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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Obama Admits He Is A Muslim By Default

Obama is Not A Muslim....He Just Looks Like One?

Apr 9, 2009 ...Quote: “I Am One Of Them”. Obama made an address to the Turkish Parliament and admitted he was "one of them". He was saying I am one of you. Obama was saying I am a muslim. In the same speech, Obama said, “we do not consider ourselves a christian nation". There can be NO DOUBT as to obama's religion. Story Reports

(Obama was raised as a muslim as he admits. The key fact everyone needs to see is obama's father was a muslim at the time of his birth. This fact is regarded by muslims around the world to mean obama is still a muslim. If obama was a christian he could not bow down to a muslim king. If obama was a christian he could never declare America is not a christian nation. If obama was a christian he would attend christan chruch instead of playing golf on sundays.) Story Reports
Obama admits that he is a Muslim. Obama bowing before a Muslim king. Obama talking about his Muslim family. Obama quoting from the Koran. Obama defending Islam. Obama visiting a Mosque. Additional clips of Obama and his Muslim connections.

Obama Admits He Is A Muslim By Default. Obama has failed to convince Americans he is a christian. Obama loses the argument that he is not a muslim by default. Obama defends islam.

Obama Videos

What every non-Muslim needs to know about Islam!

Mega Mosque Plans Target America's Heartland READ THIS AN BE AWARE
Obama lies about everything.

I want you to know this fact about muslims.

Muslims lie in order to further Islam World Rule. There are in fact no modertae Muslims.

They are all using every means possible in order to enhance Allah as deity of the universe.

Islam literally means Submission. Western Imams knowingly lie to the media when they say Islam means peace.

Islam is not primarily a religion but a political control system for economic and territorial domination. It is fascism exactly like Hitler or Stalin that seeks to take over the world.

Muslims cannot be trusted to keep political truces because Muhammad never did. Muhammad set the pattern of truce breaking employed by Muslims today. Yasser Arafat actually cited the fact that Muhammad broke the truce of Hudaybiyyah, as a precedent for breaking the Oslo accords. "A "hudna" isn't a peace treaty. It's a temporary truce called by a Muslim warrior who's losing in battle. It's pretty easy to understand how hudnas work by watching Israel fight Hamas and Hezbollah. Those two terrorist groups lob rockets and send suicide bombers into Israel for months; then, every once in a while, Israel deploys its military and flattens Hamas and Hezbollah, who then call for a "hudna". The UN intervenes, saving Hamas and Hezbollah to fight another day. That's a hudna: a tactical truce for a strategic advantage." Ezra Levant.

In nations where Muslims are a minority, they claim Islam is a peaceful religion that worships the same God as Christians. However, when these same Muslims gain a majority, military or political control, they slaughter the Christians.

It is the formal stated policy of the Koran and modern Muslim leaders to take over the world and replace the constitution of the USA with Shariah law and install loudspeakers throughout the land forcing everyone to endure the "howling of the demons" 5 times a day and bow to the Moon God in prayer. They certainly would abolish our public noise bylaws to say the least!

The only iron clad guarantee of immediate entrance into heaven assured the Muslim is to die while murdering innocent non-Muslims with swords, guns, suicide bombs. Such actions surely spread the military and political control of Islam for "king Muhammad" and should be a simple and obvious sign to the unbiased observer, that Islam is a form of fascism that uses religion to conquer new lands.

Suicide bombers openly call themselves terrorists with pride since the Koran calls for Muslims to act as terrorists in Koran 8:12. "I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them".

"Multiculturalism was conceived by the Western Elites not to celebrate all cultures but to deny their own: it is, thus, the real suicide bomb."

Hadith 9:50, 57 "No Umma (a member of Muslim community) should be killed for killing a Kafir (an infidel). . Whoever changes his Islamic religion, kill him."

(Obama cannot and has not changed his religion because he knows it is a death penality to him. Once a muslim always a muslim.) Story Reports

Muslims lie not because they are liars by nature but by choice. Systematic lying as a religious policy is deadly, and if our politicians do not understand this, thousands could die.

Muslims lie when it is in their interest to do so and “Allah” will not hold them accountable for lying when it is beneficial to the cause of Islam. They can lie without any guilt or fear of accountability or retribution. A lie in the defense of Islam is approved even applauded in their “holy” books.

Muslims are permitted to lie: (1) to save their lives, (2) to reconcile a husband and wife, (3) to persuade a woman into a bedroom and (4) to facilitate one on his journey. Muslims are even permitted to disavow Islam and Mohammed if it is not a genuine heart-felt rejection. Muslims will tell you that concealment of a truth is not an abandonment of that truth if it benefits Islam.

Muslims may appear very sincere; in fact, they are sincere, when they lie for their own protection or in the cause of Islam. They have permission to lie. Yes, Christians have also lied but never are they given permission to lie. However, a Muslim has no guilt since the Koran and Hadith permit his deception.

They will lie to make Islam more attractive to potential converts as they speak of “no compulsion in religion” while all of them know that verse was abrogated by later verses. They will quote verses that speak of tolerance and kindness knowing that those verses were written when Mohammed was desirous of “tolerance and kindness,” but when he climbed into the catbird seat, everything changed and he became a terrorist.

Muslims have no hope for eternal salvation without their good works, so they must keep working to advance Islam. If a few lies will accomplish that goal, then lying is not bad but good. If they can get good publicity for Islam by lying, then lying is acceptable, even desirable. The Muslim is earning his way to heaven by lying to a non-Muslim.

Most Muslims will not have the “opportunity” to become a martyr in this war between Islam and the rest of the world and make no mistake every true Muslim must be involved in making America (or the nation where he lives) a Muslim nation. Since Muslims are limited in their ability to die for the cause, they can help the cause by supporting terrorists with money, succor, and cover. Sure, they are aiding terror against the U.S. but since they believe they are doing Allah’s will, then any deception is acceptable.

(So with all this in mind when obama declares he is a christian he believes his deception is "allah's" will. Obama is a muslim, it obvious to me) Story Reports

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ObamaGov Establishing Islam as Official USA State Religion

Australian Islamist Monitor

Islam Under Scrutiny

Australian Islamist Monitor

MURDERED MUSLIM GIRL A muslim "honor" killing
Honor killings, which occur with shocking regularity in certain parts of the MMurdered Muslim Girliddle East and South Asia, target women whose actions – actual or suspected – violate the honor of their family, an honor which is thought to depend on the sexual purity of its female members. Victims are always being killed/slaughtered mercilessly by her own family members. Honor killing is a manifestation of global phenomenon in general and Muslim nations in particular.

This terrible inhumane practice not only exists among the Muslims of the world but in our our country as reported in the news. Most others do not agree with this notion at all; and they try to put the blame on the tribal/cultural practice, and do not consider Islam is anyway responsible for it. In this essay I shall analyze the real issues, cause and origin, and pattern of this heinous act amongst the Muslims of the world to postulate if there is any link, or incitements that originates from the very core of Islam.

What is honor killing?

Honor killing is the bone chilling horrific cruelty committed by the family members—father, mother, brothers, brother-in-laws, even in some cases own sisters also. In this terrible episode the victim is always the daughter/sister or other blood related young women who get killed. Perpetrators are always the family members stated above. Family honor is one of the core values of Arab society. Anything from speaking with an unrelated man, to rumored pre-marital loss of virginity, to an extra-marital affair, refuses forced marriages; marry according to their will; or even women and girls who have been raped—can stain or destroy the family honor. Therefore, family members (parents, brothers, or sisters) kill the victim in order to remove the stain or maintain, and protect the honor of the family. Killers are given light sentences, sometimes with little or no jail time at all. The killers mainly defend their act of murder by referring to the Koran and Islam. Family guardian will say that they are merely following the directives set down in their Islamic ethical beliefs.

These barbaric killings occur only to save the honor of the family, and not for any animosity or for wealth or gold. In 100% of cases—the killers have no animosity, rather they love the girl as their own daughter or sister, but they kill the girl anyway upon their ethical compulsion to save their family honor, or to erase family stigmas. The victims cry, beg for their life but the family members become merciless (out of their ethical prejudices and also religious burden of fear) and kill the victim. After killing family members usually mourn and cry for the victim (usually loving daughter or sister) but feel solace that they have done the right thing to save their family honor.

(Just stop and think a monment about having a neighbor that put his insane practice of "honor" killings about the love and life of his own family. Do you think for one minute he or she would hesitate to kill, mame or murder you, a non muslim, for the "honor" of islam?

This practice of "honor" killing is murder and is an insane concept some muslims practice even here in the United States. It has been in the news many times.

How insane is it to morn and cry for the love ones after they have murdered their loved ones for the "honor" of islam!!!!!

The only honor I can see is defending one's self against a person who does not value his own loved ones life above the honor of islam.

There is no honor in murder. People who believe this are viewed as insane.

It does seem insane.

The threat is not being aware of a muslim who believes in murdering his family member is acceptable. The threat we face is believing we are safe with muslims who are taught this insane practice by their religion.) Story Reports

(The blog post is one that should be understood and heeded. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is also the Imam sponsored by the Obama government’s State Department (paid for by the US taxpayer) to engage in a fundraising tour of Muslim countries for the Ground Zero Victory Mosque. This is in effect sponsoring islam as a state run religion. Obama has ordered you and me to pay for a muslim to raise funds for other muslims! Obama is a TRAITOR and should be treated as such. Its almost to late. Wake up America!!!!!!) Story Reports
ObamaGov Establishing Islam as Official USA State Religion

By Sher Zieve

In contradiction to the US Constitution’s First Amendment referencing the prohibition of the US government’s establishment of a State religion, the Obama has decided to institute Islam’s “religion” Muslimism as the US’ first state-sponsored religion. As Islam is first and foremost a governmental/political system–with the “faithful” following its feudal tenets with Muslim worship of Allah–I suspect that the final overthrow of the US government’s Republic will be very soon. And, still no one is stopping the tyrant.

Why do I make these claims? Let’s take a look at what the dictator is now affecting. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is the radical cleric who is spearheading the establishment of the 9/11 Islamic Victory Mosque (and suspected terrorist training center) at ground zero. Rauf is also the Imam sponsored by the Obama government’s State Department (paid for by the US taxpayer) to engage in a fundraising tour of Muslim countries for the Ground Zero Victory Mosque. Suffice it to say, this is illegal under the United States Constitution, as the tyrant is now effectively sponsoring Islam as the official “religion” if not governmental system of the soon-to-be-if-we-don’t-stop-him former United States of America.

No US President has sponsored a state-run religion. But, Islamist Usurper-and-Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama has now done so. Interestingly, since the Obama seizure of the White House, Muslims are allowed to pray when and where they will, while Christians are denied prayer or even the mention of Jesus more and more. This is what Islam does. It replaces and dominates, conquers and crushes every other religion and government system. And it now has a friend and fellow Muslim in the White House. Obama celebrates the Islamic holiday of Ramadan while shunning the Christian National Day of Prayer. At The Obama’s speeches from the White House, there are now fewer and fewer times that the United States flag is present. Note: Other than itself, Islam recognizes no form of government or national sovereignty. Islamic Shari’a law is already being established on the State, if not federal, court level and new Obama SCOTUS Associate Justice Elena Kagan supports it.

Aiding and abetting the Obama & Co criminal enterprise, the mainstream press (aka the ObamaMedia) largely refuses to report on any of these treasonous (that’s High Treason) actions. And it appears that the now being-replaced-by-only-Obama & Co Congressional members don’t care that they’re been pushed aside, as long as they can continue to steal from We-the-People and enrich themselves. After OUR country has been destroyed and Americans are in the chains of slavery (either figurative or literal), We-the-People will have no more power over our own lives. And Dhimmitude (the Islamic system of subjugating, controlling and extraordinarily taxing non-Muslim populations) will have been firmly established. Historically, Islam was heavily involved with the African slave-trade and still practices it, today, in both Sudan and Mauritania. Like Marxism, Islam is a patently feudal system. The rulers (Imams in Islam) are at the top and the serfs (the people) are at the bottom. There is little-to-nothing in-between; hence Obama’s obsession with the destruction of the US middle class.

Again, either We-the-People wake up fully to what is happening to our country and way of life and end the tyranny that is already upon us, or prepare ourselves for death or imprisonment. This is the truth and reality that the leftist media still refuse to report. And until they are directly and adversely affected, they won’t. It’s our choice.

Do we fight or submit? That’s all that we have remaining, folks–that choice and prayer.

Oh and by the way, the shout of “Allah Akbar” does not mean “God is great.” Rather, it means “Our God is greater [than yours].” Still think they worship the same God as do Jews and Christians? Better think again.
(This is what these crazed devils yell just before they kill themselves and others. What kind of GOD do muslims worship? A GOD who condones murder for the promise of 72 virgins.

The Palestinian and Moslem homicide/suicide bombers from the Islamic Jihad, Hamas, and Arafat's terrorist groups that blow themselves up are promised 72 virgins when they reach heaven.

People who believe killing and murder for the sake of their religion and "salvation" are a threat to any sane person. Obama is no different.)
Story Reports

Expose Obama Valor Medal

Today I am announcing I have accepted the expose obama valor medal. It is awarded to extraordinary individuals who presist in the effort to expose the usurper imposter barack hussein obama.

Those who are awarded this medal can be proud of their efforts to educate ignorant Americans about obama's identity.

I have been awarded this medal on behalf of those who defy logic. Americans who have been fed obama propaganda though the state run media and believe obama is real.

The center for circumvention of those that defy logic awards this coveted medal on a case by case basis.

My award reads:

Because of your continued efforts to expose the traitor obama by refuting obvious lies you have succeeded in propagating absolutes which those who would destroy this country abhor.

Absolutes are tools to be used to destroy the propaganda machine of obama and tax free foundations who fund covert subversion of the US through grants.

It is with extreme gratitude and honor the Center For Circumvention Of Those That Defy Logic awards you Story Reports the Expose obama Valor Medal. Display it with pride.

Committee Chairman,

Ino Thatsright

Qua Ortus Certificate?

This medal can be worn by an imposter according to the 9th circus court of appeals.

Although it can be displayed by an imposter the imposter will be exposed if you contact story reports and find out he is the only one that been awarded this high honor.

Qua Ortus Certificate?

Where is the birth certificate?
Obama’s White House Press Corps warned about asking certain questions about barry soetoro former CIA agent

Obama’s White House Press Corps warned about asking certain questions
By Wayne Madsen
Online Journal Contributing Writer

Jan 5, 2010

(WMR) -- WMR has learned from a veteran member of the White House Press Corps that the Obama administration has made it known through White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and other White House Communications officials that certain questions posed by the reporters who cover the White House are definitely off-limits.

On the banned list are any questions about Obama’s post-Columbia University employment with Business International Corporation (BIC), a global financial and political information company that WMR previously reported was a front for the CIA.

White House Press Corps members have been quietly told that any questions related to BIC, Obama’s withheld records while he was a student at Occidental College in Los Angeles from 1979 to 1981, or his records at Columbia, are forbidden. At the same time he was attending Occidental, Obama, using the name Barry Soetoro and an Indonesian passport issued under the same name, traveled to Pakistan during the U.S. buildup to assist the Afghan mujaheddin.

WMR has learned from informed sources in Kabul that Obama has been extremely friendly, through personal correspondence on White House letterhead, with a private military company that counts among its senior personnel a number of Afghan mujaheddin-Soviet war veterans who fought alongside the late Northern Alliance commander Ahmad Shah Masood. The firm is also involved in counter-insurgency operations in Colombia, where Obama is building seven new military bases, and Iraq.

In 1981, Obama spent time in Jacobabad and Karachi, Pakistan, and appeared to have an older American “handler,” possibly a CIA officer. WMR previously reported that Obama also crossed the border from Pakistan and spent some time in India. At the time of Obama’s stay in Pakistan, the country was being built up as a base for the anti-Soviet Afghan insurgency by President Carter’s National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski and later by President Reagan’s CIA director William Casey.

Obama has suspiciously refused to release his transcripts from Occidental or Columbia University and he has remained cagey about his post-Columbia employment with BIC.

The word from the White House Press Corps is that if anyone were to ask Obama about BIC or possible past CIA work, domestically or abroad, the offending reporter would see a quick pulling of the White House press credential.

The White House website states the following about openness and transparency by the Obama administration:

“My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government. We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration. Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Obama conspiracy – It’s no longer just a theory

Check out the Obama signature on the form and compare to BO’s “known” signature. They don’t match. Barack Obama DID NOT submit this Selective Service application. It is a forged signature and an attempt at a coverup to make it look like Obama registered.

Obama conspiracy – It’s no longer just a theory

(The excerpt below is from the Linda Bentley's story of barry soetoro's selective service registration FRAUD and documents the fact selective service records were created after obama says he registered and were later changed to coverup the fact that he never registered! More documented evidence obama is a foreign agent usurper posing as president! The more I read about obama's known records the more I see an entensive coverup of public documents that have surfaced. Every known public document is in question. Every public document is FAKED! If there are any private documents they must be FAKED also.

Obama's social security number is also in question. Obama has a social security number of a dead man. How can this be? The one Social Security number Obama most frequently used, the one beginning with 042, is a number issued in Connecticut sometime during 1976-1977, yet there is no record of Obama ever living or working in Connecticut. Indeed, during this time period Obama would have been 15-16 years old and living in Hawaii at the time )
Story Reports

The Mystery of Barack Obama Continues
It became obvious selective service records were created after the fact for Obama and were later changed. However, the computer access date is frozen on Sept. 9, 2008; two days after Obama appeared on Stephanopoulos’ show saying he registered with SS in 1979 when the requirement was nonexistent.

The mistakes made by adding to and changing the fraudulently created record after Coffman’s FOIA request was fulfilled but before the Allen’s was received, provides an audit trail of the fraud.

Obama conspiracy – It’s no longer just a theory

Obama conspiracy – It’s no longer just a theory

A man who fails to register with SS before turning 26 may find that some doors are permanently closed

ARLINGTON, Va. – On Sept. 7, 2008, Barack Hussein Obama appeared on ABC’s “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” and stated, “I had to sign up for Selective Service (SS) when I graduated from high school … And I actually always thought of the military as an ennobling and, you know, honorable option. But keep in mind that I graduated in 1979. The Vietnam War had come to an end. We weren’t engaged in active military conflict at that point. And so, it’s not an option that I ever decided to pursue.”

Some people did keep in mind that he graduated in 1979 and noted the registration requirement was suspended in April 1975 by President Gerald Ford and wasn’t reinstituted until 1980 by President Jimmy Carter in response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
The Military Selective Service Act required men born in the calendar year 1961 to register on any of the six days beginning Monday, July 28, 1980.

On Oct. 13, 2008, J. Stephen Coffman, a retired federal agent, filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the SS for a copy of Obama’s SS registration form.
His FOIA request was processed on Oct. 29, 2008, two days after the SS claimed it was received.

Coffman received a copy of Obama’s registration form along with a copy of the computer inquiry screen, which showed an access date of Sept. 9, 2008, several weeks prior to Coffman’s request.

It was accompanied by a letter from Richard S. Flahavan, associate director for public affairs and intergovernmental affairs, who stated, “Also, the enclosed computer inquiry screen indicates that his registration number is 61-1125539-1, as previously provided to you.”

The computer printout shows a transaction date of Sept. 4, 1980 (the date Obama’s July 29, 1980 registration was entered into the system) with a last action date of Sept. 4, 1980, signifying nothing else had been received or entered since the original Sept. 4, 1980 registration form.

Coffman found it peculiar his request, according to the computer printout date, was processed on Sept. 9, 2008, several weeks prior to submitting his request.

On Feb. 9, 2009, Kenneth Allen submitted a FOIA request for the same records. He received a response, also from Flavahan, dated March 4, 2009.

Flavahan said a copy of Obama’s SS registration was enclosed along with “the resultant automated file screen,” adding, “Mr. Obama did indeed register with the Selective Service and was assigned Selective Service Number 61-1125539-1 on Sept. 4, 1980.”

The 10-digit Document Locator Number (DLN) 0897080632 is printed or stamped across the top right hand corner of the registration form.

The computer printout provided to Coffman displayed an 11-digit DLN of 8089 708 0632.
The computer printouts provided to both Allen and Coffman are both dated Sept. 9, 2008.
The copy of the registration form provided to Allen and Coffman are identical.

However, Allen’s computer printout is titled “Registrant File Inquiry Report” while Coffman’s is titled “RIMS History Inquiry Screen.”

And, the DLN on the computer printout received by Allen, also an 11-digit number, reads: 0897 080 6320.

So, while Coffman’s printout had an eight added to the beginning, Allen’s had a zero added to the end.

Once issued, DLNs do not change.

Even though the inquiry screen indicates Allen’s request was processed on Sept. 9, 2008, just like Coffman’s, it reflects a last action date of June 25, 1991, showing a Form 50 change letter had been received and entered then. Records provided to Coffman reflected no such action.

The post office round date stamp on Obama’s registration form also raised legitimacy concerns. The stamp displays “USPO Honolulu, HI Makiki Sta.” with “Jul 29 80” stamped in the center of the circle on three lines. However, the two-digit year is stamped off center as if it should have been a four-digit date.

Last week Sonoran News received a response to a FOIA request for 17 SS records for the purpose of making comparisons.

Every single one of them has a four-digit year stamp, including two registrations processed at the very same post office, one within days of Obama’s.

In fact, Bruce Henderson, now deceased, whose birthday was also in August 1961, registered on Aug. 2, 1980 at the Makiki station and his SS number is 61-1125522-7, just 27 numbers apart from Obama’s.

The 10-digit DLN on his registration form reads: 0897080613 and the 11-digit DLN on the computer printout reads: 0897 080 6130, indicating a zero had been added to the end.

Henderson’s registration was also entered in the same batch as Obama’s on Sept. 4, 1980.
Our FOIA request was initially made in October 2009, but after receiving neither a response nor an acknowledgement, a subsequent request was made in December 2009 via certified mail, the receipt of which was promptly acknowledged.

The request was fulfilled by Paula Sweeney from the office of public and intergovernmental affairs and the computer printouts are dated Jan. 15, 2010 and Jan. 20, 2010.

Every single one of the registrations processed in 1980 had a zero added to the end of the DLN on the computer printout, a practice that appears to have changed subsequent to that time.

In fact, a registration dated March 1, 1982 with a 10-digit DLN of 2120360884 stamped on the registration form, has an 11-digit DLN of 8212 036 0884 entered in the computer, which appears to be consistent with registrations added after 1980, and possibly not until 1982.

It became obvious records were created after the fact for Obama and were later changed. However, the computer access date is frozen on Sept. 9, 2008; two days after Obama appeared on Stephanopoulos’ show saying he registered with SS in 1979 when the requirement was nonexistent.

The mistakes made by adding to and changing the fraudulently created record after Coffman’s FOIA request was fulfilled but before the Allen’s was received, provides an audit trail of the fraud.

It would appear Flahavan, who processed both requests, should have caught the glaring incongruities. Instead, he got cocky in his letter to Allen by proclaiming, “Mr. Obama did indeed register with Selective Service …”

The SS website proclaims, “Registration is the law. A man who fails to register may, if prosecuted and convicted, face a fine of up to $250,000 and/or a prison term of up to five years.”

It goes on to say, “Even if not tried, a man who fails to register with Selective Service before turning age 26 may find that some doors are permanently closed,” including federal student loans or grant programs.

A man must be registered to be eligible for jobs in the executive branch of the federal government, which includes president of the United States.

Registration is also a condition for U.S. citizenship if the man first arrived in the United States before his 26th birthday.

If Obama arrived in Hawaii as a citizen of Indonesia, as his school records and mother’s divorce records indicate, and he didn’t register with SS, he could have been barred from obtaining U.S. citizenship and may not be one now.

However, those covering up Obama’s tracks have done a sloppy job, which means there really is a conspiracy to defraud the American people, not just a theory.


TWO DIFFERENT DLN NUMBERS AND DATE STAMP INCONSISTENT WITH CONTEMPORANEOUS SS REGISTRATIONS Read The Facts About The Coverup Of obama's ss registration. Just another fraud to conceal obama is a foreign agent acting as president.

Nagging Questions Remain The post email

Did Obama actually ever register with the Selective Service? If so, did he register late? If he registered at all, which birth certificate did he present? Would the COLB shown during the 2008 presidential campaign have been enough?

The Sonoran News has stated that “It became obvious records were created after the fact for Obama and were later changed.”

Why has this record been made available to the public through FOIA requests, but his birth certificate, college records, school records, medical records, and passport records have not?

Was an amendment to Obama’s Selective Service file made in 1991 or not?

Why are there two different DLNs for the same SS record?

Why was the record accessed on September 9, 2008, two days after Obama appeared on national TV during the campaign discussing his registration with the Selective Service? Could any FOIA requests resulting from the television interview already have been received at that time by Mr. Flahavan’s office? Was someone trying to cover for Obama and therefore accessed his file soon after his public misstatement of fact?

(A new term needs to be made for those who believe obama also doesn't have a selective service record. ie birth certificate = birther.

How about ss usurper. I like it.) Story Reports

Previously unknown Obama stepsister dies

Previously unknown Obama stepsister dies

barry at school indonesia

Obama's step sisters's death raises questions if usurper was adopted by Indonesian stepfather Lolo Soetoro.

A previously unknown stepsister of Barack Obama died unexpectedly earlier this year.

Internet researchers made the link between the president and his previously undisclosed stepsister, Holiyah "Lia" Soetoro Sobah, after translating from obituaries published in Indonesia. She died Feb. 26.

The obituaries identified Lia as having been adopted by Lolo Soetoro, Obama's stepfather, and Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro, the president's mother.

The surfacing of Lia as an adopted child of Lolo Soetoro and Dunham raises the question of whether Barack Obama himself might have been adopted officially as Lolo Soetoro's stepson while in Indonesia from 1967 to 1971.

Even though Obama makes no mention in "Dreams from My Father" of having had an Indonesian stepsister, the Indonesian obituaries make clear that Obama slept in the same room as his stepsister while the two of them grew up together in the Soetoro home in Jakarta.

(This is another ODD fact about barry soetoro obama. He has hidden the fact he had a step sister. WHy? The fact that he grew up with her and lived with his step sister in Jakarta but hides this fact is interesting. It points to his adoption by his step father soetoro in Indonesia. Lia was adopted by Lolo Soetoro. It would be odd for Lolo Soetoro not to have adopted barry as his son also. Evidence points to this fact at every turn.

This is what obama is also hiding. This would make obama an Indonesia citizen not an American citizen. Obama started out, not as a natural born citizen and ended up it seems as an Indonesia citizen. This would explain why Hawaii has never issued a certificate of live birth that has been accepted by the registrar. The certificate obama has presented to the world has never been accepted by the registrar only FILED BY REGISTRAR.

A 1994 law made the foreign Indonesia citizen barry soetoro an American citizen.) Story Reports

Translated obituaries published in Indonesia Feb 26, 2010


Indonesian to English translationShow romanization
SUKABUMI, (PRLM) .- The desire Mrs. Holiyah (53) residents of Kampung Babakan Bantam, Village Sukasirna, Cibadak District, Sukabumi Regency wanted to meet the President of the United States (U.S.), Barrack Hussein Obama is disappeared. Holiyah Soetoro often called Lia, Thursday (25 / 2) died shortly before sunset adzan reverb.

Bodies of mother who has three children and four grandchildren, the Friday (26 / 2) is buried not far from his home. Seen her husband, Ibn Sobah not withstand the power of compassion as Lia's body was buried.

Lia's death which was judged very suddenly hit her feelings. Several hours before his death his wife, Ibn Sobah could receive short messages via his mobile telephone. He was interviewed a number of journalists inform the related plan of the arrival of his adopted brother, Barrack Obama to Jakarta.

"He was very nostalgic to see Barry (Lia's favorite call to Barack Obama --- ed). The news of U.S. President's arrival plans, had welcomed the coming months the deceased. But what say he died before seeing his adoptive brother, "said suamiya, Ibn Sobah (60) to" PRLM ", Friday.
According to the Indonesian obituaries, Barry Soetoro and Lia Soetoro were always together, playing, traveling on family vacations and even bathing.

Obama was in Indonesia from ages 6 to 10.

There is nothing on the public record to indicate that he sent any condolences or even acknowledged the death of his stepsister in February.

The Indonesian obituaries also state that Lia was born in 1957 and that she had three children with her husband, Edi Sobah, with whom she lived in West Java, Indonesia.

A photograph of Lia shows her holding a monkey doll and wearing clothes given her by Madelyn Dunham, Obama's maternal grandmother, when Lia visited Hawaii for three months. The visit apparently was in 1971, the year Obama left Indonesia permanently.

Obama also does not discuss in his autobiography "Dreams from My Father" any visits to Hawaii after he left Indonesia permanently in 1971 that were made by Lolo Soetoro or a Soetoro stepsister from Indonesia.

While Obama has not acknowledged having had a stepsister in Indonesia, he discussed at length in his autobiography his half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, who was born in Indonesia to Lolo Soetoro and Ann Dunham on Aug. 15, 1970.

WND has reported that in a passport amendment submitted Aug. 13, 1968, Obama's mother identified her son with an Indonesian surname as Barack Obama II Soebarkah, and asked the State Department to drop him from her U.S. passport.

The transaction could have been part of an effort by Dunham to obtain Indonesian citizenship for her son.

WND also reported in August 2008 that the Associated Press published a photograph purportedly of Obama's registration card at Indonesia's Francis Assisi school. The card showed he was enrolled as "Barry Soetoro" and listed as an Indonesian citizen whose official religious identification was Muslim. An AP spokesman affirmed to WND that the photograph was authentic.



Obama is Not a natural born citizen but a retroactive citizen.

Sufficient questions have been raised to justify a call for Barack Obama to release his original birth certificate. (There are no doctors, nurses, midwives or other witnesses to Ann Dunham giving birth to Barack Obama in Hawaii. In fact, from mid-February 1961 through August 1962, there are no witnesses to or evidence that Ann Dunham was in Hawaii at all.) If the American people are not shown the original birth certificate, his birth in Kenya or elsewhere becomes a clear possibility. And if Obama continues to refuse to allow the state of Hawaii to release the original birth certificate, it begins to look like he was not born in a hospital in Hawaii (as his campaign has claimed) or at home with the assistance of a doctor or midwife.

My conclusion is obama was born outside of the US. The NATURAL BORN CITIZEN issue is back on the back burner. Its a side show as I had previously concluded. Obama has admitted he was born to a Kenyan father and American mother. This alone makes him a FRAUD because obama and the DNC both claim that he is a natural born citizen. This is an impossible fact. Not only is obama NOT a "natural born citizen" obama was an illegal alien at birth because his mother did not qualify him to be an American citizen. Obama was issued a "certification of live birth". A Certification of Live Birth simply says a woman who has a mailing address in Hawaii for at least a year, gave birth and the child is alive. It is not proof of where the child was born. His mother did not qualify him to be an American citizen because of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952.

If obama was born in Kenya this would explain why he has spent millions hiding his original birth certificate, if one exists. If he was born in Kenya because of The Immigration and Nationality Corrections Act (Public Law 103-416) on October 25, 1994 revised obama would be a US citizen now but was an illegal alien for 33 years!

If obama was born in Kenya in 1961 he was not a US citizen because the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, applied to stanley ann dunham at the time of obama's birth. So obama was a man without a country for 33 years. This is what I believe obama is covering up. This is why obama does not want to provide an original birth certificate including hospital name and doctor name. I don't think this documment exists. Imagine if America would find out they elected a man in Nov 2, 2004 Senator and he only became a citizen in Oct 1994. A retroactive citizen. Not a natural born citizen but a "retroactive citizen:!

This is what obama fears. Obama fears his former "life" as an illegal alien being exposed. Obama was most certainly an illegal alien if he was born outside of the US to a parent who did not qualify for him to be a US citizen at the time of his birth. His mother did not qualify him to be a US citizen at the time of birth. This is what I believe obama fears will come out. Obama claims he was a US citizen from birth but if he was born in Kenya for example he was not born a US citizen because of his mother. If obama was born in Kenya in 1961 he was not a US citizen because the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, applied to stanley ann dunham at the time of obama's birth.

If obama was born in the US he has nothing to hide except the hospital and doctors name.

Obama has not produced evidence of either. There have been statements about his birth at a hospital in Hawaii but NO evidence whatsoever.





Obama is Not a natural born citizen but a retroactive citizen.

No Surprise that Attorney General Holder Will “not” Prosecute “blacks” in Voting Rights Cases as he has Refused to Prosecute Obama

Obama Crimes is the latest news on the cases of Phil J. Berg concerning the eligibility of President B.H. Soetoro/Obama.
Obama Crimes

Berg Files a Petition for Rehearing Court EN BANC
in the Case of
Berg as Relator vs. Obama
* * *
No Surprise that Attorney General Holder
Will “not” Prosecute “blacks” in Voting Rights Cases
as he has Refused to Prosecute Obama
in this False Claims Act Case

(Lafayette Hill, PA – 08/08/2010) - Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the first Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obama’s lack of “Constitutional qualifications” to serve as President of the United States. The Policy of United States Attorney General Eric Holder not to prosecute “blacks” in voting rights cases should be no surprise as A.G. Holder has refused to prosecute Barack Hussein Obama in the False Claims Act [Qui Tam] case of Berg as Relator vs. Obama.

Berg said, “The United States Attorney General, Eric Holder, his offices and staff, including the Department of Justice have a clear Conflict-of-Interest in any type of prosecution against Obama.”

“This type case is usually utilized in Medicaid and Medicare cases where fraud is alleged. In the case against Obama, I set forth that Obama is not “natural born” or “naturalized” but an “illegal alien” and therefore, his term as a United States Senator from Illinois was fraud and the salary and benefits Obama received must be returned to the United States Treasury, an amount in excess of One [$1] Million Dollars. I base my claim on the fact that Obama was adopted/acknowledged by his step-father, Lolo Soetoro, in Indonesia and Obama’s legal name became “Barry Soetoro.” At age ten [10] when he returned to Hawaii, I allege that he did not go through U.S. Immigration on a U.S. Passport, but did so on his Indonesia Passport, therefore, an “illegal alien.” Also, I allege that “Barry Soetoro” [former Barrack Hussein Obama] has never legally changed his name and therefore, he has committed ongoing fraud by using Barrack Hussein Obama.

“The United States Attorney General, Eric Holder, reports directly to the alleged violator, Soetoro/Obama; gives opinions and legal advice to the alleged violator, Soetoro/Obama; was senior legal advisor to Barack Hussein Obama’s Presidential campaign; and served as one of three [3] members on Obama’s Vice-Presidential Selection Committee and thus a major Conflict-of-Interest existed and still exists with my, Berg’s, False Claim or Qui Tam Case.”

Berg’s False Claims Act [Qui Tam] Case was originally filed in the United States District Court, District of Columbia at the end of 2008. The U.S. District Court Dismissed the Qui Tam Action and failed to respond to the issue of the Conflict-of- Interest. Berg Appealed to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, who on June 30, 2010, upheld the District Court’s ruling and in so doing stated that Berg failed to demonstrate that the Department of Justice and the Attorney General, Eric Holder, have a Conflict-of-Interest. This simply is not the case.

Government employees are required to comply with the Code of Federal Regulations, which clearly spell out the issue of Conflict-of-Interest. Just to name a few, Eric Holder’s placement with Obama through Obama’s campaign are in violation of the Code of Federal Regulations; the fact Eric Holder reports directly to Obama, the violator, spells out a clear Conflict-of-Interest under the Code of Federal Regulations; the fact Eric Holder gives opinions and legal advice to the alleged violator, is a clear Conflict-of-Interest under the Code of Federal Regulations; the fact Eric Holder was the Senior Legal Advisor to Obama’s Presidential campaign violates the Code of Federal Regulations under Conflict-of-Interests; and the fact Eric Holder served as one of three [3] members on Obama’s Vice-Presidential Selection Committee are all clear Conflict-of-Interests in violation of the Code of Federal Regulations.

For this reason, Berg has filed a Petition for Rehearing En Banc with the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. When a case is brought to the United States Appellate Court, the matter or a three-Judge panel hears matters complained of. When you request a rehearing En Banc, you are asking for the majority of active Circuit Judges to rehear the case En Banc.

Many Appellate Courts, who have a large number of Judges and a large caseload, will divide the Cases (Appeals) into divisions or panels for each case. For example, three [3] judge panels usually hear United States Appeals Court cases. There are times however, at the request of the panel, or one of the litigants, the case is later reheard by the full court, or, En Banc. En Banc is a French word that means “the full Court”. When a Petition for a Rehearing En Banc is filed, the party filing the Petition is asking for the Full Court to rehear the matter complained of on Appeal.

Berg said, “If a Conflict-of-Interest does not exist in this case, Berg as Relator vs. Obama, then the words ‘Conflict-of-Interest’ must be removed from the Code of Federal Regulations and from all legal and other dictionaries.”

Berg concluded, “If we are denied a rehearing En Banc, then I will take this Case to the U.S. Supreme Court as the issues presented are far too important not to address.”

Obama's covert, criminal activity of using government funds to produce propagamda

Obama's 'covert, criminal activity' of using government funds to produce propagamda

The Obama administration's abuses alleged in the Oversight Republican Report can be summed up under the term "astro-turfing," a fraudulent public relations activity in which "the White House and the agency whose resources it is co-opting attempt to create the impression that grassroots support for a particular policy exists when in fact it has been fabricated using taxpayer dollars."

Congressman Darrell Issa (R)

Axelrod and astro-turfing

The practice of using covert propaganda to push political opinion is familiar to at least one administration official, Obama Senior Advisor David Axelrod.

Axelrod was a partner in AKP&D Message & Media, a Chicago-based media and public relations firm.

According to a Business Week report published in 2008, AKP&D set up front organizations for corporations that wanted to run public issue ads without having the ads identified as having been paid for by the corporations.

Analysis of the First Year of the Obama Administration: Public Relations and Propaganda Initiatives Report Read The Entire Report Here

Analysis of the First Year of the Obama Administration: Public Relations and Propaganda Initiatives

U.S. House of Representatives
Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
Darrell Issa, Ranking Member

Staff Report
U.S. House of Representatives
111th Congress
Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
August 9, 2010


Since the beginning of the Obama Administration on January 20, 2009, ordinary Americans have financed and been exposed to an unprecedented number of public relations and propaganda efforts. Federal spending for public relations contracts rose to historically-high levels during the Bush Administration. Under one-party rule in 2009, the White House used the machinery of the Obama campaign to tout the President’s agenda through inappropriate and sometimes unlawful public relations and propaganda initiatives. Congress buoyed the Administration’s propaganda efforts by increasing federal spending on public relations for the first time since 2005.

The Obama Administration frequently used federal resources to promote the President’s agenda. In many cases, the Administration relied on the reach and resources of federal agencies and their personnel to promote certain of the President’s favorite programs. The White House also leveraged ties to the arts and entertainment community to embed propaganda in the content of television programming and artwork. These propaganda efforts violated appropriations riders and federal law prohibiting the use of appropriated funds for publicity or propaganda purposes.

The White House also used its inherent visibility advantages to multiply the effectiveness of websites containing misleading and controversial information. The White House used its resources to push visitors to websites that urge grassroots activism based on false and misleading information. The President’s right to sell his policy recommendations to Congress and the public is not disputed; however, using the resources of the federal government to activate a sophisticated propaganda and lobbying campaign is an abuse of office and a betrayal of the President’s pledge to create “an unprecedented level of openness in Government.”

Instead of facilitating openness, the public relations and propaganda activities of the White House have had precisely the opposite effect. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has historically deemed activities involving “covert propaganda” to be unlawful. In those cases, the source of the public relations or propaganda materials did not disclose his or her identity as a federal employee or contractor. Many of the Obama Administration’s propaganda activities are unlawful because they are covert. Furthermore, several programs closely resemble those decried by Democrats and ruled unlawful by GAO during the Bush Administration.

This report examines several of the most visible public relations and propaganda efforts during the first year of the Obama Administration. Viewed collectively, these activities reveal an Administration better suited to campaign-style self-promotion than to providing transparent and honest leadership.

Analysis of the First Year of the Obama Administration: Public Relations and Propaganda Initiatives Report Read The Entire Report Here

(This is damning evidence obama has turned the government into a liberal socialist propaganda machine to promote the destruction of the economy and tell the American people just the oppostite of what was really going on. Yes means No to obama. Up means Down. Left means Right. Go means Stop. Right means Wrong. Smart means Stupid etc. Every twisted word that comes out of obama's mouth is propaganda aimed at deceiving the American public. Obama is a crimminal that must be removed from office.

Obama is also a usurper, a fraud who pretends to be president. He is neither qualified nor elligible to be president. Obama is not a natural born citizen as the US Constitution requires.)
Story Reports

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Republican Tom Price (R-GA) Asks The Democrates A Question

Lame duck session exposed! LISTEN TO THE DETAILS On The Andrea King Show

Will Democrats Pledge No Lame Duck?

Will Democrats Pledge No Lame Duck?

Washington, Aug 4 - Republican Study Committee Chairman Tom Price (R-GA) issued the following statement after Speaker Pelosi announced the House of Representatives would halt its scheduled August recess and return for legislative business next week. Prior to adjourning for recess, Chairman Price offered a privileged resolution on the floor of the House calling on Congress not to hold a lame duck session after Election Day for the purpose of passing hugely unpopular legislation like a national energy tax, enormous deficit spending bills, and the kickback to Big Labor known as “Card Check.” The House is expected to consider the Price Resolution during next week’s session.

“If the Democrat leadership is willing to bring lawmakers back to Washington in order to pass billions more in ‘stimulus’ spending with tax hikes on job creators, the least they can do is tell the American people that they will not bring lawmakers back for a lame duck session to pass additional tax increases, deficit spending, and special interest giveaways,” said Chairman Price. “This No Lame Duck resolution will allow our Democrat colleagues to make it clear whether or not they plan to govern in accordance with the will of the American people or in spite of it.

“For the past 18 months, Congressional Democrats have further eroded what little trust the American people had in Washington. Their big government agenda has shown the majority to be out-of-touch with the needs and concerns of hardworking Americans, and their policies have created a cloud of uncertainty that has kept job creators on the sidelines. I urge my Democrat colleagues to join Republicans in taking this positive step to restore some trust and confidence. Then we must begin to eliminate the uncertainty that hangs over American small businesses and entrepreneurs.”

Lame Duck Resolution


Pledging not to assemble on or between the dates of November 2, 2010 and January 3, 2011, except in the case of an unforeseen, sudden emergency requiring immediate action from Congress.


Pledging not to assemble on or between the dates of November 2, 2010 and January 3, 2011, except in the case of an unforeseen, sudden emergency requiring immediate action from Congress.

Whereas the 111th Congress has failed in its promise to be the most open Congress in history, but has instead lost the public’s trust by engaging in unprecedented political
procedures to advance a partisan agenda; Whereas on January 18, 2006, House Minority Leader
Nancy Pelosi stated in prepared remarks, ‘‘Democrats are leading the effort to turn the most closed, corrupt Congress in history into the most open and honest Congress in history.’’;

(Pelosi is leading the effort to turn the most closed, corrupt Congress, 111TH CONGRESS
2D SESSION, into an obama dictatorship! The 11th Congress led by Pelosi is the most closed and dishonest Congress in history. She like obama are bold face liars who are working hand in hand to destroy our republic. The lame duck session is a "crisis" created by the democrats to pass legislation on an "urgent" basis. Its all a farce just like climate change, ie global warming.)
Story Reports

Whereas on November 7, 2006, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stated, ‘‘The American people voted to restore integrity and honesty in Washington, D.C., and the Democrats intend to lead the most honest, most open, and most ethical Congress in history.’’;

Whereas on November 16, 2006, incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated, ‘‘This leadership team will create the most honest, most open, and most ethical Congress
in history.’’;

Whereas on December 6, 2006, incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stated, ‘‘We promised the American people that we would have the most honest and open Government and we will.’’;

Whereas incoming Majority Whip Clyburn stated on December 8, 2006 that, ‘‘Democrats will exercise better leadership in the new Congress and work to raise the standard of ethics in this body’’;

Whereas Speaker Pelosi spoke of individual Member’s ethics on January 31, 2007 when she stated, ‘‘These strong [ethics] rules are significant steps toward honest leadership; enforcing these rules is critical to ensuring every Member of Congress lives up to the highest ethical standard’’;

Whereas on January 5, 2010, while at a press conference during the health care debate, Speaker Pelosi stated, ‘‘There has never been a more open process for any legislation’’;

Whereas this statement was reiterated by the Speaker while at a press conference on February 26, 2010, when a reporter prefaced a question about Rangel by noting that Speaker Pelosi had promised to run the ‘‘most ethical and honest Congress in history’’ she interrupted him to say: ‘‘And we are.’’;

Whereas more bills were considered under closed rules, 64 total, in the 110th Congress under Democrat control, than in the previous Congress, 49, under Republican control;

Whereas fewer bills were considered under open rules, 10 total, in the 110th Congress under Democrat control, than in the previous Congress, 22, under Republican control;

Whereas zero bills have been considered so far in the 111th Congress under an open rule;

Whereas 26 bills have been considered so far in the 111th Congress under a closed rule, under Democrat control;

Whereas this Congress is the highest spending Congress in United States history;

Whereas this Congress has presided over the two highest budget deficits in United States history at a time when the public debt is higher than at any other time in history;

Whereas this Congress began its mortgage of the Nation’s future with a ‘‘stimulus’’ package costing $1.1 trillion that failed to lower unemployment, spur economic growth, or
actually address the needs of struggling American business and families;

Whereas this Congress continued its free-flowing spending with an increase of $72.4 billion in nonemergency discretionary spending in fiscal year 2009 to reach a total spending level of $1.01 trillion for the first time in United States history;

Whereas this Congress approved a budget resolution in 2009 that proposed the six largest nominal deficits in American history and included tax increases of $423 billion during a period of sustained high unemployment;

Whereas this Congress disregarded the needs and opinions of everyday Americans by passing a national energy tax bill that would increase costs on nearly every aspect of American lives by up to $3,000 per year, eliminate millions of jobs, reduce workers’ income, and devastate economic growth;

Whereas this Congress disregarded the needs and opinions of everyday Americans by passing a massive Government takeover of health care that will force millions of Americans from their health insurance plans, increase premiums and costs for individuals and employers, raise taxes by $569.2 billion, and fund abortions—at a cost of $2.64 trillion over the first ten years of full implementation;

Whereas this Congress nationalized the student loan industry with a potential cost of 30,000 private sector jobs and $50.1 billion over ten years;

Whereas this Congress passed the DISCLOSE Act in violation of the first amendment, hindering citizens associations’ and corporations’ free speech while leaving all unions exempt from many of the new requirements, in order to try and influence the outcome of 2010 elections;

Whereas in spite of House Budget Committee Chairman’s 2006 statement that ‘‘if you can’t budget, you can’t govern’’, the Democrat leadership has failed to introduce a budget resolution in 2010 as mandated by law, but instead self-executed a ‘‘deeming resolution’’ that increases nonemergency discretionary spending in fiscal year 2011 by $30 billion to $1.121 trillion, setting another new record for the highest level in United States history;

Whereas this Congress has failed Main Street through passage of a financial system takeover that fails to end the moral hazard of too-big-to-fail, does not address the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac behemoths, and creates numerous new boards, councils, and positions with unconstitutionally broad authorities that will interfere with the creation of wealth and jobs;

Whereas this Congress has wasted taxpayer funds on an unnecessary and unconstitutional auto industry bailout, a ‘‘cash for clunkers’’ program, a home remodification program (‘‘cash for caulkers’’), and countless other pork barrel projects while allowing the public debt to reach its highest level in United States history;

Whereas Democrats have recently insinuated that significant legislative matters would deliberately not be addressed during the 111th Congress until after the midterm elections in November 2010;

Whereas the New York Times reported on June 19, 2010 that, ‘‘For all the focus on the historic federal rescue of the banking industry, it is the government’s decision to seize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in September 2008 that is likely to cost taxpayers the most money. ... Republicans want to sever ties with Fannie and Freddie once the crisis abates. The Obama administration and Congressional Democrats have insisted on postponing the argument until after the midterm elections.’’;

Whereas the Washington Times reported on June 22, 2010 that House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer stated, ‘‘a budget, which sets out binding one-year targets and a multiyear plan, is useless this year because Congress has shunted key questions about deficits to the independent debt commission created by President Obama, which is due to report back at the end of this year.’’;

Whereas the Hill reported on June 24, 2010 that Senator Tom Harkin, a Democrat from Iowa, suggested that Democrats ‘‘might attempt to move ‘card-check’ legislation this year, perhaps during a lame-duck session. ... ‘A lot of things can happen in a lame-duck session, too,’ he said in reference to EFCA.’’;

Whereas the New York Times published an article on June 28, 2010 titled ‘‘Lame-Duck Session Emerges as Possibility for Climate Bill Conference’’ that declares ‘‘many expect the final energy or climate bill to be worked out during the lame-duck session between the November election and the start of the new Congress in January.’’;

Whereas the Hill reported on July 1, 2010 that ‘‘Democratic leaders are likely to punt the task of renewing Bush-era tax cuts until after the election. Voters in November’s midterms will thus be left without a clear idea of their future tax rates when they go to the polls.’’;

Whereas the Wall Street Journal reported on July 13, 2010 that, ‘‘there have been signs in recent weeks that party leaders are planning an ambitious, lame-duck session to muscle through bills in December they don’t want to defend before November. Retiring or defeated members of Congress would then be able to vote for sweeping legislation without any fear of voter retaliation.’’;

Whereas the Hill reported on July 27, 2010 that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said, at the recent Netroots Nation conference of liberal bloggers, in reference to Democrats’ unfinished priorities, ‘‘We’re going to have to have a lame duck session, so we’re not giving up.’’;

Whereas the Hill reported in the same piece on July 27, 2010 that the lame duck session will include priorities such as ‘‘comprehensive immigration reform, climate change legislation and a whole host of other issues’’;

Whereas the Declaration of Independence notes that governments ‘‘[derive] their just powers from the consent of the governed’’;

(These liberal bastards will do anything.) Story Reports

Whereas the American people have expressed their loss of confidence through self-organized and self-funded taxpayer marches on Washington, at countless ‘‘tea party’’ events, at town halls and speeches, and with numerous letters, emails, and phone calls to their elected representatives;

Whereas a reconvening of Congress between the regularly scheduled Federal election in November and the start of the next session of Congress is known as a ‘‘lame-duck session of Congress’’;

Whereas the Democrat majority has all-but-announced plans to use any ‘‘lame-duck Congress’’ to advance currently unattainable, partisan policies that are widely unpopular with the American people or that further increase the national debt against the will of most Americans;

Whereas any such action would be a repudiation of the American people’s expressed will and would not comport with the Democrats’ public statements promising transparency and accountability; and Whereas under the leadership of Speaker Pelosi and the Democrate majority, and largely due to the current trends of Government expansion and freedom retrenchment, the American people have lost confidence with their elected officials, and that faith must be restored:

1 Resolved, That the House of Representatives—
2 (1) reaffirms the principle expressed in the
3 Declaration of Independence that governments ‘‘[de4
rive] their just powers from the consent of the gov5
6 (2) recognizes the fundamental importance of
7 trust existing between the American people and their
8 elected officials;
9 (3) confirms that adhering to the will of the
10 people is imperative to upholding public trust;
11 (4) states that the American people deserve to
12 know where their current elected officials stand on
13 key legislative issues before Election Day;
14 (5) states that delaying controversial, unpopular
15 votes until after the election gives false impressions
16 to voters and deliberately hides the true intentions
17 of the majority, while denying voters the ability to
18 make fully informed choices on Election Day; and
19 (6) pledges not to assemble on or between the
20 dates of November 2, 2010 and January 3, 2011,

(This republican resolution exposes the fraud and total corruption of the liberal democrats. I consider these people traitors to America.) Story Reports