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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ObamaGov Establishing Islam as Official USA State Religion

Australian Islamist Monitor

Islam Under Scrutiny

Australian Islamist Monitor

MURDERED MUSLIM GIRL A muslim "honor" killing
Honor killings, which occur with shocking regularity in certain parts of the MMurdered Muslim Girliddle East and South Asia, target women whose actions – actual or suspected – violate the honor of their family, an honor which is thought to depend on the sexual purity of its female members. Victims are always being killed/slaughtered mercilessly by her own family members. Honor killing is a manifestation of global phenomenon in general and Muslim nations in particular.

This terrible inhumane practice not only exists among the Muslims of the world but in our our country as reported in the news. Most others do not agree with this notion at all; and they try to put the blame on the tribal/cultural practice, and do not consider Islam is anyway responsible for it. In this essay I shall analyze the real issues, cause and origin, and pattern of this heinous act amongst the Muslims of the world to postulate if there is any link, or incitements that originates from the very core of Islam.

What is honor killing?

Honor killing is the bone chilling horrific cruelty committed by the family members—father, mother, brothers, brother-in-laws, even in some cases own sisters also. In this terrible episode the victim is always the daughter/sister or other blood related young women who get killed. Perpetrators are always the family members stated above. Family honor is one of the core values of Arab society. Anything from speaking with an unrelated man, to rumored pre-marital loss of virginity, to an extra-marital affair, refuses forced marriages; marry according to their will; or even women and girls who have been raped—can stain or destroy the family honor. Therefore, family members (parents, brothers, or sisters) kill the victim in order to remove the stain or maintain, and protect the honor of the family. Killers are given light sentences, sometimes with little or no jail time at all. The killers mainly defend their act of murder by referring to the Koran and Islam. Family guardian will say that they are merely following the directives set down in their Islamic ethical beliefs.

These barbaric killings occur only to save the honor of the family, and not for any animosity or for wealth or gold. In 100% of cases—the killers have no animosity, rather they love the girl as their own daughter or sister, but they kill the girl anyway upon their ethical compulsion to save their family honor, or to erase family stigmas. The victims cry, beg for their life but the family members become merciless (out of their ethical prejudices and also religious burden of fear) and kill the victim. After killing family members usually mourn and cry for the victim (usually loving daughter or sister) but feel solace that they have done the right thing to save their family honor.

(Just stop and think a monment about having a neighbor that put his insane practice of "honor" killings about the love and life of his own family. Do you think for one minute he or she would hesitate to kill, mame or murder you, a non muslim, for the "honor" of islam?

This practice of "honor" killing is murder and is an insane concept some muslims practice even here in the United States. It has been in the news many times.

How insane is it to morn and cry for the love ones after they have murdered their loved ones for the "honor" of islam!!!!!

The only honor I can see is defending one's self against a person who does not value his own loved ones life above the honor of islam.

There is no honor in murder. People who believe this are viewed as insane.

It does seem insane.

The threat is not being aware of a muslim who believes in murdering his family member is acceptable. The threat we face is believing we are safe with muslims who are taught this insane practice by their religion.) Story Reports

(The blog post is one that should be understood and heeded. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is also the Imam sponsored by the Obama government’s State Department (paid for by the US taxpayer) to engage in a fundraising tour of Muslim countries for the Ground Zero Victory Mosque. This is in effect sponsoring islam as a state run religion. Obama has ordered you and me to pay for a muslim to raise funds for other muslims! Obama is a TRAITOR and should be treated as such. Its almost to late. Wake up America!!!!!!) Story Reports
ObamaGov Establishing Islam as Official USA State Religion

By Sher Zieve

In contradiction to the US Constitution’s First Amendment referencing the prohibition of the US government’s establishment of a State religion, the Obama has decided to institute Islam’s “religion” Muslimism as the US’ first state-sponsored religion. As Islam is first and foremost a governmental/political system–with the “faithful” following its feudal tenets with Muslim worship of Allah–I suspect that the final overthrow of the US government’s Republic will be very soon. And, still no one is stopping the tyrant.

Why do I make these claims? Let’s take a look at what the dictator is now affecting. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is the radical cleric who is spearheading the establishment of the 9/11 Islamic Victory Mosque (and suspected terrorist training center) at ground zero. Rauf is also the Imam sponsored by the Obama government’s State Department (paid for by the US taxpayer) to engage in a fundraising tour of Muslim countries for the Ground Zero Victory Mosque. Suffice it to say, this is illegal under the United States Constitution, as the tyrant is now effectively sponsoring Islam as the official “religion” if not governmental system of the soon-to-be-if-we-don’t-stop-him former United States of America.

No US President has sponsored a state-run religion. But, Islamist Usurper-and-Dictator-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama has now done so. Interestingly, since the Obama seizure of the White House, Muslims are allowed to pray when and where they will, while Christians are denied prayer or even the mention of Jesus more and more. This is what Islam does. It replaces and dominates, conquers and crushes every other religion and government system. And it now has a friend and fellow Muslim in the White House. Obama celebrates the Islamic holiday of Ramadan while shunning the Christian National Day of Prayer. At The Obama’s speeches from the White House, there are now fewer and fewer times that the United States flag is present. Note: Other than itself, Islam recognizes no form of government or national sovereignty. Islamic Shari’a law is already being established on the State, if not federal, court level and new Obama SCOTUS Associate Justice Elena Kagan supports it.

Aiding and abetting the Obama & Co criminal enterprise, the mainstream press (aka the ObamaMedia) largely refuses to report on any of these treasonous (that’s High Treason) actions. And it appears that the now being-replaced-by-only-Obama & Co Congressional members don’t care that they’re been pushed aside, as long as they can continue to steal from We-the-People and enrich themselves. After OUR country has been destroyed and Americans are in the chains of slavery (either figurative or literal), We-the-People will have no more power over our own lives. And Dhimmitude (the Islamic system of subjugating, controlling and extraordinarily taxing non-Muslim populations) will have been firmly established. Historically, Islam was heavily involved with the African slave-trade and still practices it, today, in both Sudan and Mauritania. Like Marxism, Islam is a patently feudal system. The rulers (Imams in Islam) are at the top and the serfs (the people) are at the bottom. There is little-to-nothing in-between; hence Obama’s obsession with the destruction of the US middle class.

Again, either We-the-People wake up fully to what is happening to our country and way of life and end the tyranny that is already upon us, or prepare ourselves for death or imprisonment. This is the truth and reality that the leftist media still refuse to report. And until they are directly and adversely affected, they won’t. It’s our choice.

Do we fight or submit? That’s all that we have remaining, folks–that choice and prayer.

Oh and by the way, the shout of “Allah Akbar” does not mean “God is great.” Rather, it means “Our God is greater [than yours].” Still think they worship the same God as do Jews and Christians? Better think again.
(This is what these crazed devils yell just before they kill themselves and others. What kind of GOD do muslims worship? A GOD who condones murder for the promise of 72 virgins.

The Palestinian and Moslem homicide/suicide bombers from the Islamic Jihad, Hamas, and Arafat's terrorist groups that blow themselves up are promised 72 virgins when they reach heaven.

People who believe killing and murder for the sake of their religion and "salvation" are a threat to any sane person. Obama is no different.)
Story Reports

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