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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Leo Donofrio Exposes Obama Administration's Purposeful Destruction Of Chrysler

Attorney Leo Donofrio Exposes Obama Administration's Purposeful Destruction Of Chrysler

789 dealers and 40,000 jobs were lost. Obama wanted to destroy these Chrysler dealers and the jobs they supported. The following explanation of The Bankruptcy Court decision about the old chrysler dealers by Leo Donofrio reveals the obama administration is destroying the US economy on purpose!

This is a fraud on the Court, on the nation and on truth.

Obama is a communist who is destroying the economy of the US. Story Reports

Judge Gonzalez Now Guilty Of Intentional Fraud In Chrysler Case.

Intentional Fraud By The Judge And Obama

The entire case against the rejected Chrysler dealers revolved on one simple answer given by Fiat Executive, Alfredo Altavilla, when he was cross-examined by Dealer Counsel during the hearing to decide the fate of Chrysler. Every other witness testified that neither the US Government nor Fiat requested that Old Chrysler reject the 789 Dealer franchise contracts.

Without a request by the lender (the US Government) or the purchaser (Fiat), there was no sound business judgment in Old Chrysler killing off 789 franchises. This is because when a contract is rejected in bankruptcy, Section 365(g) of the Bankruptcy Code kicks in and gives those rejected dealers an unsecured creditor claim against the estate. In this case, it was undisputed that the claim would potentially reach one billion dollars.

Old Chrysler had a fiduciary duty to its other creditors not to burden the estate with this mammoth claim. However, had a key party sought rejection of those franchise agreements as a condition precedent to the deal closing then the Court might have been justified to approve the rejections.

But no party ever testified that the dealer restructuring was a necessary condition precedent to the sale closing.

The New Chrysler management were free to trim the dealership network once they took over. After they owned the company, they could deal with the dealers as they liked and as would have been governed by State franchise laws which protected the dealers. And all of the evidence shows that Fiat was happy to take on the entire dealership network in the sale. The decision to kill off 789 dealerships was entirely the brain collapse of Old Chrysler’s management. Therefore, the issue to be decided by the Court was whether this decision was made in sound business judgment.

The entire dealer rejection issue then turned on whether the rejections were a condition precedent to the sale closing. If it was not a material issue to Fiat, and if Fiat’s executive testified that they were happy to trim the dealership network after the sale closed, then Old Chrysler should not have been allowed to reject the dealer contracts. The Bankruptcy Court – under Section 365(a) of the Bankruptcy Code – must approve the rejections for them to become effective.

Here is the exact testimony by Alfredo Altavilla of Fiat which the case turned on:

Q. If this transaction closes without an absolute requirement of a particular number of dealers that are being terminated, would Chrysler still go through with this deal — I mean, rather, would Fiat still go through with this deal?

A. The answer is that a restructure needs to occur. Whether it occurs before or after the closing of the deal is not a material difference.

(See May 27, 2009 Hearing Transcript at 352.)

It’s a very straightforward answer. Altavilla clearly testified that whether the dealer restructuring took place after the sale closed made no material difference to Fiat. Clearly, this man and his foreign company were not going to walk away from a deal where the American people paid the ENTIRE 20 plus billion dollar purchase costs just to hand it over to Fiat for free. Zippo nada zilch was paid by Fiat who were therefore in no position to demand 40,000 American jobs be lost and 789 dealerships be gutted. Fiat didn’t make that insane demand and the testimony above clearly shows this to be true.

But Judge Gonzalez decided he was going to usher in a new era of judicial ventriloquism by taking on a new role for his soiled robe. Gonzalez understood that the testimony needed for him to approve the rejection of 789 dealers (and loss of some 40,000 jobs) was nowhere to be found in the record of the case. So Judge Gonzalez – through the use of creative footnoting – made up his own testimony and stuffed it into the mouth of Altavilla alla Edger Bergen and his dummy Charlie McCarthy. Seriously folks – the metaphor is so very appropriate.

Please compare and contrast Alatvilla’s testimony with Judge Gonzalez at Footnote 21 of the Gonzalez Rejection Opinion:

Gonzalez Rejection Opinion


Q. If this transaction closes without an absolute requirement of a particular number of dealers that are being terminated, would Chrysler still go through with this deal — I mean, rather, would Fiat still go through with this deal?

A. The answer is that a restructure needs to occur. Whether it occurs before or after the closing of the deal is not a material difference.


21 …Altavilla also responded affirmatively to a question regarding whether a dealership network needed to be restructured for the Fiat Transaction to close, stating that a “restructuring needs to occur.”

Altavilla never responded to any such question in the affirmative. Never, damn it. This is a fraud on the Court, on the nation and on truth. Any grammar school child can easily grasp that the witness clearly indicated restructuring was not a material difference to Fiat. And if it was not a material difference to Fiat, 789 dealers and 40,000 jobs could have been saved while your Government gifted this American auto institution to a foreign national conglomerate with your own taxes. That’s it in a nutshell, people.

In our original Motion memorandum we gave Judge Gonzalez the benefit of the doubt and refrained from calling this fraud intentional – opting instead to allege only that the Court’s judicial ventriloquism exhibited a reckless disregard for the truth. But on Friday Feb. 5, 2010 Judge Gonzalez denied our Motion by issuing a 25 page Opinion (docket no. 6341 – public docket appears down today) which condoned intentional fraud on the part of Chrysler’s attorneys – Jones Day – who repeated multiple falsehoods in their Response Brief which we thoroughly dismantled in our Reply.

Furthermore, in not correcting the error of Footnote 21, Judge Gonzalez is now also guilty of intentional fraud as well. He’s chosen to defend Footnote 21 and in doing so he is simply lying to the American People which is obvious to any impartial observer of the facts. Footnote 21 is simply a lie by a partial Judge. It’s fraud plain and simple.

The Law Office of Pidgeon & Donofrio (site will soon be updated to include Leo Donofrio’s info) will be appealing to the Southern District of New York and we will be making multiple complaints to the New York Bar asking for sanctions against Jones Day and Judge Gonzalez.

Our lead client, James Anderer has been on Fox Business News about 40 times now and we are hoping to increase public awareness through the media of this fraud. The Chrysler story is only now truly being understood for the fraud against the American way that it is. Please stand with us as this battle is sure to intensify. The disease we are fighting is at the core of the intended destruction of this nation’s natural sovereignty.

(Let me add the disease Leo is talking about is obama. Obama is truly a cancer on America that must be removed before it is too late. Obama intends the destruction of America's sovereignty. America has elected a communist concealed as a democrate. The decision to kill off 789 dealerships and 40,000 jobs was entirely made by the Old Chrysler’s management. The old Chrysler managment was under the control of the obama czar. Obama's removal has begun and in Nov 2010 he will effectively neutered.) Story Reports

Understand that this battle is as important a fight as this nation will ever see. It will define whether we are going to allow the judicial branch to openly lie to our faces. If no court will overturn Gonzalez here, it’s the end of truth, justice and the American way forever. This judicial fraud will become the template for a new tomorrow where your children will have no protection of law.

Leo Donofrio and Steve Pidgeon represent 76 former Chrysler dealers.

FDA Invades Non-Commercial Amish Farm in PA

FDA Invades Non-Commercial Amish Farm in PA

(If the government gets control of small farms through gestapo tactics it will control Americans by deciding when to let us grow and eat food. Gestapo FDA has no business investigating a farm that does not sell to the public. It is government harrasment and a dry run test of what is to come.) Story Reports

National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association

FDA Invades Non-Commercial Amish Farm in PA

By Deborah Stockton

Kinzers, PA – At 9:40 a.m. Thursday, February 4, only a few miles from the scene of the Nickel Mines Amish massacre of 2006, another drama against the Amish began as agents of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) came onto the property of Amish farmer Dan Allgyer, without permission, claiming to be conducting an investigation.

Agents Joshua Schafer and Deborah Haney, from the Delaware FDA office, drove past Allgyer’s “No Trespassing” signs and up his driveway almost to his barn, where Allgyer happened to be outside. Allgyer approached the car, the agents got out and Allgyer asked them why they were there. They produced a piece of paper, asked Allgyer if he was Dan Allgyer, which Allgyer confirmed, asked him his middle initial and phone number, entered the information on the paper, told Allgyer they were there to do an inspection and started reading the paper to him, saying it gave them jurisdiction to be there.

The agents – Schafer did most of the talking – said they had a right to be there because “you produce food for human consumption.” Dan asked why they believed that and they said, “Well, you have cows. You cannot be consuming all the milk you produce.” They further stated, “If you get a milk truck in to move all this milk you sell milk to the public, therefore we have jurisdiction.”

Dan said, “This is a private farm, I do not sell anything to the public.”

As they continued to harass him about doing an inspection, Allgyer said, “You can sit in your car. I will call my lawyer.”

The agents remained standing.

Allgyer called his attorney who advised him to have the agents call him. When Allgyer told them to call his attorney Schafer replied, “You are the owner and you have to speak for yourself.”

They pressed him to talk and Schafer asked, “Are you refusing us an investigation? Allgyer replied, “That’s not what I’m saying.”

They kept repeating, “Are you refusing an investigation?”

Allgyer kept saying, “Call this guy” – meaning his attorney.

Allgyer said they must have asked him six times.

One of them said, “Even if you do not say so, you are still refusing an investigation.”

Eventually Schafer said, “If you refuse an investigation will you answer some questions?”

Allgyer said, “I’d rather not.”

When the agents continued to push him Dan said, “Is that a question?

Sheepishly, they said. ‘Yes.”

Allgyer said, “What did I say about questions?’

They replied, “Well we’re going to write this up as a refusal to have an investigation and give it to our higher officials.”

Dan felt they were threatening him at this point.

After that, they got in their car, drove out the driveway and parked on the neighbor’s property watching Allgyer.

A visitor, Ivan, who had been on the farm, though not part of the conversation, left in his truck soon after, and the FDA agents proceeded to follow him in their car, even when he stopped at a convenience store to use the facilities. After forty or fifty miles, Ivan called 911 and told the police he was being followed.

The state police – in two cruisers – pulled the agents over. Ivan pulled over as well.

Ivan said the police told him that the agents explained they were FDA agents and they had the right to follow him because they were conducting an investigation on the farm he left. They thought he had product and they wanted samples of the product.

Ivan responded by opening the back of the truck and revealing it was empty. The agents photographed the inside of the empty truck and gave Ivan a paper, claiming they had a right to inspect his truck. He told them they were harassing him. The state trooper said they had a right to follow and pull him over but they were in an unmarked car so Ivan would not have had to pull over.

As with Allgyer, the agents asked Ivan some information which they wrote on the paper they produced, then handed it to him.

Ivan asked them, “Why are you writing up a paper on me when you have no cause?”

They said, “We have a cause, because you left the farm.”

They claimed he had a load off the farm and they wanted samples.

Ivan said, “I didn’t know who you were.”

An agent replied, “You saw us at the farm.”

Ivan said. “That doesn’t make any difference, I didn’t know who you were.”

Ivan pointed out that he was at the farm but did not hear what they said. He was twenty feet or more away from them and was not involved in their conversation.

Ivan said the police told him they would record that the agents had been following him.

A spokeswoman for the FDA (reached at the phone number on the paper the FDA agents gave to Allgyer) said the FDA has no comment at this time because it is an ongoing investigation.

Dan Allgyer will meet with his county sheriff in the near future to apprise him of this incident.

Senior Lecturers in Law Professor Obama

Navy corpsman pronounced KOR MAN. The uppity professor can't pronounce a simple word correctly. Why? Its because obama is an empty suit. A man who has not released ANY records of his education. Why? I suspect it because his education records reflect a corpse that obama does not want revealed.

Calling obama a "professor" is not racist. If you believe the univ of Chicago obama was considered a senior lecturer at law. The Senior Lecturers in Law are listed under "Professors" while Lecturers in Law are not.

The absent minded professor obama knows how to lecture but this is all. He can tell you something about a subject but thats all. Obama is just a "senior" FRAUD. He is an empty suit lecturing America. Obama has no real solutions nor has he the ability to perform his pompous suggestions.

Obama is just an uppity man/child as Rush Limbaugh has said. If you say that someone is uppity, you mean that they are behaving as if they were very important and you do not think that they are important.

Obama acts as if he is important. Normally what a president says of does is important. We expect something useful from a president. What obama has given us is just a lecture. He is the absent minded arrogant professor. He can't stand anyone disagreeing with his pompous asinine lectures.

Obama likes to tell America what is wrong with America. Obama has ideas that don't produce anything but higher unemployment and failure.

Why? Its because all obama can do is lecture. He is just a useless uppity empty suit.

Obama does not impress me. He can't even pronounce corpsman. Obama is a professor of stupid when it comes to pronouncing simple words. Does this reflect his lack of ability? Does this mean he could possibly be playing a role he is not prepared for? YES.

What happens when someone starts a business but it fails because the person running the business does not make good decisions about the business? What happens when a person starts a business and has no experience running a business and it goes under?

You get someone like barack obama a community organizer and haughty/uppity FAILURE. A man/child that has NO experience running a business and is not an effective leader. Because of his lack of ability to see beyond himself, obama can only lecture and make excuses for his failures. Obama is pathetic. An inept excuse for failure.

Subversive organization which directly or indirectly advocates, teaches or practices the duty, propriety of controlling, this State by force

"Subversive organization"

SC Title 23 - Law Enforcement and Public Safety CHAPTER 29. SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES REGISTRATION ACT

"Subversive organization which directly or indirectly advocates, teaches or practices the duty, propriety (privately) of controlling, this State by force"

Voters of SC directly or indirectly advocate, teach, practice the duty, privately of controlling the state of SC by the force of voting in elections.

The SC code of laws Title 23 - Law Enforcement and Public Safety CHAPTER 29. SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES REGISTRATION ACT requires citizens of SC to register as subversives.

We the people advocate controlling SC government by the force of one vote in elections.

Every subversive organization and organization subject to foreign control shall register with the Secretary of State on forms prescribed by him within thirty days after coming into existence in this State.

The people who passed this law in SC are stone cold CRAZY if they think a subversive organization will register with The Secretary of State and pay a $5 filing fee.


This is insane to think ANY subversive organization of 2 or more people would pay $5.00 and register with the state of South Carolina.


Filing Fee-$5.00
Name of Subversive Organization _____________________________________________________________________
Name of Chief Agent of Organization _________________________________________________________________
Address of Chief Agent ____________________________________________________________________________
Check the appropriate box.
Do you or your organization directly or indirectly advocate, advise, teach or practice the duty or necessity of controlling,
seizing or overthrowing the government of the United States, the state of South Carolina or any political division
thereof? [ ] YES [ ] NO
If yes, please outline the fundamental beliefs. If applicable, attach a copy of the bylaws or minutes of meetings from the
last year. _________________________________________________________________________________________
Please name all other members of the organization located in South Carolina. If the space on this form is not sufficient,
please attach additional pages referring to this section.
_____________________________________________ _____________________________________________
_____________________________________________ _____________________________________________
Signature of Chief Agent Date
_____________________________________________ _____________________________________________
Filing Instructions
■ Subversive Agent Form (filed in duplicate)
■ $5.00 made payable to the South Carolina Secretary of State
■ Self-Addressed, Stamped Return Envelope
■ Return all documents to: South Carolina Secretary of State’s Office
Attn: Corporate Filings
P.O. Box 11350
Columbia, SC 29211

Carefully Constructed Global Warming Con

Carefully Constructed Global Warming Con

Marc Sheppard

In the last two weeks alone the public learned (1) that the U.N. claim that man-made climate change would melt Himalayan glaciers by 2035 was fiction, the speculation of one man whose guess was reported in a magazine then played as scientific fact; (2) that federal researchers left out temperature data from cold regions; and (3) that the U.N. was wrong in its contention that "the rapidly rising costs" of natural disasters since the 1970s is linked to global warming.

The climate change movement is losing its credibility at a pace much faster than any warming it predicted yet obama is still pushing the "global warming" con.

The real CON is obama.

Obama announced the formation of a new federal agency to study and report on global warming.

U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke announced “the intent to create a NOAA Climate Service line office dedicated to bringing together the agency’s strong climate science and service delivery capabilities.”

(Obama is going to use NOAA to push the CON of global warming as real. He is going to make NOAA a "public relations firm" to scam America. Obama is in effect going to skew the numbers using NOAA. Its the same thing his is doing with other agencies of the government. It will become another propaganda outlet to trick the public into believing in "global warming.") Story Reports

The same NOAA recently accused of intentionally manipulating the surface based temperature data sets it produces in order to bias worldwide climate trend analyses to the warm side and help foment carbon hysteria.

But the seemingly peculiar timing of the announcement was perhaps no accident. NOAA’s official announcement refers to the new service as a “reorganization” of the parent agency, promising that “[u]nifying NOAA’s climate capabilities under a single climate office will integrate the agency’s climate science and services and make them more accessible to NOAA partners and other users.”

It appears that what we have here is the Obama administration hastily attempting to redeem NOAA’s sullied reputation before the full weight of the hammer drops – as it has for its partners in crime over at the IPCC. Speaking of which, Ecofactory reports that the administration believes its new program will “challeng[e] the IPCC as the gold standard for research in this field.” In fact, they expect the move to “help shore up the public's mistrust of climate science and ‘regain the consensus’ lost by the recent scandals that have troubled the United Nations IPCC.”

Good luck with that one, guys. As they used to say in Dodge – you can’t put the excrement back in the mule.


NOAA has selectively removed 75% of the world’s temperature stations from cooler locales, but further corrupted its widely disseminated data by replacing the readings from the removed stations with those of warmer stations.

And while the Obama administration needs no reaffirmation of its astounding cluelessness regarding the extent of “the public’s mistrust of climate science,” here’s more from NOAA’s announcement nonetheless:

More and more, Americans are witnessing the impacts of climate change in their own backyards, including sea-level rise, longer growing seasons, changes in river flows, increases in heavy downpours, earlier snowmelt and extended ice-free seasons in our waters. People are searching for relevant and timely information about these changes to inform decision-making about virtually all aspects of their lives.

(NOAA is being used to CON people into thing ANY natural climate change is caused by "global warming". Obama thinks his Rhetorical Strategies/Devices can change the fact that "global warming" is a scam used by him and the un to control Americans and destroy our freedom. The Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) of obama makes him think he can persuade anyone by his oratory or establishing more propaganda machines to scam America. Americans know obama is a CON and come nov 2010 they will persuade obama to shit down and shut up.) Story Reports

Crippled By Blizzard, DC Announces New Global Warming Agency by Phone

The leftist agenda (which is no different than the socialist, Marxist or Communist agenda) is relentless! They just keep forging ahead hoping to wear everyone down with their insanity!

Monday, February 8, 2010

John Murtha never apologized to those he slandered

WASHINGTON (AP) - A spokesman says Democratic Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania, a retired Marine Corps officer who became an outspoken critic of the Iraq war, has died. He was 77.

He had been suffering complications from gallbladder surgery.

Murtha's congressional career was clouded by questions about his ethics—from the Abscam corruption probe in 1980 to more recent investigations into the special-interest spending known as earmarks and the raising of cash for election campaigns.

The quotable John Murtha: ‘If I’m corrupt, it’s because I take care of my district’

Murtha was a thieving old geezer.

Caught on film making a hotel room kickback deal he is quoted “If I get to know you better, maybe I’ll take it (the money)”. A lowlife, slimeball politician if there ever was one.

If there were a definition of a democrat–it would have Murtha’s picture beside it. The old coot was the antithesis of tax-&-spend democrats, with their pork, earmark, bring-home-the-bacon, kickback, pay-to-play mentality–and the HELL with the rest of the USA.

Murtha was thriving under the Obama administration. He knew the low-road game well.

Murtha has routinely and deliberately undermined the United States military, slandered servicemen serving in combat, and caused irreparable damage to our international reputation. While serving as a Representative from Pennsylvania, Murtha called Marines from 3d Battalion, 1st Marines “cold blooded killers” who “murdered innocent civilians.” Before an investigation into the Haditha incident was even conducted, Murtha went on numerous television news programs and announced that the Marines “went into houses and killed women and children.”

He said, “There’s no question in my mind about what happened here. There was no gunfire, they killed four people in a taxi…24 people were killed.” When asked specifically if he claimed that innocent civilians were intentionally executed by Marines, he said, “That’s exactly what happened.” Not content to slander those Marines directly involved, he went on to claim that if these Marines were not punished, “other Marines would say well I’ll do the same thing.” Murtha then continued to use this incident to lobby for the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq, citing it as evidence that our military was incapable of winning the war.

Eight Marines were originally charged. As of March 17th, 2009 all charges were dropped against six Marines, one was found not guilty on all counts in courts martial. The prosecution has delayed the court martial of the final defendant indefinitely. The original allegations of a massacre and the statements of Congressman Murtha have been thoroughly discredited. Despite the facts, John Murtha refuses to apologize to those he slandered.

Don’t Honor John Murtha. He Deserves No Honor. Murtha has routinely and deliberately undermined the United States military, slandered servicemen serving in combat, and caused irreparable damage to our international reputation. Murtha turned his back on the US military. He became an enemy to the US military. The US military will be better off now that this traitor has died. America will be better off without john murtha. (Story Reports)
Jeff Emanuel Red State
The “Slow Bleed Strategy” of john murtha

Let’s journey back to February 2007. At this time, the U.S. was approaching its 4th anniversary in Iraq, the military death toll had passed 3,000, and Iraqi civilians were caught in the middle of a furious sectarian battle that had been kicked into overdrive by the bombing of the Golden Mosque in Samarra.

General David Petraeus had just been tapped to take over Multinational Force-Iraq, and was ramping up a “surge” in troops there in preparation for the implementation of his counterinsurgency doctrine in the theater — a comprehensive overhaul of Iraq war strategy that would ultimately prove to be incredibly successful. Democrats in the House had just passed a non-binding resolution condemning the “surge” in troops (Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called this a “symbolic victory in the fight over the Iraq War,” despite the fact that the Senate version of the resolution fell 4 votes short of cloture. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said “It’s pretty clear that a resolution that in effect says that the general going out to take command of the arena shouldn’t have the resources he thinks he needs to be successful certainly emboldens the enemy and our adversaries”).

This was the setting for perhaps the most insidious move of Jack Murtha’s career, if not his life: the design and introduction of what he called a “Slow Bleed Strategy” designed to deprive soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines in Iraq of the supplies — bullets, armor, etc. — they needed not only to push forward in Iraq, but to keep themselves alive while there. The rationale behind Murtha’s aptly — if appallingly — named Slow Bleed Strategy was that, if the supply chain to our troops in combat could be forced to dry up, enough of America’s warfighters would be killed in action that President Bush would have no choice but to “redeploy” our military men and women out of Iraq and back to America.

That’s right: Murtha became one of the only leaders in the history of warfare to advocate, rather than fight to the death to prevent, the drying up of his own military’s lanes of resupply. Not even Benedict Arnold attempted an act so insidious that it was more worthy of an enemy sleeper agent than a sitting Member of Congress.

Murtha announced this Slow Bleed Strategy in mid-February of ‘07, announcing at a press conference that House Democratic leaders had joined forces with several leftist “anti-war” groups (such as the “Win without war coalition,” “Americans against the escalation of the war in Iraq,” and others) in a combined legislative- and multimillion-dollar advertising campaign whose purpose would be to undermine the President’s authority as Commander in Chief of the nation’s fighting forces by “limiting the administration’s options” through the passage of legislation and the inclusion of several stipulations for receipt of funding in appropriations bills.

In other words, as mentioned above, Murtha’s plan was to force the President to withdraw our troops from Iraq, either immediately or after thousands more had been killed due to a termination of resupply efforts.

(Only a bastard would cut off supplies to our troops. I'm sure murtha fits this description. Obama also has a “Slow Bleed Strategy” for the US economy. Liberal democrates like murtha and obama are more than willing to "cut off supplies" to US troops or American civilians to further their radical agenda. We are nothing more that grass to be trampled on. Rush Limbaugh calls obama a man child. This is an accurate description. He is a man who thinks like a child. Murtha was a coward who acted like a coward. Obama and murtha are similar.) Story Reports

Jack Murtha used the fractured home front to push his agenda of ending a war he disagreed with at any cost — both human and political. As a leader within the party in control of the legislative branch of government, he sought to “slowly bleed” the war effort until it was dry of funds with which to purchase bullets, body armor, and other supplies, while also seeking to whip the American public into such an “anti-war,” anti-military frenzy that the dwindling number of surviving Iraq war veterans would be even more reviled than his fellow Vietnam veterans were in their day.

That, more than AbScam, billions in Pork, or even the reckless and irresponsible (if not treasonous) Haditha accusation, is what Jack Murtha should be remembered for, and it is why I personally, along with many, many others, will not lose one moment of sleep, nor waste one breath in false condolence or respect, over the loss of such a “man.”

John murtha would have not had a gall bladder operation if obamacare was his only choice and neither would most Americans.

Obama's "bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgement of their level of productivity in society". The Title IV quality: Subtitle A says the cost of proposed treatment will be divided by the remaining years of your statistical life expectancy. If your per year life cost exceeds the state mandated threshold your won't get health care.

See TITLE IV–QUALITY: Subtitle A–Comparative Effectiveness Research. “Comparative Effectiveness Research” means that they will take the cost of your proposed treatment and divide that by the remaining years of your statistical life expectancy. If your per-year life cost exceeds the state-mandated threshhold, you won’t get the health care. Are you a military veteran over 59 who risked everything for your country? No heart by-pass surgery for you, you expensive old goat!

(You ask what is a "death panel". I will tell you.)

The "health care" bill provides for mandatory euthanasia counseling for senior citizens every five years AND whenever they receive a diagnosis of terminal illness (page 425, House version of the bill — H.R.3200, America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009).

But we are not just talking about those very near the end of life. The specific wording in the bill is:

….if there is a significant change in the health condition of the individual, including diagnosis of a chronic, progressive, life-limiting disease, a life-threatening or terminal diagnosis or life-threatening injury, or upon admission to a skilled nursing facility, a long-term care facility (as defined by the Secretary), or a hospice program.

Just a “life-limiting” disease is enough to trigger the state’s interest in you. Down’s Syndrome? Muscular dystrophy? Alzheimer’s? Senile dementia? You could be encouraged to “go home” early.

But even if you are in fairly good shape, and you are past middle age, you have cause for concern.

(I would say this is a DEATH PANEL that decides if you are WORTHY OF LIFE using an amount obama has decided it will cost the state. The older you are the less the government DEATH PANEL will pay out for your medical need. This is a fact. It is not assuming anything. I talked with IDIOTS that deny this is in the bill. They say the government would never do this. I am surrounded by a vast number of IDIOTS who deny this is in the obama bill. Story Reports)

• Page 30: A government committee will decide what treatments and benefits you get (and, unlike an insurer, there will be no appeals process)

• Page 42: The "Health Choices Commissioner" will decide health benefits for you. You will have no choice. None.


HR 3200 House Bill Obamacare

John murtha would have been told by obama's panel to just take a pill and go home because of his, "diagnosis of a chronic, progressive, life-limiting disease, a life-threatening or terminal diagnosis or life-threatening injury,."

This is exactly what obama said he though his own grandmother should have done.

John murtha voted for obamacare. Murtha wanted all Americans to have a panel of so called experts decide if you would live or die. Its in the house bill HR 3200 read it.

Obamacare does contain panels that are efficitively Death Panels