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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Obama is an albatross or burden to Americans


(1) Prevent (a process or activity) from being carried out properly.

When a non producer ie supervisor, manager or president interferes with a producer a process or activity is prevented from being carried out.

The higher the pay level or the more important the job is, the non producer is expected to produce something other than interference.

When someone is in a position to influence the entire country and produces interference the producers produce less.

A position of authority or high office can be used to enhance production or destroy production on a vast scale.

I look at obama not only as a non producer but an obstacle to more production and prosperity.

The non producer obstacle obama must be replaced to resume production at a normal or higher level.

Until obama the unachiever is removed from office he will continue to be an obstacle and interfere with the US economy and normal production.

Obama is no educated idiot. He is a bump in the road that won't go away. People would like to avoid the bumb but until the bump is replaced or removed it (he) will continue to be an albatross or burden to Americans.

Obama needs to be fired for non production. Obama, Jackson, Sharpton etc are all non producers. They are parasites that feed on America's producers.

If the recent presidential election was a contract with obama he has broken the contract by not producing results as promised. The egg sucker obama takes money from hard working Americans rich and poor. Obama is like a tick that won't let go.

The "contract" needs to be terminated before obama bankrupts the country through mismanagement! It will be terminated in Nov 2010 but the parasite obama will continue to feed off his American hosts as long as he can.

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