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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Army Major General (Ret) Jerry Curry agrees with Lt Col Lakin that barry soetoro should provide proof of eligibility

(In additon to the fact obama is not a natural born citizen the Indonesian school registration above translated to english reveals obama was a muslim. Also for obama to be enrolled in an Indonesian school he had to be adopted by his step father, Lolo Soetoro. Because of this barry soetoro became an Indonesian citizen also.

What does this all mean. It means obama at some point because he became an Indonesian citizen had to renounce his Indonesian citizenship and become a NATURALIZED citizen. He never has done this.

This is also another hidden fact about obama and the document above proves it.

Obama has never said he was adopted or that he was a citizen of Indonesia because he was enrolled in an Indonesian school yet this had to be.

Not only is obama NOT a natural born citizen obama is actually a citizen of Indonesia now or has become a naturalized citizen and is hiding this fact claiming he is a US citizen.

This is why it is critical that obama be exposed as an IMPOSTER.) Story reports
Army Major General (Ret) Jerry Curry a decorated combat veteran has issued statement saying he agrees with Lakin that the President should provide proof of eligibility.

Many of the President’s supporters have encouraged Obama not to release the information claiming it would not silence the critics. Curry dismissed that claim saying the President should say “here it is, you wanted it you got it, now get off my back.”

A recent CNN poll showed that only 42 percent of Americans feel that the President was definitely born in the United States. When asked how he feels the president should respond to the many Americans who have expressed doubt about his eligibility, Curry said as a leader the President should “look the American people in the eye” and say “I am under a cloud because there are some folks that think I am illegitimate. If you will tell me what you think I need to provide to cause you to throw this mess out the window, and to understand that I am legitimate then I will provide what you folks want because the most important thing is this country and carrying out the constitution.”

(58 percent of Americans have doubts as to where obama was born. A majority of American also question obama's identity. Only 42 percent of the respondents said they believed the President was definitely born in the United States while probably in the United States received 29 percent meaning 6 in 10 Americans are uncertain about Obama’s birth.) Story Reports

Major General Paul Vallely has also publically supported Lt. Col. Lakin saying in a radio interview “I think many in the military – and many out of the military – question the natural-birth status of Barack Obama. … I'm not convinced that he's a natural-born

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said those who continued to doubt Obama’s eligibility were guilty of racism saying they want “to destroy this president not because of what he does but because of who he is, not because of where he was born but what his race is when he was born” and wanting to “assassinate him with their lies.”

(Chirs matthews is playing the race card for obama. Anyone who questions obama's citizenship is labeled a racist. Also anyone who questions ANYTHING obama does is labeled a racist. All Americans who doubt obama is a citizen are not doubling obama is a citizen because he claims to be a black man. I and others doubt obama's eligibility because he has NOT provided ANY proff of his US citizenship that can be validated. No hospital name or doctors signature, or parents signatures that can be verified.

Also in senate Resolution S 511 that obama cosponsored it confirms a natural born citizen is a citizen who parents were American citiens at the time of birth.

Only one of obama's parents was a US citizen at his birth. His father was a Kenyan citizen at obama's birth.

Also obama claims that he was a Kenyan citizen until age 22 because his father was a Kenyan citizen.

Obama has admitted he was a DUAL CITIZEN at birth and that only one of his prents was an American citizen at the time of his birth. Again obama admits he is NOT a natural born citizen as the US Constituiton requires to be eligibile as a valid president.

Obama is an IMPOSTER president and has actually admitted this fact by admitting he was a DUAL citizen at birth and admitting a natural born citizen is one born to American citizen(s) at birth as Mcain was.

This is what is amazing to me. Obama has admitted he is a FRAUD and he is defended to this day by those play the race card. Those that defend obama just because he claims to be a black man and don't answer the question, "where is the birth certificate proof that can be validated" are not defending the IMPOSTER in a valid manner.

They know obama has admitted he is an IMPOSTER yet they defend him on the basis of race only. They think the best defence is race bating. It doesn't work.

Americans want to know how obama can be elected president yet he is not a natural born citizen. They want to see a validated long form certificate of live birth with the hospital and doctors names. They want obama to come clean and come out of the shadows.

Be a man obama. Be all that you can be. Shed your dual identity and reveal who you really are. Explain the birth certificate that you say you don't have time to go around with plasted on your forehead.

Explain to America and validate the hospital you were born in. Explain and validate the doctor who signed you certificate of live birth. Explain why you continue to spend thousands of dollars in court costs refusing to reveal your real identity.

I'll explain it, its simple, you are a FRAUD and IMPOSTER!

Could it be all this is really about obama is still an Indonesian citizen or that he is a naturalized citizen?

It could be.

For some reason people seem to get the fact that a naturalized citzen cannot be president.

Also for some reason many people don't get the fact the a anyone who is not a natural born citizen cannot be president.

Note that obama has never mentioned anything about natural born citizenship or naturalized citizenship about himself.

The only office in America that requires that a person be a natural born citizen and not a naturalized citizen is the office of president of the US.

All other offices including senate and house of rep only require that a person be a naturalized citizen.) Story Reports

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