar Shield

Another Solar Carrington Event Repeat Today Would Collapse Civilization.

Every hundred years or so, a solar storm comes along so potent it fills the skies of Earth with blood-red auroras, makes compass needles point in the wrong direction, and sends electric currents coursing through the planet's topsoil. The most famous such storm, the Carrington Event of 1859, actually shocked telegraph operators and set some of their offices on fire. A 2008 report by the National Academy of Sciences warns that if such a storm occurred today, we could experience widespread power blackouts with permanent damage to many key transformers.

When a geomagnetic storm hits the Earth, it shakes the Earth’s magnetosphere. As the magnetized plasma pushes the Earth’s magnetic field lines around, currents flow. Those currents have their own magnetic fields and soon, down at the ground, strong electromagnetic forces are in play.

Telegraphs Ran on Electric Air in Crazy 1859 Magnetic Storm

Since the beginning of the Space Age the total length of high-voltage power lines crisscrossing North America has increased nearly 10 fold. This has turned power grids into giant antennas for geomagnetically induced currents. With demand for power growing even faster than the grids themselves, modern networks are sprawling, interconnected, and stressed to the limit—a recipe for trouble, according to the National Academy of Sciences: "The scale and speed of problems that could occur on [these modern grids] have the potential to impact the power system in ways not previously experienced."

A large-scale blackout could last a long time, mainly due to transformer damage. As the National Academy report notes, "these multi-ton apparatus cannot be repaired in the field, and if damaged in this manner they need to be replaced with new units which have lead times of 12 months or more."

(Note the above it said 12 motnhs or more to repair transformer damage. Thats 12 months or more with no electrical power.) Story Reports

Space Weather

Solar Super Storm In 2012

2012: Could solar "Katrina" take down the grid?

Solar Storm Warning 2012
(This is interesting and makes sense to me) Story Reports

Dr. Tony Phillips
10 Mar 2006

Rresearchers announced that a storm is coming--the most intense solar maximum in fifty years. The prediction comes from a team led by Mausumi Dikpati of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). "The next sunspot cycle will be 30% to 50% stronger than the previous one," she says. If correct, the years ahead could produce a burst of solar ctivity second only to the historic Solar Max of 1958.

That was a solar maximum. The Space Age was just beginning: Sputnik was launched in Oct. 1957 and Explorer 1 (the first US satellite) in Jan. 1958. In 1958 you couldn't tell that a solar storm was underway by looking at the bars on your cell phone; cell phones didn't exist. Even so, people knew something big was happening when Northern Lights were sighted three times in Mexico. A similar maximum now would be noticed by its effect on cell phones, GPS, weather satellites and many other modern technologies.

Dikpati's prediction is unprecedented. In nearly-two centuries since the 11-year sunspot cycle was discovered, scientists have struggled to predict the size of future maxima—and failed. Solar maxima can be intense, as in 1958, or barely detectable, as in 1805, obeying no obvious pattern.

The key to the mystery, Dikpati realized years ago, is a conveyor belt on the sun.

We have something similar here on Earth—the Great Ocean Conveyor Belt, popularized in the sci-fi movie The Day After Tomorrow. It is a network of currents that carry water and heat from ocean to ocean. In the movie, the Conveyor Belt stopped and threw the world's weather into chaos.

The sun's conveyor belt is a current, not of water, but of electrically-conducting gas. It flows in a loop from the sun's equator to the poles and back again. Just as the Great Ocean Conveyor Belt controls weather on Earth, this solar conveyor belt controls weather on the sun. Specifically, it controls the 11 year sunspot cycle.

Solar physicist David Hathaway of the National Space Science & Technology Center (NSSTC) explains: "First, remember what sunspots are--tangled knots of magnetism generated by the sun's inner dynamo. A typical sunspot exists for just a few weeks. Then it decays, leaving behind a 'corpse' of weak magnetic fields."

The sun conveyor belt.

"The top of the conveyor belt skims the surface of the sun, sweeping up the magnetic fields of old, dead sunspots. The 'corpses' are dragged down at the poles to a depth of 200,000 km where the sun's magnetic dynamo can amplify them. Once the corpses (magnetic knots) are reincarnated (amplified), they become buoyant and float back to the surface." Presto—new sunspots!

All this happens with massive slowness. "It takes about 40 years for the belt to complete oneloop," says Hathaway. The speed varies "anywhere from a 50-year pace (slow) to a 30-year pace (fast)."

When the belt is turning "fast," it means that lots of magnetic fields are being swept up, and that a future sunspot cycle is going to be intense. This is a basis for forecasting: "The belt was turning fast in 1986-1996," says Hathaway. "Old magnetic fields swept up then should re-appear as big sunspots in 2010-2011."

Like most experts in the field, Hathaway has confidence in the conveyor belt model and agrees with Dikpati that the next solar maximum should be a doozy. But he disagrees with one point. Dikpati's forecast puts Solar Max at 2012. Hathaway believes it will arrive sooner, in 2010 or 2011.

Solar Max to be underway by 2010 or 2011.

Over the last few decades, western civilisations have busily sown the seeds of their own destruction. Our modern way of life, with its reliance on technology, has unwittingly exposed us to an extraordinary danger: plasma balls spewed from the surface of the sun could wipe out our power grids, with catastrophic consequences.

The projections of just how catastrophic make chilling reading. "We're moving closer and closer to the edge of a possible disaster," says Daniel Baker, a space weather expert based at the University of Colorado in Boulder, and chair of the NAS committee responsible for the report.

It is hard to conceive of the sun wiping out a large amount of our hard-earned progress. Nevertheless, it is possible. The surface of the sun is a roiling mass of plasma - charged high-energy particles - some of which escape the surface and travel through space as the solar wind. From time to time, that wind carries a billion-tonne glob of plasma, a fireball known as a coronal mass ejection (see "When hell comes to Earth"). If one should hit the Earth's magnetic shield, the result could be truly devastating.

The incursion of the plasma into our atmosphere causes rapid changes in the configuration of Earth's magnetic field which, in turn, induce currents in the long wires of the power grids. The grids were not built to handle this sort of direct current electricity. The greatest danger is at the step-up and step-down transformers used to convert power from its transport voltage to domestically useful voltage.

The increased DC current creates strong magnetic fields that saturate a transformer's magnetic core. The result is runaway current in the transformer's copper wiring, which rapidly heats up and melts. This is exactly what happened in the Canadian province of Quebec in March 1989, and six million people spent 9 hours without electricity. But things could get much, much worse than that. Worse than Katrina

The most serious space weather event in history happened in 1859. It is known as the Carrington event, after the British amateur astronomer Richard Carrington, who was the first to note its cause: "two patches of intensely bright and white light" emanating from a large group of sunspots. The Carrington event comprised eight days of severe space weather.

There were eyewitness accounts of stunning auroras, even at equatorial latitudes. The world's telegraph networks experienced severe disruptions, and Victorian magnetometers were driven off the scale.

Though a solar outburst could conceivably be more powerful, "we haven't found an example of anything worse than a Carrington event", says James Green, head of NASA's planetary division and an expert on the events of 1859. "From a scientific perspective, that would be the one that we'd want to survive." However, the prognosis from the NAS analysis is that, thanks to our technological prowess, many of us may not.

The report outlines the worst case scenario for the US. The "perfect storm" is most likely on a spring or autumn night in a year of heightened solar activity - something like 2012. Around the equinoxes, the orientation of the Earth's field to the sun makes us particularly vulnerable to a plasma strike.

What's more, at these times of year, electricity demand is relatively low because no one needs too much heating or air conditioning. With only a handful of the US grid's power stations running, the system relies on computer algorithms shunting large amounts of power around the grid and this leaves the network highly vulnerable to sudden spikes.

(What does this all mean? A solar max is comming in 2011 or 2012. It could knock out the power grid for months. I have heard that a 6 months supply of food should be kept on hand. Also get enough pur water filters to last for 6 months per person. Also make sure you can defend yourself with a gun. Make sure you have ammo on hand and more than one gun.

If the grid is off for a few days it will be the perfect time for obama to declare martial law and take everything you own. This is when you and I will need to make a life changing decision, if you know what I mean vern.) Story reports

Remember this is what a natural EMP would do. A man made EMP would be much worse.

This would be a "crisis" obama would not let go to waste. He would declare martial law and become dictator for life. Those of us who know he is a fraud and resist would be killed or put in camps to keep us quiet.

Why Did Obama Allow WikiLeaks To Publish Classified Documents?

Why Did The Obama Admistration Allow WikiLeaks To Publish Classified Documents?

The obama justice department could have prevented wikileaks from publishing classified documents.

Where did wikileaks get the classified documents?

Wikileaks got the classified documents from the obama administration leaking the documents.

Ask your self why?

Its because obama wants to again smear the US and put American lives at risk.

Wikileaks should be investigated.

The obama administration should be investigated for leaking the classified information.

This was done on purpose just like obama has been trying to destroy the US economy on purpose by bankkrupting the US through debt.

Obama used wikileaks to "spread the documents around" just like he uses the federal reserve to "spread the wealth around".

The enemy within is trying to destroy the US from within just like Nikita Khrushchev said they would do.

The enemy within is the "fruit of selma",obama. The "fruit of selma" is a traitor and should be impeached for treason!