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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Michelle Obama Is A Lair As Is Her Husband

Michelle Obama Is A liar As Is Her Husband.

I have attended 4 tea party rallys. I hear nothing about racial slurs. I saw no signs about racism. Michelle obama is a liar. Michel obama is a racist as is her husband. Their only hope is to play the race card. She as some other scan only race bate. The NAACP is a racist organization itself. Is like the KKK of black organizations.

Michelle Obama Rouses NAACP Before Vote Condemning 'Racist' Elements of Tea Party
Tea Party Leaders Say Political Motivation Driving NAACP Agenda

First Lady Michelle Obama brought renewed energy to the NAACP today, delivering the keynote speech at the annual convention one day before the nation's largest civil rights group is expected to condemn what it calls racist elements in the Tea Party movement.

The nation's largest and oldest civil rights organization will vote on the resolution Tuesday during its annual convention in Kansas City, Mo.

In her speech, the first lady focused on the issue of childhood obesity and her "Let's Move" initiative, but outside of her remarks, anti-Tea Party activism has been a key focus of the gathering, which conservative leaders say is driven solely by a political agenda.

Tea Party members have used "racial epithets," have verbally abused black members of Congress and threatened them, and protestors have engaged in "explicitly racist behavior" and "displayed signs and posters intended to degrade people of color generally and President Barack Obama specifically," according to the proposed resolution.

"We're deeply concerned about elements that are trying to move the country back, trying to reverse progress that we've made," NAACP spokeswoman Leila McDowell told ABC News. "We are asking that the law-abiding members of the Tea Party repudiate those racist elements, that they recognize the historic and present racist elements that are within the Tea Party movement."

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, in coordination with 170 other groups, including labor unions, is planning a protest march in Washington, D.C., Oct. 10 as the next step in building momentum against the Tea Party.

Black nationalist are racists. Obama and michelle are black nationalists.

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