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Friday, November 12, 2010

What Hawaii State Department of Health Fukino Verified Is In Question

What Fukino said was that she had "personally seen and verified that the Hawaii State Department of Health has Sen. Obama's original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures."

The key phrase was the qualification "in accordance with state policies and procedures."

Fukino did not explicitly say she had seen Obama's original birth certificate or his long-form hospital-generated birth certificate.

Hawaii's Hawaii State Registrar, Dr. Alvin T. Onaka, was asked if Janice Okubo, public information officer for the Hawaii Department of Health, had confirmed that his office produced a 2007 COLB, date-stamped June 6, 2007, with Obama's birth information on it. His response was, "Absolutely not. No one in our office confirmed it."

WND has reported that the Hawaii Department of Health in 1961 would issue a Certification of Live Birth on the basis of family testimony, without any additional proof the child was actually born in Hawaii.

WND has also reported that the Hawaii Department of Health has refused to substantiate the claim made by and other Obama supporters that the short-form COLB is an authentic document issued by the Hawaii DOH.

The article, updated Nov. 1, 2008, included a mention of Fukino's carefully worded statement issued Oct. 31, 2008, claiming the statement "confirmed … Obama was born in Honolulu," even though Fukino made no such direct claim.

The Annenberg Public Policy Center that finances also financed Barack Obama who served as the Chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in 1995. At that time the CAC made a $482,662 grant to a workshop project headed by Mike Klonsky, a former top communist activist who is an associate of former Weather Underground terrorist leader William Ayers, as documented by WND reporter Aaron Klein.

The CCX Or Chicago Climate Exchange Looting Of Taxpayers And Consumers Ends But The ECX Continues To Exist

Thousands of news articles have been published about CCX by the stae run media over the years, a Nexis search conducted a week after CCX’s announcement revealed no news articles published about its demise. Despite ending carbon trading, the CCX isn’t vanishing altogether. It intends to transition into the murky world of dealing in carbon offsets.

(NBC,CBS,ABC,NPR etc have promoted the myth of global warming or climate change. We have been told over and over that the earth was going to be destroyed by man because of his carbon emissions. The ccx was originally set up by al gore and barack obama. Barack obama funneled money to the CCX through the joyce foundation while he was a board member 1995-2002.)

The exchange's founder, Richard Sandor, says he knew Obama as far back as when the Joyce Foundation awarded money to the Kellogg Graduate School of Management, where Sandor was research professor.

A mechanism for extending carbon trading on the exchange to residences was purchased and patented by none other than Franklin Raines, who was CEO of Fannie Mae at the time. Raines profited to the tune of some $90 million by buying and bundling bad mortgages that led to the collapse of the American economy.

CCX's collapse was inevitable as both the enthusiasm for cap-and-trade — and the world itself — cooled. After the e-mail exchanges from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia reveled the extent to which global climate data were being manipulated to "hide the decline" in global temperatures, hopes for profiting off the scam with another scam evaporated.

Carbon trading at CCX all but dried up as prices plunged from over $7 a ton in 2008 to just 10 cents as of August.

The EPA still conspires to regulate carbon and other emissions through the back door.

The Crash Of The Climate Exchange

CCX Scandal

Barack obama and al gore’s Chicago Climate Exchange Suffers Total Failure

Barack obama and al gore’s Chicago Climate Exchange Suffers Total Failure

Global warming-inspired cap and trade has been one of the most stridently debated public policy controversies of the past 15 years. But it is dying a quiet death. In a little reported move, the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) announced on Oct. 21 that it will be ending carbon trading — the only purpose for which it was founded — this year.

Although the trading in carbon emissions credits was voluntary, the CCX was intended to be the hub of the mandatory carbon trading established by a cap-and-trade law, like the Waxman-Markey scheme passed by the House in June 2009.

At its founding in November 2000, it was estimated that the size of CCX’s carbon trading market could reach $500 billion. That estimate ballooned over the years to $10 trillion.

Al Capone tried to use Prohibition to muscle in on a piece of all the action in Chicago. The CCX’s backers wanted to use a new prohibition on carbon emissions to muscle in on a piece of, quite literally, all the action in the world.

The CCX was the brainchild of Northwestern University business professor Richard Sandor, who used $1.1 million in grants from the Chicago-based left-wing Joyce Foundation to launch the CCX. For his efforts, Time named Sandor as one of its Heroes of the Planet in 2002 and one of its Heroes of the Environment in 2007.

The CCX seemed to have a lock on success. Not only was a young Barack Obama a board member of the Joyce Foundation that funded the fledgling CCX, but over the years it attracted such big name climate investors as Goldman Sachs and Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the CCX’s highly anticipated looting of taxpayers and consumers — cap-and-trade imploded following its high water mark of the House passage of the Waxman-Markey bill. With ongoing economic recession, Climategate, and the tea party movement, what once seemed like a certainty became anything but.

CCX’s panicked original investors bailed out this spring, unloading the dog and its across-the-pond cousin, the European Climate Exchange (ECX), for $600 million to the New York Stock Exchange-traded Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) — an electronic futures and derivatives platform based in Atlanta and London. (Luckier than the CCX, the ECX continues to exist thanks to the mandatory carbon caps of the Kyoto Protocol.)

The ECX may soon follow the CCX into oblivion, however — the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012. No new international treaty is anywhere in sight.

While we don’t know how well Al Gore and Goldman Sachs fared on their investments in the CCX, we do know that there’s no reason to cry for Sandor. He received $98.5 million for his 16.5% stake in CCX when it was sold. Not bad for a failure that somebody else financed.

Incredibly (but not surprisingly), although thousands of news articles have been published about CCX by the lamestream media over the years, a Nexis search conducted a week after CCX’s announcement revealed no news articles published about its demise.

Outside of a report in Crain’s Chicago Business and a soft-pedaled article in a small trade publication, the media has entirely ignored the demise of the only U.S. effort at carbon trading. Even Glenn Beck, who has dedicated quite a bit of Fox News airtime to exposing the CCX, has yet to mention the news.

Despite ending carbon trading, the CCX isn’t vanishing altogether. It intends to transition into the murky world of dealing in carbon offsets. Once again, however, with the tide leaving on carbon regulation and increased concerns about fraudulent carbon offsets, the future of that market is quite uncertain.

With the demise of CCX carbon trading, only the still-pending Waxman-Markey bill is keeping cap and trade alive — technically, at least — in the U.S. According to’s Cap-and-Trade Death Clock, however, Waxman-Markey only has about 60 days of life left before it, too, turns into a pumpkin.

Despite this good news, opponents of carbon regulation will need to remain vigilant. While radical greens and the rent-seeking “clean energy” industry are down, they are not out.

Though they will never again dare utter the term “cap and trade,” they will reformulate and rebrand carbon regulation in the form of a national “renewable electricity standard” (RES), a “carbon tax,” or perhaps something even more innocent and cuddly — like “free cotton candy for everyone (FCCE).”

The global warming mob will be back, with their old agenda and new deceit, in 2011. Given that Republican politicians have a long history of squishiness on environmental issues, the rest of us will need to be prepared to continue the battle against Marxist/socialist and economy-killing energy rationing and taxes.

The global warming mob will be back, with their old agenda and new deceit, in 2011.

Global Warming Movement is a, corrupt social phenomenon...strictly an imaginary problem, a crisis that obama and gore want you not to waste.

The Crash Of The Climate Exchange

The Myth of Global Warming Is Explained In Detail On This Web Site

CCX was a monument to mass delusion, like a unicorn zoo or a leprechaun congress.

The House must conduct an investigation into this pyramid scheme.

We can only hope that the criminals who have been pushing this global scam are brought before a court…. and that they pay dearly for attempting possibly the biggest ponzi scheme known to the human race. I think Barry Obama should be the first to stand trial.

The beginning of the end of the AGW political scam was the release of the climategate emails. For the first time the data used for the IPCC reports was scrutinized by outside scientists. For political purposes the environmental socialists had to make the industrial gas CO2 as the main culprit in the hoax. The big problem was CO2 is only a trace gas in the atmosphere.

The environmental socialists for political reasons had to make the industrial gas CO2 as the main culprit in the AGW scam. The only problem was that CO2 is a trace gas in the atmosphere and did’nt quite fit into the warming scenario that they hoped for. So they “cooked the books” to make it appear as the main cause. HELLO CLIMATEGATE! Since the release of emails and scrutiny of the data by outside scientists the AGW scam has collasped faster than al gore can side step a debate. The political tide has now turned and people are waking up to the fact that they have been taken for a ride by the socilaist frauds that inhabit the MSM, academia and government whose main intentions were to pick the pocket of the american people, not to save the planet.

Global Warming Is The Greatest Redistribution of Wealth Ponzi Hoax Ever Perpretated Against Humanity.

(Obama himself is a hoax and a fraud. The irony of the imposter obama using the mass media to express something other than and especially opposite of the literal meaning of words is a demonstration of an IMPOSTER promoting a HOAX and himself.) Story Reports

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

'62 letter from father Obama Sr ignores Obama, mom

The photos of Barack Obama Sr. attending a University of Hawaii party in the early 1960s show him enjoying the company of fellow students without the presence of Dunham. Obama's demeanor evident in the photographs suggests a familiarity with women that would give no indication he was engaged to be married or already wed to Dunham.

Obama Sr left hand, clearly visible in one of the photographs, shows his ring finger without a wedding band.

(The search continues for evidence verifying obama's US citizenship and birth in Hawaii. America has been told by obama his parents were Stanly Ann (Dunham) and Barrack Hussein Obama Sr. at birth.

There is NO evidence verifying this information.

Yes there is a divorce decree of Stanly Ann (Dunham) Obama and Lolo Soetoro.

Yes there is also a divorce decree of Stanly Ann (Dunaham) and Obama Sr.

These documents don't verify obama was born in Hawaii.

WND has reported the evidence obama was possibly not married to dunham.

'62 letter from father ignores Obama, mom

Although still married to Kezia in 1961, Senior may or may not have married fellow student Anna Dunham. If so, Senior was now legally a bigamist. Over his lifetime and through several wives, Senior eventually returns to Kezia.

The legend is that on February 2, 1961, against Madelyn's hopes, and against the desires of Obama's father back in Kenya, Ann, three months pregnant, and Obama hopped a plane to Maui and got married. The wedding had no witnesses, not even her parents, and no record of the event has yet been found.

Obama, himself, hints that his father and mother’s wedding may not have been properly documented.

"How and when the marriage occurred remains a bit murky, a bill of particulars that I have never quite had the courage to explore. There's no record of a real wedding, a cake, a ring, a giving away of the bride. No families were in attendance; it's not even clear that people back in Kansas were informed." Obama writes in his memoir.

Obama's own words and the fact there has been no marriage license document produced, point to the evidence of a contrived story about the "marriage" of obama sr and stanly dunham.

Obama: "There's no record of a real wedding, a cake, a ring, a giving away of the bride. No families were in attendance; it's not even clear that people back in Kansas were informed."

What more evidence do you need that obama and dunham were never married?

We can assume this because there is no evidence of a marriage license nor a marriage as obama himself states.

WND adds more evidence of this in their new story, ('62 letter from father obama sr ignores Obama , mom').

'62 letter from father ignores Obama, mom

A letter Barack Obama Sr. wrote in 1962 raises new questions about the veracity of the official Obama nativity story related by Barack Obama Jr. in his autobiography, "Dreams from My Father."

In a May 1962 letter he wrote from Hawaii to his political benefactor in Kenya, Tom Mboya, Barack Obama Sr. discusses his "wife," but without mentioning Ann Dunham, his Hawaiian bride and the mother of the future president.

There is no documentary evidence to suggest that Obama Sr. and Dunham ever lived together as man and wife at the same address.

(Remember obama admits his father and mother we NEVER married!)

This all points to the FRAUD of the Hawaiian certification of live birth. The question is not only if obama was born in Hawaii but also who his father is.

'62 letter from father ignores Obama, mom

Obama's certification of live birth cannot be verified by any valid documentation.

Obama's sire cannot be verified.

From theobamafile

The first and only known reference to a marriage appears in Anna's 1964 divorce filing, a sworn court document that contains demonstrably false statements. There's no evidence that Obama Sr. was ever served with a copy -- Senior was in Africa. Whatever facts Ann Dunham provided to her attorney were her version of the facts of the relationship. Funny thing, one the best documented parts of Anna's life are her divorces.

There's no evidence that Anna and Obama Sr. ever lived together except a questionable "birth announcement" and there's no evidence that Barack Obama Sr. is the father of Obama.

No hospital claims Obama was born in its facility or on its grounds -- no doctor claims to be the person who brought the Obamamessiah into the world -- no midwife, nurse or nurse's aid has ever claimed they were present at the blessed event -- there's no delivery room imprint of baby Barack's footprint.

Now there's no birth certificate or old vaccination forms -- there's no scrapbook either -- there's nothing. Remember Obama's raid on grandmother Madelyn's typical white apartment, the evening of her death -- Obama made sure his life was clean -- whatever mementoes and records were in the 86 year-old's apartment accompanied Madelyn to the other side -- their ashes are also in the Pacific -- the only real things in his life are in the Pacific -- and Michelle was video'd jumping onto Obama in an expression of delight -- odd behavior at a burial -- why'd she do that?

There are no physical paper documents related to Obama during the first five years of his life in the public domain -- and, there isn't a single piece of paper that documents the relationship of Stanley Ann and Senior in the year proceeding his life. There is nothing.

What Obama offers up is an alleged "autobiography" that is so full of lies, misrepresentations and mischaracterizations that it is correctly described as mythology.

Obama's "Certification of Live Birth (COLB)," which is always describe as a "birth certificate," and the magic birth announcements -- both "discovered" in the summer of 2008. Somebody in the campaign obviously decided that Obama could be nominated and they better come up some documentation -- somebody might ask if the guy was eligible.

Hawaii's Hawaii State Registrar, Dr. Alvin T. Onaka, was asked if Janice Okubo, public information officer for the Hawaii Department of Health, had confirmed that his office produced a 2007 COLB, date-stamped June 6, 2007, with Obama's birth information on it. His response was, "Absolutely not. No one in our office confirmed it."


Why doesn't someone in congress investigate this fact. Obama has a forged certification of live birth that was NEVER ISSUED MY HAWAII. Janice Okubo LIED about obama's colb. She has committed FRAUD as has obama.) Story Reports

The birth announcements that appear out of the ether on July 22, 2008, raise more questions than they answer. The "birth announcement" is on microfilm/fiche from the Honolulu public library. The microfilm shows a notice placed in the Sunday Advertiser, and dated August 13, 1961. The announcement in the "Births, Marriages, Death" section reads: "Mr. and Mrs. Barack H. Obama, 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy., son, Aug. 4."

The problem is, Orland Scott Lefforge owned and occupied the house at 6085 Kalanianaole Highway. The "Obamas" didn't live there. Mrs. Lefforge just happened to die 10 days prior to the appearance of the birth announcement that listed her address, so we can’t ask her. But we do know that the next door neighbor told investigators that, "his mama, and his papa never lived there."

(A total FAKE birth anouncement generated July 22, 2008. This is more evidence of FRAUD by obama.) Story Reports

Beatrice Arakaki affirmed she was a neighbor of the address listed. She has lived at her current residence of 6075 Kalanianaole Highway from before 1961 to the present. Mrs. Arakaki told investigators that "his 'mama,' and his 'papa' never lived there." Arakaki told investigators that she had no recollection of Obama being born or of the family living next door having a black child born to a white mother.

Not a shred of evidence links the Dunhams or Obamas to Kalanianaole Highway. Kalanianaole only surfaced in connection with the Obamas in July 2008.

Obama's kindergarten records went missing from the the State of Hawaii Department of Education. Millions of kids go through Hawaii's kindergartens. A coverup. Obama's kindergarten records have been "lost." Just another strange coincidence in a series of coincidences.

This loss is important, because Kindergarten records for original school entry would have contained Obama's REAL Certificate of Birth and an application with the following:

• His Legal name
• Parents or Legal Guardians’ names
• Date of Birth
• Place of Birth
• Vaccination Records (revealing a timeline to the place and DOB)

And although Obama has had a first-class education, that spanned 25 years, there is only a single document that has ever been released -- an application for admission to the Fransiscus Assisi Primary School in Jakarta, Indonesia -- the document was discovered by independent investigators.

That authentic document identifies Obama as a Muslim and a citizen of Indonesia.

On the 3rd of July 2007, U.S. Congressman Eni Faleomavaega touched down in Jakarta, Indonesia on one of those wonderful, taxpayer-paid junkets. According to his Indonesian sources, the "officials" who accompanied Faleomavaega were interested in acquiring any and all documentation or photographs of a young Barry Soetoro for America's "national archives" and they were offering cash, lots of it. In a show of faith, Barack Obama's childhood school would be one of the very first beneficiaries of this outpouring receiving thousands of dollars to upgrade the school and for the purchase of computer equipment, thanks in part to the benevolence of this visiting junket.

There followed a lifetime of "missing" documentation -- but it must a coincidence -- it has to be a coincidence -- just keep telling yourself, "it's a coincidence."

Obama/Dunham divorce -- Released (by independent investigators)
Soetoro/Dunham marriage license -- Not released
Soetoro adoption records -- Not released
Punahou School records -- Not released
Soetoro/Dunham divorce -- Released (by independent investigators)
Selective Service Registration -- Released -- Probable counterfeit
Occidental College records -- Not released and vigorously defended
Passport records -- Not released and official government passport files scrubbed clean by John O. Brennan -- now Obama's terrorism and intelligence czar

Just a coincidence?

Columbia College records -- Not released
Columbia thesis -- "Soviet Nuclear Disarmament" -- Not released
Harvard College records -- Not released
Harvard Law Review articles -- None
Illinois Bar Records -- Not released
Baptism certificate -- None
Medical records -- Not released (unless you count a one-pager from his personal physician saying Obama's healthy)

Just a coincidence?

Law practice client list -- Not released
University of Chicago scholarly articles -- None
Annenberg Challenge Board Minutes -- None
Illinois State Senate records -- None
Illinois State Senate schedule -- Lost

Almost 50 years old and there's no paper trail -- coincidence ?

The man/child is completely undocumented. You don't know anything about Obama -- operative word, KNOW. None of us really do because he and his life are undocumented -- an impossible coincidence -- and Obama fiercely defends the release of what documentation is available.

Obama is undocumented

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Congress report concedes Obama eligibility unvetted

A congressional document posted on the Internet confirms no one – not Congress, not the states and not election officials – bothered to check Barack Obama's eligibility to be president, and that status remains undocumented to this day.

Mr Corsi needs to investigate Hawaii and he DNC

It's because state and federal law did not require anyone in Congress or elsewhere to check to see if Obama was a "natural born Citizen" under the meaning of Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution, according the document.

(Incorrect Mr Corsi, the state of Hawaii did require the DNC to certify obama's eligibility to be president.

The Certification of Nomination which includes text concerning constitutional requirements is the basis for statements made by Hawaii officials, who have proclaimed that Obama is a “natural born citizen” on the basis that Nancy Pelosi said so in her false Certification of Nomination. Hawaii did bother to check if obama was a natural born citizen under the meaning of Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution. The other 49 states did not.) Story Reports


The analysis by the Congressional Research Service, a research arm of the U.S. Congress, openly admits no one in the federal government, including Congress, ever asked to see Obama's long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate. It explains no one was required to do so.

(In all cases except Hawaii, the DNC form without certification of constitutional eligibility was filed by the DNC. Meanwhile, everywhere we look, the RNC used one universal certification document which included full certification of constitutional eligibility in every state, in 2000, 2004 and 2008.)

(Mr Corsi I am amazed you don't realize the DNC committed FRAUD when the DNC certification of nomination was presented to Hawaiian officals for the nomination of obama. The state of Hawaii did require obama certify he was a natural born citizen under the meaning of Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution.

Mr Corsi you need to investigate why the state of Hawaii relied just on the DNC certification of nomination for proof obama is a natural born citizen.

Why has the state of Hawaii accepted the DNC certification of nomination knowing obama was at birth born to parents one of whom was a non US citizen.

This does not qualify obama under Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution.)
Story Reports

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Failures make excuses for failures

Stupid Black Men: How to Play the Race Card - and Lose
My definition of a "stupid black man" is one who insists on looking at everything through racist glasses and seeing an opportunity to play the race card for personal gain. Story Reports
Ninety nine percent of the failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses.
George Washington Carver

Obama is an excuse for a failure and is a stupid black man..

Larry Elder

Most people, in their daily lives, simply ignore angry people. But sometimes people need a wakeup call. It is not racist to stand your ground. Sometimes little acts of courage- by calmly explaining why race had nothing to do with the complaint- can go a long way toward moving this country in a cohesive, positive direction.

Onw of my former interns, Stephen, told me of his five week trip to Italy. Steve, a white college student, accompained a handful of other American college students for this summer sabbatical. A female black student in his group constantly complained about racism. She turned a discussion about the war on terror into race. She turned a discussion about paris hilton into race. Increasingly, the others in the group found her thin-skinned, hypersensitive and obnoxious. But nobody said nothing.

Stephen, however, angered at being called 'racist" on too many times, finally said to her, "here's the deal. I'm the furthest from a racist you've ever seen. You don't know me, but you've turned everything into race and you've turned everybody off. Everybody in this room feels this way, but nobody except me has the guts to say it.

It's not about ideology, it's not about race, it's about you."
Story Reports

Americans on Nov 2 spoke up and told obama, it's not about race. It is about your ideology and it is all about you!.

America has had enough of a stupid "black" man, barack hussein obama.

Obama has also turned everything into race and has also turned the majority of Americans off.

I like Stephen have spoken up and had the guts to expose obama as a racist. Obama is thin-skinned, hypersensitive and obnoxious.

annoying or objectionable; offensive or odious, this is obama in a nut shell.

"Refusing to call obama a racist for unfairly appling that term to others simply perpetuates more racism."

"So while obama's liberal agenda supports government to the rescue programs, he couples the message with that of personal responsibility. While increasing government through massive programs, obama does not practice personal responsibility as demonstrated by his excessive government spending and the extravagant irresponsibility of his extensive "vacations" and "offical" trips while accomplishing almost nothing.

Obama is a FRUAD who depends on you and me to fund his massive spending that mirrors the "free" money the government hands out to people who are milking the government for a free ride.

Obama is exactly the same as a person living in government housing on welfare who has no ambition but to garner more free money from the government "money tree".

The only difference is obama is controlling the money tree and planting more everyday for his own welfare garden.

Obama is like a "poor tipping black" who gets less attention maybe because he is regarded as a rude and demanding. Americans work hard and obama has "tipped" them with a small tip and lack of appreciation. His self fulfilling prophecy of expecting less service just because he is "black" has become a reality to the American people.

Obama said the republicans would have to go to the back of the bus. This is how a racist speaks.

Everything is race with obama.

America has told obama to go to back of the bus because Americans know obama is a stupid racist black man that is incapable of rational thinking.

US House Puts Oceans, Coasts Under UN: Senate Vote will Seal the Deal

US House Puts Oceans, Coasts Under UN: Senate Vote will Seal the Deal

US House Puts Oceans, Coasts Under UN: Senate Vote will Seal the Deal

Carmen Reynolds, Paul McKain and Karen Schoen

It’s too late; it’ll just have to be stopped in the Senate,” Tom, the young male answering the phone in U.S. Rep. John Boehner’s (R-Ohio)Washington D.C. office, said about HR 3534 (CLEAR Act). This is the globalist bill designed to give away our land, oceans, adjacent land masses and Great Lakes to an international body, and makes us pay $900 million per year until 2040.

HR 3534 is a thinly disguised permanent roadblock to American energy which drives American companies out of the Gulf, delays future drilling, increases dependency on foreign oil, implements climate change legislation and youth education programs; but most important, it mandates membership in the Law of the Sea Treaty without the required two-thirds vote to ratify it in the U.S. Senate. Read more at LOST below

The House passed the CLEAR Act (HR 3534) 209-193, July 30, 2010. This bill was originally introduced July 8, 2009, but was resurrected by the recent Deep Water Horizon oil spill crisis. According to, a debate may be taking place on a companion bill in the Senate, rather than on this particular bill. This bill was read for the second time Aug. 4, 2010, and placed on the Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders, Calendar No. 510. No official Senate Bill number exists as of yet.

Some have said this bill would be a long shot to be approved in the Senate or it will take a while to surface. Similar assessments were made about the health-care bill. Past precedent reflects how a 2,200+-page bill can be created, printed, members held hostage, and that same bill voted on within hours to facilitate holiday recess.

This bill assesses a Conservation Fee of $2 per barrel of oil and 20 cents per million BTUs of natural gas for all leases on Federal onshore and offshore lands (Section 802). This will jettison America’s energy prices for oil and gas through the roof!

Truth is, HR 3534 could have been stopped in the House and wasn’t. Why? Because 21 absent Republicans chose not to show up for this critical vote, while another REP just voted Present: U.S. Rep. Gary Miller (CA-42). This legislation was so egregious; more than a handful of Democrats voted “nay” which makes the Republicans’ absence in the House chamber for the vote even more questionable. Be reminded that 193 + 17 absent votes would have killed the bill.

The Consolidated Land, Energy, Aquatic Restoration Act of 2009 (aka: CLEAR Act, HR 3534) gives away ownership of America’s oceans to the United Nations, and sectors America into nine geographic areas. This bill possesses a cap and trade/climate change component as well.

America will be forced to become a member of the UN Law of the Sea Treaty (aka: LOST), circumventing the normal two-thirds U.S. Senate vote necessary for ratification of any treaty. This was accomplished surreptitiously via Section 106 of the bill, which specifies that Executive Orders, rules, regulations, directives or delegations of authority that precede the effective date of this act are applicable to the CLEAR Act.

It just so happens two important documents did precede the CLEAR Act. Documents that contain the deleterious intent and scope of the bill: Obama’s Stewardship of the Oceans, Our Coasts and the Great Lakes Executive Order, July 19, 2010, and the Interim Report of the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force, July 10, 2009. Look at the time line very closely:

9-8-2009 The CLEAR Act is introduced in Congress

9-10-2009 Interim Report
The Interim Report states that the Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force includes adherence to the Law of the Sea Treaty (page 14). Its purpose is to establish a comprehensive set of rules governing the oceans. The Law of the Sea Treaty calls for technology transfers and wealth transfers from developed to undeveloped nations, and requires parties to the treaty to adopt regulations and laws to control pollution of the marine environment – all under the authority of the United Nations. Such provisions were among the reasons President Ronald Reagan rejected the treaty in 1982. As Edwin Meese, U.S. Attorney General under President Reagan explained recently, “…it was out of step with the concepts of economic liberty and free enterprise that Ronald Reagan was to inspire throughout the world.”

This Interim Report will provide a recommended framework for coastal and marine spatial planning and addresses conservation, economic activity, user conflicts and sustainable use – as well as social justice. Previously, there was no money for National Marine Fisheries Service to implement its mandates and to update its fisheries data collection system. But now with the “international flavor,” $900 million a year will be dedicated to a “global” approach to our land, oceans, coastal areas and Great Lakes. Read more 1

4-20-2010 BP Oil Spill. The Federal government would not accept or provide help, allowing oil to reach shores, allowing BP to dump hundreds of millions of barrel of Corexit (toxic) into the Gulf, poisoning the Gulf for future generations (

5-20-2010 US forces moratorium on drilling, Judge says not constitutional, but the Feds issue a new version of a moratorium. Thousands are put out of work, and hundreds of millions are lost in revenues.

Wonder why the Feds did nothing for 100 days? Instead we got this Executive Order:

7-19-2010 Executive Order

Moving to the Executive Order, Obama hereby orders as follows in Section 2 (b) (iii): pursuing the United State’s accession into the Law of the Sea Convention. Note the intent to make an end run around the constitutionally required separate two-thirds U.S. Senate vote necessary to ratify a treaty by burying this in associated documents – not in the bill itself. Read more 2

CLEAR Act (Consolidated Land, Energy and Aquatic Resources, HR3534)

This act creates the Regional Outer Continental Shelf Council which will coordinate siting and development of energy resources and prepare OCS strategies. What will these strategies entail? Further moratoriums? High costs for permitting?

It amends the Land and Water Conservation fund to make $900 million available to the fund for each fiscal year until 2040 without further appropriation. It allows grants to coastal states and Indian tribes, the Secretary of the Interior to update regional assessments, regional ocean partnerships and regional coordinating councils, ensuring government, nongovernment organizations and academic entities are considered (Section 605 (a) (3) (A) (B) and (C).

Pay attention to Section 106-e: References –relating to the Service in statutes Executive Orders, rules, regulations, directives, or delegations of authority that precede the effective date of this act are deemed to refer as appropriate to the Department, to its officers, employees, or agents, or to its corresponding organizational units or functions. Congress will no longer be needed to vote on those pesky little treaties; the UN will take care of everything.

The CLEAR Act repeals the Energy Policy Act of 2005 by removing royalty incentives for natural gas production from deep wells in shallow Gulf waters, removes royalty relief for deep-water production and directs the Secretary of the Interior to establish fees for leases with less than commercial quantities. So here is the Cap and Trade/ Climate part and job-killing component of the legislation. Don’t forget the Conservation Fees of $2 per barrel of oil and 20 cents per BTU of natural gas in Section 802 will be that much more we consumers must pay.

It prohibits the following authorities from developing a fishery management plan, which is the way we have been doing business: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Secretary of Commerce and Regional Fishery Management Councils. In other words, current management of our oceans within the United States will be superseded by the National Ocean Council, comprised of some of the most radical environmentalists in our Administration, co-chaired by Nancy Sutley, White House Council on Environmental Quality and Dr. John P. Holdren, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.


The true intent of the CLEAR Act and its associated documents will change the way we do business with regard to our land, oceans, coastal areas and Great Lakes. All air space above the oceans, what operates in, through, on or is derived from underneath the water, will be subject to taxes as a world resource to the United Nations – Agenda 21. These areas will no longer be owned and managed solely by the United States, as they are newly defined as a global revenue, “social justice” source per the Law of the Sea Treaty.

All life in these waterways and all adjacent land masses will be directly affected by this legislation. Decisions will be guided by the Rio Declaration of 1992, requiring no scientific proof of threats or damage to justify corrective action, more regulations and fines.

Consensus is the objective, but the president will make the final decision if one can’t be reached. The Administration will retain the final determination on resolving disputes with States and their governors (Section 222). Read more 3,_Rio_de_Janeiro,_Brazil#gen2

7-30-2010 The House of Representatives passes the CLEAR ACT. Did House REP’s read it? Or are they sheep, thieves or traitors, proud of themselves for giving our AMERICA away?

READ THE BILL SENATORS… The House just gave away our sovereignty, and we are paying $900 million per year until 2040 to create three new bureaucracies: Bureau of Energy and Resource Management, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement and the Office of Natural Resources Revenue, plus all the inspectors and accountants that accompany them. No telling how much of this will be funneled through the International entities and councils even before the additional global taxes are eventually assessed on top of this. See organizational diagram below (not posted yet)

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to ascertain the way to stop any sovereignty-killing legislation is in the House, not in the Senate. This is due to sheer numbers and because of the past “assists” bipolar senators such as Snowe, Collins, Lugar, Graham, McCain, Voinovich, Brownback, Castle and Scott Brown have provided.

Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) is a strong proponent of the Law of the Sea Treaty. Other Republican senators that support this legislation include: Alexander (R-TN) and Murkowski (R-AK). Previously supportive were former Sens. Allen (VA), Hagel (NE), and Chafee (RI). There is no way to determine whether their replacements have been influenced (pay to play?) for upcoming votes. Remember, America has already missed the “House” opportunity because of:

Republicans not doing their jobs

Those Republicans in the House that let America down by not being present and voting:

Parker Griffith (R-AL) C.W. Young (R-FL) Michael Rogers (R-MI)

John Shadegg (R-AZ) John Linder (GA) W. Akin (R-MO)

George Radanovich (R-CA) Stephen Buyer (R-IN) Roy Blount (R-MO)

Devin Nunes (R-CA) Jerry Moran (R-KS) Henry Brown (R-SC)

Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) Todd Tiahrt (R-KS) James Barrett (R-SC)

Howard McKeon (R-CA) Geoff Davis (R-KY) Zach Wamp (R-TN)

John Campbell (R-CA) Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) Samuel Johnson (R-TX)

Voting Present: Gary Miller (R-CA-42)


It is now incumbent on Americans, regardless of party, to contact senators to insist that America stay America – retaining sovereign rights to our lands, oceans, waterways, Great Lakes, our minerals, recreational and commercial fishing industries, transocean cables, commerce, oil/gas energy production, food sources and the right to operate navy vessels to defend ourselves, including submarines that carry weapons.

The Senate must not vote in any way, shape or form for the sovereignty-robbing Consolidated Land, Energy, Aquatic Restoration Act, period.

US House Puts Oceans, Coasts Under UN: Senate Vote will Seal the Deal

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