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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Paycheck Fairness Act would impose unparalleled government control over how employees are paid, among even the nation’s smallest businesses

The Paycheck Fairness Act would impose unparalleled government control over how employees are paid, among even the nation’s smallest businesses.

Government control of the workers paycheck though allege discrimination. Its a gigantic rev al sharpton/jessie jackson shakdown by the thug obama

White House Backs Bill to Collect Employee Pay Information from Businesses.

The Obama administration is backing legislation that includes regulations requiring U.S. businesses to provide to the government data about employee pay as it relates to the sex, race and national origin of employees.

(Obama wants to control your paycheck. Obama wants to know what you make. Obama wants to use the race card to perpetuate racism in the form of alleged discrimination. Its easy to allege discrimination. This obama law is just a way to control how much the American worker makes. Its another way to raise the minimum wage or contol who is hired through the quota system of alleged discrimination. Its is a government subsidy to democratic voters or potential democratic voters. It is just another giant government slush fund created to micromanage Americans by further enslaving the American population.) Story Reports

The National Association of Manufacturers issued a statement about the Paycheck Fairness Act in April.

“The Paycheck Fairness Act, which purports to prevent instances of illegal gender-based discrimination, could outlaw many legitimate practices employers use to set employee pay rates, even where there is no evidence of intentional discrimination and employers act with reasonable belief that their pay policies are lawful,” the statement said.

“Manufacturers strongly oppose unlawful discrimination in any form, but the Paycheck Fairness Act would impose unparalleled government control over how employees are paid, among even the nation’s smallest businesses,” it added.

“It would drastically alter the Equal Pay Act to allow unprecedented penalties of unlimited punitive and compensatory damages in cases of alleged discrimination,” the statement said.

Gallup caught lying about the generic ballot trend

(In other words its a damn lie. Gallup is telling a lie when they say 99% of the adults in their daily tracking poll are registered voters. Like redstate says, the odds or statistics don't add up for the July 19 poll because of gallup's fabrication. So the July 19 poll was a fabrication and the correction was a fabrication. It has been exposed as an "elite controlled media" LIE!) Story Reports

Rush Limbaugh
We know there is no media. They're just leftists. These are the propagandists, the pretenders, the apparatchiks. An apparatchik is a Russian colloquial term for a full-time, professional functionary of the Communist Party or government; i.e., an agent of the governmental or party "apparat" (apparatus)
Gallup caught lying about the generic ballot trend [Updated 6PM ET]

Neil Stevens

Gallup is combining two different sampling methods into one so-called trend of Registered Voters (complete with captioned graph), getting different results, but pretending they show one trend all the same.

On June 2 when Republicans took a big lead in the Gallup generic ballot. It projected conservatively a 45 seat Republican gain in the House. This was a poll of registered voters, according to Gallup’s Survey Methods notes:

Results are based on telephone interviews conducted May 24-30, 2010, with a random sample of 1,594 registered voters, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, selected using a random-digit-dial sampling technique.

Now on July 19 that Democrats are showing a big lead, despite the fact that Gallup’s graph now is titled Candidate Preferences in 2010 Congressional Elections, Among Registered Voters, the sampling is different:

Results are based on telephone interviews conducted as part of Gallup Daily tracking July 12-18, 2010, with a random sample of 1,535 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, selected using random-digit-dial sampling.

Catch the difference? The Republicans lead with a sample of Registered Voters, but the Democrats lead with a sample of Adults. Someone who trusted Gallup’s picture would never have noticed.

It is terribly dishonest for Gallup to string together two different polls as one series, as Gallup does not only in their graphs, but in their write-ups as well. Here’s an example from the July 19 release:

The Democrats’ six-point advantage in Gallup Daily interviewing from July 12-18 represents the first statistically significant lead for that party’s candidates since Gallup began weekly tracking of this measure in March.

Notice, they call the series one measure, even though it’s at least two different kinds of polls with two different kinds of sampling pools. You cannot pretend that a poll of all adults and a poll filtered by registered voters are part of the same series, even if the same questions are asked. That’s Polling 101, and whoever’s responsible for the Gallup release should have known this, and certainly whoever’s responsible for oversight of the Gallup releases would know this.

Somebody’s lying.

(The ruling elite control the "media" that no longer exists. Polls and statistics from polls can be easly manipulated. The July 19 gallup poll was manipulated to produce "manufactured" numbers for the democrates and obama. The July 19 poll is an obvious lie. Neil Stevens along with others have exposed the ruling elite lie in the July gallup poll. Obama is nothing but a total lie. Polls and stastics must be manipulated to conceal his total failure as a leader.) Story Reports

(Gallup’s actual polling in the Jul 19 poll is fabricated, and it’s easy to see how Gallup packages results that are designed to mislead readers into seeing trends that just aren’t there. This is what the obama regime does every day. Obama is a total fabrication designed to deceive the American public. If any American relies on the "media", that is controlled by the ruling elite, for their "news", they will be fed a lie to consume as the truth.) Story Reports

Observe the Gallup trend, per Real Clear Politics, with polls of adults distinguished from polls of registered voters, the most honest approach:

Date Pool Lead
7-18 A D+6
7-11 RV D+1
7-3 RV R+6
6-27 RV D+1
6-20 RV D+0
6-13 RV R+5
6-6 RV D+0

Sorted this way the trend is clear: Registered Voters oscillate between near-ties for the Democrats, and big leads for the Republicans. But once we switch to Adults, Democrats suddenly take a big edge of their own.

Is this credible? No, but you’d never know it if you took Gallup’s releases at face value. Even if the truth was there if you dig deep enough, it’s still a lie to misrepresent the data as Gallup has done.

As a final note, I have a prediction: Somebody, perhaps even Gallup, will claim that the Survey Notes were mistaken in this last release, and that the poll was of Registered Voters, but was just recorded wrongly. If this is the case, then that still suggests a serious lapse of quality control at Gallup leading to misinformation being published, and still calls into question every poll release Gallup makes. So I don’t buy it as a defense.

Update: Gallup has now issued a correction alongside the bare changing of ‘adults’ to ‘registered voters’ in the Survey Methods:

Editor’s note: The original version of this story inadvertently referred to national adults rather than registered voters in the survey methods statement. The results reported here and in all Gallup generic ballot trends so far this year are based on registered voters; the survey methods statement now correctly reflects that.

A commenter at pointed out a significant flaw in this story: the sample size didn’t change. Originally the post read 1,535 adults, now it reads 1,535 registered voters. However the overall daily Obama Job Approval tracking poll also surveys “approximately 1,500 national adults.” are we to believe that approximately 99% of the adults in daily tracking sample were registered to vote? MSNBC reported in 2008 that about 80% of American adults were registered, and that number will decline from 2008 to 2010 as voters are purged and don’t re-register for the midterm. The odds against this are astronomical, making this poll an incredible outlier for so many to be registered.

(In other words its a damn lie. Gallup is telling a lie when they say 99% of the adults in their daily tracking poll are regeistered. Like redstate says, the odds or statistics don't add up for the Jul 19 poll because of gallup's fabrication. So the July 19 poll was a fabrication and the correction was a fabrication. It has been exposed as an "elite controlled media" LIE!) Story Reports

Story #1: Gallup Caught Lying About the Generic Ballot Trend

Stack of Stuff Quick Hits Page
July 22, 2010
Story #1: Gallup Caught Lying About the Generic Ballot Trend

RUSH: There was a story recently. The Gallup poll generic ballot showed the Democrats were all of a sudden way ahead of the Republicans. Nobody could figure it out. "What brought this about? What happened?" and the spin from the apparatchiks... I'm really... I'm still looking for a term. It's ingrained in us to refer to these people as "the media." We know there is no media. They're just leftists. These are the propagandists, the pretenders, the apparatchiks. Regardless, these people who pretend to be media, the spin was, "Well, the reason the Democrats have launched themselves ahead of the Republicans in the generic ballot is because the Republicans opposed extending unemployment benefits."

Well, Neil Stevens at has looked into it and has a post that Gallup was caught lying about the generic ballot. "The Gallup Generic Ballot is a trusted, widely reported resource. I've analyzed it extensively, and defended it to others. But yesterday, when I covered the poll's latest release, Gallup lied. I was lied to, you were lied to, everyone who's trusted the Gallup name got lied to. How? Gallup is combining two different sampling methods into one so-called trend of Registered Voters (complete with captioned graph), getting different results, but pretending they show one trend all the same."

The bottom line here, without going into all the minutia and detail, is that nothing is real. Nothing is real. And I mentioned the other day: Now we know who these people are. They're activists. They're not reporters. They're not media. Their polls, as we've also known, are also unreal.

Gallup caught lying about the generic ballot trend [Updated 6PM ET]

Obamacare could be repealed before election

What the Liberal Media Aren't Telling You About Obama's Healthcare Plans

Check Here For More Signatures To The Discharge Petition To Repeal Obamacare Latest Information

Obamacare could be repealed before election

A plan that would enable members of the U.S. House of Representatives to repeal Obamacare – whether health care takeover advocate House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants it or not – is continuing to gain momentum.

In just the last few days, more names have been added to the discharge petition sponsored by U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa.

King told WND today the entire GOP leadership team in the House is on board, as well as the full delegations from California and Texas. He's working on obtaining the last few GOP signatures before turning his attention to the Democrats.

All of the GOP representatives and 34 Democrats opposed Obamacare when it was passed on a narrow 219-212 vote earlier this year. King said 212 representatives, at least, should be in favor of overturning it, since they opposed it before.

Then it will be up to the four, five or six Democrat votes that would be needed to turn from endorsement to rejection for it to advance.

"This is starting to come together," King said today. "All the Republicans [earlier] voted no. We should all be for repeal."

He said he's counting on the 34 Democrats who voted no to "demonstrate the courage of their convictions" by supporting a repeal plan.

Many will be running for re-election, King noted, in districts where the majority of voters want the law repealed. And there are Democrats who voted for Obamacare who face election challenges in a field of voters irritated by the law's new taxes and intrusions into their lives.

King told WND that if the discharge petition is successful, it will be a "resounding message" to Pelosi, who said Congress would have to vote for the health care takeover before people could know what was in it.

King's plan is to "pull out by the roots" the legislation that, among other things, will require citizens to "government-approved" health insurance whether they want it or not.

The fact that support is required from 218 members also means any plan thus endorsed likely would pass the 435-member House.

Clerk of the House of Representatives: Current House of Representatives signatures

Motion to Discharge a Committee from the Consideration of a resolution

June 16, 2010
To the Clerk of the House of Representatives:

Pursuant to clause 2 of rule XV, I, Steve King of Iowa, move to discharge the Committees on Energy and Commerce, Ways and Means, Education and Labor, the Judiciary, Natural Resources, Rules, House Administration, and Appropriations from the consideration of the bill (H.R. 4972) to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; which was referred to said committees on March 25, 2010, in support of which motion the undersigned Members of the House of Representatives affix their signatures, to wit:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010
1. Steve King Iowa 05
2. Connie Mack Florida 14
3. Michele Bachmann Minnesota 06

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
4. Todd Tiahrt Kansas 04

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
5. Marsha Blackburn Tennessee 07
6. Tom Price Georgia 06
7. Paul C. Broun Georgia 10
8. Jerry Moran Kansas 01
9. Tom Graves Georgia 09
10. Rob Bishop Utah 01
11. Joseph R. Pitts Pennsylvania 16
12. Mike Pence Indiana 06

Thursday, June 24, 2010
13. Lynn A. Westmoreland Georgia 03
14. Glenn Thompson Pennsylvania 05
15. Jeb Hensarling Texas 05
16. Louie Gohmert Texas 01
17. Judy Biggert Illinois 13
18. John Boozman Arkansas 03
19. Kenny Marchant Texas 24
20. Jim Jordan Ohio 04
21. Jason Chaffetz Utah 03
22. Gary G. Miller California 42
23. Bob Goodlatte Virginia 06
24. Doug Lamborn Colorado 05
25. Robert E. Latta Ohio 05
26. Tom Cole Oklahoma 04
27. Trent Franks Arizona 02
28. K. Michael Conaway Texas 11
29. Jo Bonner Alabama 01
30. Dan Burton Indiana 05

Tuesday,June 29, 2010
31. J. Gresham Barrett South Carolina 03
32. John Linder Georgia 07
33. Bill Posey Florida 15
34. Lynn Jenkins Kansas 02
35. Mike Coffman Colorado 06
36. Roscoe G. Bartlett Maryland 06
37. Virginia Foxx North Carolina 05
38. John Campbell California 48
39. Mike Rogers (AL) Alabama 03
40. Randy Neugebauer Texas 19
41. Charles K. Djou Hawaii 01
42. Pete Sessions Texas 32
43. F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. Wisconsin 05
44. Howard Coble North Carolina 06
45. Candice S. Miller Michigan 10
46. Steve Scalise Louisiana 01
47. Robert B. Aderholt Alabama 04
48. Phil Gingrey Georgia 11
49. Kevin Brady Texas 08
50. Pete Olson Texas 22
51. C. W. Bill Young Florida 10
52. Tom McClintock California 04

Wednesday, June 30, 2010
53. Joe Wilson South Carolina 02
54. Mac Thornberry Texas 13
55. John R. Carter Texas 31
56. John Shimkus Illinois 19
57. Mary Fallin Oklahoma 05
58. Gus M. Bilirakis Florida 09
59. John Fleming Louisiana 04
60. Jeff Flake Arizona 06
61. W. Todd Akin Missouri 02
62. Peter Hoekstra Michigan 02
63. Donald A. Manzullo Illinois 16
64. Eric Cantor Virginia 07
65. Scott Garrett New Jersey 05
66. John A. Boehner Ohio 08
67. Henry E. Brown, Jr. South Carolina 01
68. Kay Granger Texas 12
69. Parker Griffith Alabama 05
70. Ted Poe Texas 02
71. Cathy McMorris Rodgers Washington 05
72. Rodney Alexander Louisiana 05
73. Fred Upton Michigan 06
74. Jean Schmidt Ohio 02
75. John Sullivan Oklahoma 01
76. Peter J. Roskam Illinois 06
77. Blaine Luetkemeyer Missouri 09
78. Michael C. Burgess Texas 26
79. Ken Calvert California 44
80. Lee Terry Nebraska 02

Thursday, July 1, 2010
81. Patrick T. McHenry North Carolina 10
82. Mary Bono Mack California 45
83. Spencer Bachus Alabama 06
84. Jeff Miller Florida 01
85. John B. Shadegg Arizona 03
86. Gregg Harper Mississippi 03
87. John Abney Culberson Texas 07
88. Dana Rohrabacher California 46
89. David P. Roe Tennessee 01
90. J. Randy Forbes Virginia 04
91. Bill Cassidy Louisiana 06
92. Brett Guthrie Kentucky 02
93. Denny Rehberg Montana 0
94. Sue Wilkins Myrick North Carolina 09
95. Tom Latham Iowa 04
96. Michael K. Simpson Idaho 02
97. John Kline Minnesota 02
98. Ron Paul Texas 14
99. Thomas J. Rooney Florida 16
100. Daniel E. Lungren California 03
101. Darrell E. Issa California 49
102. Harold Rogers Kentucky 05
103. John J. Duncan, Jr. Tennessee 02
104. Todd Russell Platts Pennsylvania 19
105. Duncan Hunter California 52
106. Sam Graves Missouri 06
107. Bob Inglis South Carolina 04
108. Edward R. Royce California 40
109. Ralph M. Hall Texas 04

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
110. Timothy V. Johnson Illinois 15
111. Michael T. McCaul Texas 10
112. Thaddeus G. McCotter Michigan 11
113. Robert J. Wittman Virginia 01
114. Lamar Smith Texas 21
115. Cynthia M. Lummis Wyoming 00
116. Wally Herger California 02
117. Vern Buchanan Florida 13
118. Christopher H. Smith New Jersey 04
119. Geoff Davis Kentucky 04
120. Jack Kingston Georgia 01
121. Brian P. Bilbray California 50

Wednesday, July 14, 2010
122. Zach Wamp Tennessee 03
123. Jerry Lewis California 41
124. Erik Paulsen Minnesota 03
125. Roy Blunt Missouri 07
126. Jo Ann Emerson Missouri 08
127. Frank R. Wolf Virginia 10
128. George Radanovich California 19
129. Steve Austria Ohio 07
130. Greg Walden Oregon 02

Thursday, July 15, 2010
131. Frank D. Lucas Oklahoma 03
132. Adrian Smith Nebraska 03
133. Jeff Fortenberry Nebraska 01

Monday, July 19, 2010
134. Frank A. LoBiondo New Jersey 02
135. Sam Johnson Texas 03
136. Paul Ryan Wisconsin 01
137. John L. Mica Florida 07
138. Michael R. Turner Ohio 03
139. Aaron Schock Illinois 18

Tuesday, July 20, 2010
140. Cliff Stearns Florida 06
141. Devin Nunes California 21
142. David Dreier California 26
143. Christopher John Lee New York 26
144. Kevin McCarthy California 22
145. Bill Shuster Pennsylvania 09
146. Leonard Lance New Jersey 07

Wednesday, July 21, 2010
147. Howard P. McKeon California 25
148. Ander Crenshaw Florida 04
149. Elton Gallegly California 24
150. Rodney P. Frelinghuysen New Jersey 11

Thursday, July 22, 2010
151. Ed Whitfield Kentucky 01
152. Walter B. Jones North Carolina 03
153. Vernon J. Ehlers Michigan 03

Monday, July 26, 2010
154. Thomas E. Petri Wisconsin 06
155. Doc Hastings Washington 04
156. Don Young Alaska 00
157. Ginny Brown-Waite Florida 05
158. Patrick J. Tiberi Ohio 12
159. Mike Rogers (MI) Michigan 08

Tuesday, July 27, 2010
160. Joe Barton Texas 06
161. Adam H. Putnam Florida 12
162. Dave Camp Michigan 04

Wednesday, July 28, 2010
163. Steven C. LaTourette Ohio 14
164. Dean Heller Nevada 02
165. Peter T. King New York 03

Check Here For More Signatures To The Discharge Petition To Repeal Obamacare

(218 is the magic number to possibly bury obamacare. We have 153 now. After the Nov election I'm sure it will be much more. It is a possibility that obamacare could be repealed before the election) Story Reports

Obamacare repeal? 150 House signatures already. Sponsor of repeal plan says it will come down to changing handful of votes

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Obama knows hitler was correct when he said, if you tell a big lie frequently enough it will be believed

(The following quotes are Adolf Hitler's. Obama believes these principles and uses them every time he opens his mouth. Obama knows hitler was correct when he said, "if you tell a big lie frequently enough, it will be believed." This is how obama has forced obamacare through congress. Obama uses hitler's template for propaganda. Obama knows "the broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force.") Every twisted word that comes out of the deranged mind of obama is in the form of a lie. Story Reports

By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise. Adolf Hitler

If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed. Adolf Hitler

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. Adolf Hitler

The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one. Adolf Hitler

It is not truth that matters, but victory. Adolf Hitler

The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force. Adolf Hitler

The great strength of the totalitarian state is that it forces those who fear it to imitate it. Adolf Hitler

What good fortune for governments that the people do not think. Adolf Hitler

(Obama is the epitome of evil as was adolf hitler. We know what hitler said. We know what hitler did. Comparing obama to hitler is eye opening. Obama tells lies over and over just like hitler. Obama is acting like a dictator. Obama is evil as was hitler. Obamacare is an evil attempt to control America.) Story Reports


As the Administration's arguments make clear, we are losing the same freedoms that our founders sought to preserve. The Obama Regime Lawyers Now Assert That Obamacare Mandate is a Tax.

In addition to arguing that the obamacare mandate is authorized by the Commerce Clause the government also justified the mandate by claiming that it was a tax. This assertion contradicts the administration’s previous denial that the mandate is a tax increase.

The Administration's brief acknowledges that the legislation imposes a significant "tax penalty" for those who fail to purchase health insurance (the so-called "individual mandate") that "will raise substantial revenue," while at the same time extending "subsidies and tax credits to the large majority of the uninsured."

The Administration's expansive view of the federal government's power is likewise profoundly disturbing. In order to defend this unprecedented government power grab, the Administration argues that the federal government's authority is essentially unlimited, asserting for example that "Congress's taxing and spending power under the General Welfare Clause is 'extensive.'" However, the federal government has never claimed, and the courts have never held, that the government has authority to essentially dictate one-sixth of the nation's economy. Indeed, while the Administration characterizes the States' lawsuit as meritless and based on "philosophical or political opposition" rather than solid legal grounds, it takes the Administration sixty pages to explain why it has not overstepped constitutional bounds.

Recognizing the tenuous nature of its claims, the Administration's brief seeks to downplay the health care legislation as merely an "expansion" of the existing Medicaid system. Once again, however, the Administration simply ignores reality. The Administration and its supporters repeatedly characterized the health care bill as landmark legislation that "answered the call of history." Indeed, the Administration's own brief acknowledges that the legislation imposes a "comprehensive system of reform" that seeks to regulate "a vast interstate market consuming an estimated 17.5 percent of our gross domestic product."

Perhaps most troubling, the Administration justifies its exercise of this sweeping power by characterizing the American public as either infantile, unable to make appropriate choices regarding its own health care, or as malicious. It argues that the individual mandate is an "essential" aspect of the health care legislation because, in its absence, individuals may make the "wrong" decision and forgo health insurance, potentially leading to a number of negative consequences for their own health and economic welfare. However, the Administration goes even further, arguing that, in the absence of the individual mandate, the American people might "game the system" by "waiting until disease develops or an accident occurs to purchase insurance."

The implications of the government's arguments in defense of the health care legislation are significant. The worldview espoused by the Administration is one in which the power of the federal government is unlimited and in which that power must be exercised because ordinary Americans are simply incapable of managing their own affairs and must have government bureaucrats do it for them.

Fate of Obamacare in Hands of Judge

Fate of Obamacare in Hands of Judge

Suing Obamacare


RUSH: Let's go back to September 20th, 2009, This Week with George Stephanopoulos. Obama was being interviewed by a fellow member of the ruling class, George Stephanopoulos, who says, "Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines tax as 'a charge, usually of money, imposed by authority on persons or property for public purposes.'"

OBAMA: George, the fact this you've looked up Merriam's dictionary, that -- uh, the definition of tax increase indicates to me that you're stretching a little bit right now. Otherwise you wouldn't have gone to the dictionary to check on the definition.


OBAMA: I mean, what --


OBAMA: If what you're saying --

STEPHANOPOULOS: I wanted to check for myself. Your critics say it is a tax increase.

OBAMA: My critics say everything's a tax increase! My critics say that I'm taking over, uhh, every sector of the economy. You know that. Uh, eh, eh, eh, eh... Look, we can have a legitimate debate about whether or not we're going to have an individual mandate or not, but --

STEPHANOPOULOS: You reject that it's a tax increase?

OBAMA: I absolutely reject that notion.

(Notice what obama has done and continues to do to quell opposition to his lies.

(1) He speaks his lies often.

(2) He almost never answers questions directly.

(3) He makes sure his limited "press conferences" are controlled.

(4) He is only asked limited questions about his radical daily production as president.

(5) Obama or his liberal media deflect any criticism by BRANDING anyone who disagress or points out obama is a liar.

(6) Americans who discover obama is lying and point out this fact are accused of being racist by obama or his liberal media. Obama doesn't utter the word racist, his minions
use this to change the subject.

(7) Obama and his minions also use the "race rard" to curtail free speech and quell the opposition. Obama and his minions use the term "racist" to label Americans who oppose him.

(8) Branding people who are involved with the tea party movement as racists deflect the point that obama is a racist himself and a traitor.)

Don't be afraid of being called a racist. Speak up and tell the truth about obama. Refute his lies and give examples of his lies. That is what I do.

How can anyone refute the video above of obama lying about obamacare?)

Every twisted word that comes out of the deranged mind of obama is in the form of a lie.

Story Reports

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The state run media buried stories about Rev. Wright

(Rush is right again when he said today there is no national media. Its a state run media propaganda machine. This liberal machine hides the true facts about the FRAUD obama. The mass media propaganda has been exposed as a coordinated effort to conceal the facts.) Story Reports

The state run media buried stories about Rev. Wright

Documents reveal coordinated effort in 2008 by key members of establishment press.

A number of mainstream journalists plotted during the 2008 presidential campaign to shut down coverage of the outrageous comments by Rev. Jeremiah Wright and his close ties to then-candidate Barack Obama, according to a new report.

Jonathan Strong of the Daily Caller reports obtaining records of exchanges on a listserv called Journolist, which includes several hundred liberal journalists, activists and like-minded professors.

The comments included a suggestion from Michael Tomasky, a writer for the London Guardian, who appeared outraged over an ABC interview that questioned Obama about the Wright statements, such as "God d--- America," and the close links between the two men.

"We need to throw chairs now, try as hard as we can to get the call next time. Otherwise the questions in October will be exactly like this," Tomasky wrote. "This is just a disease."

The journalists' attempt to stifle questions directed to Obama was paralleled just this year when a substantial list of "media stars" criticized a book exposing Obama's record – without reading it.

In that case, members of the news media, including from publications such as Time and Newsweek, reacted harshly to the announcement of the No. 1 non-fiction book in America, with multiple reporters sending expletive-laden e-mails to the author's publicist saying they did not want to receive a copy.

(Many in the public know what the lame stream media is and how it has been a mouth piece for liberalism. This is why so many rely on internet sources for the real news and truth about what is going on. Over the last several months I have read different accounts of what the lame stream media was telling the public. I have known the mass media just parrots the lies of obama and the liberal democrates. My past blogs are a record of the mass media lies that I have refuted.) Story Reports

Monday, July 19, 2010

Today's ruling class or political class speak the same language

America's Ruling Class -- And the Perils of Revolution Read This Interesting Article

(The ruling class or political ruling class speak the same language. They are joined at the hip.) Story Reports

Left Coast Rebel

Perhaps after reading, dissecting and pondering Professor Angelo M. Codevilla's verbose but enlightening essay on the American ruling class, you may understand just why many things today 'just don't make sense.' It's long but more than worth the lengthy read.

One of many key excerpts:

Today's ruling class, from Boston to San Diego, was formed by an educational system that exposed them to the same ideas and gave them remarkably uniform guidance, as well as tastes and habits. These amount to a social canon of judgments about good and evil, complete with secular sacred history, sins (against minorities and the environment), and saints. Using the right words and avoiding the wrong ones when referring to such matters -- speaking the "in" language -- serves as a badge of identity.

Regardless of what business or profession they are in, their road up included government channels and government money because, as government has grown, its boundary with the rest of American life has become indistinct. Many began their careers in government and leveraged their way into the private sector. Some, e.g., Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner, never held a non-government job. Hence whether formally in government, out of it, or halfway, America's ruling class speaks the language and has the tastes, habits, and tools of bureaucrats. It rules uneasily over the majority of Americans not oriented to government.

(These are the people who must be removed from office in Nov 2010 and Nov 2012 along with all liberal and moderate politicians. The political ruling class will do or say anything to stay in power. They are both republicans and democrates. These people think of themselves as a "ruling class".

They will support each other in the good ole boy fashion. These politicians are the "enemy within" that are destroying our freedoms by rubber stamping obama's socialist programs.) Story Reports


America's Ruling Class -- And the Perils of Revolution

America's Ruling Class -- And the Perils of Revolution

By Angelo M. Codevilla from the July 2010 - August 2010 issue

Click The Link Below To Read The Entire Article By Angelo M. Codevilla

America's Ruling Class -- And the Perils of Revolution

Sunday, July 18, 2010

It would be interesting if just one of the nine people obama has put on trail would reveal what they know about the FRAUD obama

Obama Has NO Paper Trail But He Does Have A PR Team That Has FAKED His Identity

If any of the nine defendants actually retained the obama's student-loan records they accessed, the information could blow the lid off questions still surrounding Obama's past.

Nine have been accused of accessing information about Obama's student-loan records between July 2007 and March 2009, before and after Obama was elected, from the Coralville, Iowa, offices of Vangent, Inc.

John Phommivong has pleaded guilty in the case and is awaiting a pre-sentencing conference in court with the prosecutors Aug. 31 and a sentencing hearing scheduled for Sept. 24.

Each case where the defendants had pled "not guilty" would be tried separately, with trials scheduled to begin Aug. 2 and Sept. 7.

The remaining defendants indicted in May include Andrew J. Lage, Patrick E. Roan, Sandra Teague, Gary N. Grenell, Anne C. Rhodes, Lisa Torney, Julie Lynn Kline and Mercedes Costoyas.

ALL of Obama's records from his college years remain off-limits to the public, including his Occidental College records, his Columbia University records, his Columbia thesis, his Harvard Law School records, his Harvard Law Review articles and his scholarly articles from the University of Chicago.

Obama student-loan mystery shrouded by politics

(Why do you think this is? Does obama have something to hide? It is obvious he does. His student records could possibly reveal he received financial aid as a foreign born student. His "affirmative action" records could also reveal a dismal performance as an "affirmative action" student also. Nobody has seen his records except the nine that are on trial now. They know who obama is and how obama performed as an "affirmative action" student. If obama had at least an average record of achievement you would think he would have released his student rcords or at least offered some proof he performed satisfactory. Instead he hides ALL of his records and deems it necessary to prosecute individuals to keep his records SECRET. Obama would have you believe its all about his privacy. Its not all about his privacy. Obama MUST hide his "affirmative action" student records at all cost.

It would be interesting if just one of the nine people obama has put on trail would reveal what they know about the FRAUD obama. It would only take one patriot. If I was one of them I would tell it all and expose the FRAUD obama.) Story Reports

Occidental College

At Occidental, Obama sought out the more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists.

There is an open question regarding Obama's status as a student at Occidental. The question is, did Obama receive student aid as a foreign student? Obama is vigorously fighting the release of his Occidental College records.

Columbia College

Obama's Columbia experience is a complete mystery. No one, absolutely no one, remembers Obama from Columbia -- Fox News asked 400 ex-students and all Fox got was shrugs. There is no picture of him in the yearbook. The only thing we really know about this period is that Obama spent a lot of time at the Marxist-Socialist conferences at Cooper Union and African cultural fairs in Brooklyn. Barry lived down the avenue from Bill Ayers.

Obama stopped drugging sometime during the Columbia period. He started abusing marijuana and cocaine at Punahou.

"Pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it. Not smack, though," obama wrote.

(Obama has been lying for most of his life. Obama is a figment of his own imagination.)


Being the first affirmative-action president of the Harvard Law Review netted Obama a book deal, which he booted, he spent the money but didn't produce a book, but he got a second advance and headed off to Bali, Indonesia, to finish his fable, "Dreams From My Father," the source of almost everything we know about Obama.

Obama may be more clever than smart. He has chosen not to release his SAT, LSAT, or his GPA scores. The Obama inner circle keeps these a closely guarded secret.

(The affirmative action president must hide his true identity.)

Obama is a no record

Original, vault copy birth certificate -- Not released (lawyers' fees = $2,000,000 ~ birth certificate = $15)
Certification of Live Birth -- Released -- Counterfeit
Obama/Dunham marriage license -- Not released (if one exists)

Obama/Dunham divorce -- Released (by independent investigators)

Noelani Kindergarten records -- Records lost (this is a big one -- read two frames)
Soetoro/Dunham marriage license -- Not released
Soetoro adoption records -- Not released

Fransiskus Assisi School School application -- Released (by independent investigators)

Noelani 3rd Grade records -- Not released

Punahou School application -- Missing
Punahou School records -- Not released
Soetoro/Dunham divorce -- Released (by independent investigators)

Selective Service Registration -- Released -- Under suspicion

Social Security Number -- Under suspicion
Occidental College records -- Not released
Passport -- Not released and records scrubbed clean by Obama's terrorism and intelligence adviser
Columbia College records -- Not released
Columbia thesis -- "Soviet Nuclear Disarmament" -- Not released
Harvard College records -- Not released
Harvard Law Review articles -- None

Illinois Bar Records -- Not released
Baptism certificate -- None
Medical records -- Not released -- nor is the source of this nasty scar
Illinois State Senate records -- None
Illinois State Senate schedule -- Lost
Law practice client list -- Not released
University of Chicago scholarly articles -- None

The Illinois State Archives told Judicial Watch that they never received any request from Senator Obama to archive any records in his possession. In 2007, Obama told Tim Russert that his records were "not kept."

On the Internet, there is an organized, systematic cleansing of Obama-related content.

A good example is Kristof's famous New York Times article, in which Kristof quotes Obama saying that the Muslim call to prayer is "one of the prettiest sounds on Earth" and in which Obama recited the Muslim call to prayer, the Adhan, "with a first-class [Arabic] accent", that's gone, from The New York Times

Lenin said this about socialism, "The goal of socialism is communism."

(This is also obama's goal. To socialize America. Obama is a traitor.)

Obama Has NO Paper Trail But He Does Have A PR Team That Has FAKED His Identity