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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Serve America Act Or (Obama/Hitler Youth Corps)


Notice how every youth "praises" obama by saying, because of obama over and over. The youth also recite obama lies about his obamacare health plan. This "plan" in reality is but a stepping stone to seize power as hitler did. Watching this video gives me chills.

Rick Warren Urges Followers To Emulate Hitler Youth. Rick Warren is one of many conduits obama uses to deceive the masses. This also sends chills through me. I know what these false teachers are doing. Deceiving and being decived.

"Serve America Act" (Obama/Hitler Youth Corps)

"Serve America Act" (Obama/Hitler Youth Corps)H R 1388 The Obama team is sending campaign volunteers to your neighborhoods to get residents to sign a "Pledge of Allegiance" to Obama's plans. This is similar to what hitler did.

What is disturbing about this bill is that is creates a "quasi" military civilian force. The bill provides that "Section 151 (42 U.S.C. 12611) is amended to read as follows:

‘‘SEC. 151. PURPOSE.
‘‘It is the purpose of this subtitle to authorize the operation of, and support for, residential and other service programs that combine the best practices of civilian service with the best aspects of military service, including leadership and team building, to meet national and community needs. The needs to be met under such programs include those needs related to—
‘‘(1) natural and other disasters;
‘‘(2) infrastructure improvement;
‘‘(3) environmental stewardship and conservation;
‘‘(4) energy conservation; and
‘‘(5) urban and rural development.’’

Obama like hitler starts creating his "youth corps" to not serve America but to serve obama in his quest to seize control of the USA.


The effective date of the bill is Oct. 1, 2009 and some $5.7 Billion of your money will be used to fund it initially for the first 5 years.

In the House, the bill was known as H.R. 1388 - the Orwellian-named "Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education" Act ("G.I.V.E." Act), but, the name was changed in the Senate to the "Sen. Ted Kennedy Serve America Act." As a compromise, the Senate stripped the "mandatory" provisions from the House version of this Bill, but, the "mandatory" provisions have already surfaced in a stand-alone bill, H.R. 1444, sponsored by "Baghdad Jim" McDermott (D-WA), to create a commission to study whether to make such "volunteer" service "Mandatory."

Sec. 1101.(16)of the bill provides that a purpose is to "increase public and private investment in nonprofit community organizations that are effectively addressing national and local challenges and encourage such organizations to replicate and expand successful initiatives." Hmmm... "non-profit community organizations effectively addressing local challenges..." - can you say ACORN, anyone?
The bill further provides that anyone participating in the program cannot teach religious instruction even while on weekends. The bill declares the following activities to be prohibited: "Sec. 1310... (7) Engaging in religious instruction, conducting worship services, providing instruction as part of a program that includes mandatory religious instruction or worship, constructing or operating facilities devoted to religious instruction or worship, maintaining facilities primarily or inherently devoted to religious instruction or worship, or engaging in any form of proselytization, consistent with section 132." On its face, this prohibition would extend to anyone participating in the program who might teach a Sunday School class, for example. "Engaging in any form of proselytization" is prohibited which means that a "volunteer" may not discuss God or Christ with anyone else for fear of being accused of "any form of proselytization."

What is further disturbing about this bill is that is creates a "quasi" military civilian force. The bill provides that "Section 151 (42 U.S.C. 12611) is amended to read as follows:
‘‘SEC. 151. PURPOSE.
‘‘It is the purpose of this subtitle to authorize the operation of, and support for, residential and other service programs that combine the best practices of civilian service with the best aspects of military service, including leadership and team building, to meet national and community needs. The needs to be met under such programs include those needs related to—
‘‘(1) natural and other disasters;
‘‘(2) infrastructure improvement;
‘‘(3) environmental stewardship and conservation;
‘‘(4) energy conservation; and
‘‘(5) urban and rural development.’’

The details are not worked out in this bill, but, rather regulations are left to be further developed to define the roles more clearly. The devil is in the details, for which regulations will be drafted by the chief administrator of this program. Remember, Obama previously stated he wanted a Civilian Service Corps with power equal to that of the military. By the time he is done with this bill, and the as-yet-unwritten regulations, that is the program that he will impose. Remember, too, that written regulations are not necessarily enforced - for example, ACORN is supposedly a non-partisan 501(c)(3) organization that does not endorse any candidate. Hah! This Youth Corps will become Obama's Youth Brigade. One of the purposes of the bill is to bring "disadvantaged youth" into this Youth Corps providing them with jobs. The Obama Youth Corps is coming to a neighborhood near you.

Another aspect of this bill is to "provide data collection for 'Civic Health Assessment." The question is, "Why would such a quasi military group collect such data?" Sec. 1608 of the bill provides, inter alia:
"SPONSORED DATA COLLECTION. —In identifying the civic
health indicators for the Civic Health Assessment, and
obtaining data for the Assessment, the partnership may sponsor
the collection of data for the Assessment or for the various
civic health indicators being considered for inclusion in the
Assessment, including indicators related to—
‘‘(A) volunteering and community service;
‘‘(B) voting and other forms of political and civic
‘‘(C) charitable giving;
‘‘(D) connecting to civic groups and faith-based
‘‘(E) interest in employment, and careers, in public
service in the nonprofit sector or government;
‘‘(F) understanding and obtaining knowledge of United
States history and government; and
‘‘(G) social enterprise and innovation.
the Bureau of the Census and the Commissioner of Labor
Statistics shall collect annually, to the extent practicable, data
to inform the Civic Health Assessment, and shall report data
from such collection to the partnership. In determining the
data to be collected, the Director and the Commissioner shall
examine privacy issues, response rates, and other relevant
‘‘(3) SOURCES OF DATA.—To obtain data for the Civic Health
Assessment, the partnership shall consider—
‘‘(A) data collected through public and private sources...". From what "private sources" would these "volunteers" be collecting data??

What is clear is that this bill is not merely an expansion in numbers volunteers of Americorps, but, rather, it is a sweeping broadening of a civilian para-military/community organizing force that Adolf Hitler could admire. And Obama accomplished this based upon only a smile, the smile of a false messiah. As you are reading this, the Obama team is sending campaign volunteers to your neighborhoods to get residents to sign a "Pledge of Allegiance" to Obama's plans, taking names and addresses of those who won't make the pledge. In that regard, Obama has told those Democrats who have wavered on supporting his budget that he is "keeping score" - Good ol' Chicago-style politics has come to the White House!

(This is an obama youth bill that will mirror obama. Hitler had a similar program as he worked to take complete control. Obama is a modern day hitler because he requires adoration of the youth in the form of a miliary/youth corps trained in his image to do his bidding. Obama will groom youth to obey him as the supreme ruler without question. Later i'm sure there will be an obama type of ss etc. Obama is a FRAUD and a hidden danger to all. He is a snake in the grass as was hitler.)

You Lie Obama Joe Wilson Was Correct


I walked down main street USA with this sign. It made 3 people yell at me. One asked, "And what did george bush do the last 8 years?" Another said, obama didn't lie about health care. Another group yelled "go obama". I thought, ya "go to hell obama". I didn't notice anyone else being yelled at. I think it was because I was speaking the truth about obama. This is what we all need to be doing. It seems the left must respond because they just can't stand the truth to be spoken or published in public. I also passed someone who said, "At least you would think they could spell correct." I wanted to say, at least you know how to read but do you believe obama is a liar? Many people just want any opposition to obama to be silent. Other people only want to be "politically correct for various reasons"

The politically correct way to not offend anyone.

(1) Don't offend anyone or speak your mind.
(2) Never raise your voice in opposition.
(3) Be nice and agree with others even though you don't agree.
(4) If you don't want others to dislike you because you act like an individual, then don't.
(5) Always use talking points to challenge others but never debate the issues.
(6) Believe all that the government tells you.
(7) Don't check your "facts" just repeat what you hear or read.
(8) Don't question authority, expecially if the authority is the first black president.
(9) Above all, never think for yourself, allow others to do your thinking for you.
(10) Don't get over concerned about issues especially if it will affect you personally.
(11) Act like you are above it all and ignore the truth. Then you to become a liar.

Because I protested according to the government I am a "low level terrorist". I guess the government is trying to silence the opposition by intimidating me and telling me if I protest homeland security will classify me. We the people must not be silent, for if we the people are silent when threatened by the "government", the radical left wing terrorists now in congress and the "whitehouse" will continue to destroy the USA and enslave any opposition. Once obama gains enough control he and congress will silence talk radio and personal protests if it is opposition to the obama radical agenda.

I also held my sign up to a black policeman. I said," Free speech, its wonderful". He said, "It is, just have yourself a good ole time." I was thinking, wow this guy sounded sincere. We better just "have ourselves a good ole time" while we can because if obama and congress get their way the "good ole times" will end soon.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Mistake, The Evidence, Obama is NOT a constitutional president!

The top pic contains no reference to obama being legally qualified and this was sent to state dnc offices. The middle pic is the original dnc official certification of nomination signed at the dnc convention. These are two different documents. The bottom pic was sent to the SC election commission from the SC state dnc party certifying not obama as a legal candidate under the US constitution but a general statement that all dnc candidates in the state of SC are legal or will be legal by the general election date. The state dnc was relying on a document sent from the national dnc that provided no statement that obama was legally qualified to be president. The same dnc document, missing the certification, was sent to all 50 states. All 50 states relied on their state dnc parties to certifiy obama was a legal candidate. NO CERTIFICATION WAS PROVIDED OR GIVEN IN ALL 50 STATES!!!! (OBAMA IS A FRAUD)
In South Carolina the SC dnc sent a letter to the SC election Commission. Quote: "The South Carolina Democratic Party Certifies that each candidate meets or will meet by the time of the general election, or as otherwise required by law, the qualifications for the office for which he/she has filed".

Why did Hawaii get a different dnc certification? Leo Donofrio and I want to know

dnc pdf Minus obama certification of any kind

This is a general statement about all the dnc candidates. It in no way certifies obama as a candidate according to the US Constitution because the DNC offical Certification of nomination sent to individual state party chairmen did not include the following: (The reference to Obama’s constitutional eligibility was missing) also the text certifying that Barack Hussein Obama was “legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution” had been removed from the document sent to the 50 states. Compare the proper legal text used on the DNC Party “Official Certification of Nomination” document and a very similar document the DNC delivered to fifty state DNC offices that leaves out the following: “- and that the following candidates for President and Vice President of the United States are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution.”

The Mistake, The Evidence,obama is NOT a constitutional president!

See this ground breaking evidence herePelosi and dnc did not certify obama and Joe Biden, then-candidate for vice president, "are legally qualified to serve under the provisions of the United States Constitution."

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Will We All Be Domestic Terrorists S1317

S. 1317 (Lautenberg): This bill would allow the Attorney General to deny the purchase of a firearm pursuant to an Instantcheck (or a permit which would allow a person to by-pass the Instantcheck) if he “suspect[s]” that the person has been engaged in conduct “related to terrorism” and the Attorney General has a “reasonable belief” that the firearm might be used in connection with terrorism. The Attorney General is specifically permitted to withhold any information concerning his “reasonable belief.” Take into consideration, in evaluating the application of this bill, that DHS in 2009 circulated an advisory attempting to link mainline Second Amendment and pro-life groups to “terrorism” -- and a number of recent newspaper commentaries have argued that groups like GOA and the NRA are, in some way, responsible for criminal acts recently committed in Pittsburgh and Wichita.

In other words the government can deny your purchase of a weapon for any reason and not explain why. This is a direct assault on the 2nd ammendment and US Constitution by obama.

Will We All Be ‘Domestic Terrorists’?- S. 1317
1776. Reborn.
Friday, August 21, 2009
Will We All Be ‘Domestic Terrorists’?- S. 1317

Got this blast from the, “Citizens Committee For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms”:

Obama and the White House are looking the other way as Lautenberg seeks to ban guns from 1,000,000 US citizens on a secret FBI terrorist watch list. Obama has deliberately and repeatedly lied to America’s 90 million gun owners across the country when he insisted that he would not try to take away anyone’s firearms. Now Obama’s silence endorses Lautenberg’s latest attempt at banning guns.

Lautenberg has now introduced bill S. 1317 that would give the attorney general the discretion to block gun sales to people on terror watch lists. We must defeat this bill from giving extraordinary powers to limit gun sales to the Attorney General.

How you ask? Trial by innuendo and misinformation that has put 1,000,000 Americans and maybe even you on a terrorist watch list without your knowledge by saying: people placed on this government’s terrorist watch list can be stopped from getting on a plane or getting a visa, and will also be stopped from buying a gun.

S1317 Gun Grab Bill

S. 1317 would:

To increase public safety by permitting the Attorney General to deny the transfer of firearms or the issuance of firearms and explosives licenses to known or suspected dangerous terrorists.

On a surface level, it sound’s reasonable. Denying weapons to terrorists. Most reasonable people would agree that sounds like a good idea. The problem is that the devil is in the details and S. 1317 is amending a section of the Patriot Act that defines “terrorism”.

S. 1317 amends a section 2331 of the Patriot Act which defines terrorism as the following:

International Terrorism- Involve violent acts or acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State, or that would be a criminal violation if committed within the jurisdiction of the United States or of any State; appear to be intended-(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and occur primarily outside the territorial jurisdiction of the United States, or transcend national boundaries in terms of the means by which they are accomplished, the persons they appear intended to intimidate or coerce, or the locale in which their perpetrators operate or seek asylum.

Domestic Terrorism- involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State; appear to be intended-(i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or
(iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.

Domestic terrorism then, as defined by the government, is intimidation or coercion to affect the conduct of large groups of people. By this definition obama is a terrorist!

The problem is that the government is not limiting it’s labeling of people as ’terrorists’ to just those who would, “affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination or kidnapping”.

There is legitimate concern that abuse of the ‘No-Fly’ list would greatly accelerate once public acceptance of the extremely secretive list becomes main steam.

As it stands today, protesters are terrorists. Constitutionalists are terrorists. Ron Paul supporters, anti-abortion activists, anti-New World Order and North American Union people are all ‘domestic terrorists’.

According to the government I am a terrorist because I have protested at several rallies against obama policies. I also am anti-abortion, anti-new world order and against the north american union crap.

The government considers anyone who protests against it a terrorist. This is NAZI type control. This bill is not about protecting Americans but enslaving Americans to the comming dictatorship of obama!

In fact, most mainstream opposition to the administration of President Barack Obama can find some aspect of their political beliefs labeled as ‘domestic terrorism’ according the DHS ‘Rightwing Extremism’ and MIAC ‘Modern Militia’ reports. There is no evidence that the government is actively putting the targets of the DHS and MIAC reports on the ‘No-Fly’ list. However, it is clear; President Barack Obama is using the full power of the Department of Homeland Security in an attempt to chill free speech.

Who is Obama An Idiot or a Facist

Who is Obama An Idiot or a Facist

One day obama appears to act like an idiot. The next day he acts like a facist. He appears to have a dual personality. In recognition of this attribute I present Resident Doubtfire.



A photo from a reader who just returned from his first visit to Castroland

The Real Cuba

An e-mail and a photo from a reader who just returned from his first visit to Castroland: "My God, I have just returned from my first visit to Cuba. I am SO sorry for what Fidel Castro has done to this beautiful country and people. I visited a hospital in his home town of Santiago and could not believe my eyes, it was disgusting. I could never imagine my parents or family having to endure a night in that shithole with cockroaches. What has this man done to this beautiful country and people? I thought S. Africa was bad enough but the real poverty and what I saw defies description, I was truly angered , frustrated and really saddened. F.C should be ashamed of himself. I cannot sleep without thinking of all those poor people left to their own devices, hardly any food, vegetables, fruit. I saw the REAL Cuba as I have a Cuban friend but I am sure most tourists do not even have a clue what is happening there. 20 Oct 2008.T.T"



One of the greatest fallacies about the so called 'Cuban Revolution' has to do with healthcare.

Foreigners who visit Cuba, are fed the official line from Castro's propaganda machine: "All Cubans are now able to receive excellent healthcare, which is also free." But the truth is very different. Castro has built excellent health facilities for the use of foreigners, who pay with hard currency for those services.

Argentinean soccer star Maradona, for example, has traveled several times to Cuba to receive treatment to combat his drug addiction. But Cubans are not even allowed to visit those facilities. Cubans who require medical attention must go to other hospitals, that lack the most minimum requirements needed to take care of their patients.

In addition, most of these facilities are filthy and patients have to bring their own towels, bed sheets, pillows, or they would have to lay down on dirty bare mattresses stained with blood and other body fluids.

SALLY MELCHER JARVIS, Correspondent reveals the truth about "cuban health care"

Catching A Cold In Cuba By SALLY MELCHER JARVIS, Correspondent

Trip to beautiful island offers harsh lessons about shortages of medicine, food and transportation

Sunday News

Published: Dec 30, 2007 12:08 AM EST

HAVANA, CUBA - It wasn't much of a cold; just the kind that would get better by itself in a week. In the meantime it was a nuisance with a cough and stuffy nose. A little over-the-counter remedy would help.

It was November 2007. We were in Havana, the capital of Cuba, with a humanitarian group organized by the North Museum of Natural History & Science. Our role was to bring medical and school supplies in our suitcases. Americans are allowed in Cuba; they aren't permitted to spend any money there. We prepaid for our trip including every meal and tip.

There were no over-the-counter remedies to be had. I asked the guide what Cubans did if they had a cold. The guide said that a Cuban would go to the doctor — a visit free of charge — who would write a prescription for aspirin. However, there would be no way to fill the prescription.

We visited a pharmacy later in the trip. Behind the counter five well-dressed Cuban women waited to serve, but the shelves were empty. The only items in sight were the monthly ration of sanitary napkins, 10 permitted per Cuban woman per month.

I then understood the value of the over-the-counter medical supplies we had brought to a Catholic charity.

It was like being in a dream where two different things can happen at the same time. We were in a two-tier system: one for the privileged (tourists, for example) and the other for those who lived and worked in socialist Cuba.

Our luxurious state-owned hotel was closed to Cubans, except for those who worked there. A Cuban could not even come in for a meal.

There were two levels of money. One, the CUC, was used by foreign tourists and convertible to other currencies. The other, the peso, was for Cubans, and worth 5 percent of the "better" currency.

There were two levels of stores, one that took pesos and another that took CUC money. The peso stores had very little to sell. The stores for CUC money were marginally better. Even a modest chain store in the United States could outshine the "better" store.

There certainly were no traffic jams. With few privately owned cars and limited public transportation, many people rely on hitchhiking. In one five-mile stretch of a major highway I counted 20 people hoping for rides. In the same five-mile stretch the traffic consisted of one taxi, one bus, one pedestrian, two horse-drawn carts, three motorcycles, seven cars, 11 bicycles and 13 pickup trucks. This included both sides of the four-lane highway. About 15 percent are 1950s-era American cars still using leaded gas.

Coupons are given out each month for food such as coffee and rice. The coupons run out after two weeks, so it is necessary to buy food with the monthly salary. Food at the farmers' market is expensive. So if a person does not use the coffee ration, that coffee is traded for something else

On balance, we saw no people sleeping in doorways. We learned that there was 95 percent literacy. There was no rent to pay, no medical insurance needed — but no aspirin.

Cuba is a beautiful country with limestone soil as rich as Lancaster County and a mild climate year-round. The people are friendly, well-dressed and polite. Havana is a stunning Spanish colonial city with tree-lined plazas and colonnaded homes. If only the windows were not patched, the pillars rotted and the faded walls stained with mildew. The government has restored a number of homes, but the overall effect is one of decay.

The decay and lack of merchandise are blamed on the American embargo, in place since 1960. One wall poster in a cigar factory called the American embargo "genocide." Our country's story in Cuba is not an admirable one. Still, I wondered if a socialist government in 50 years could not come up with something better for its people.

It was depressing to see attractive and intelligent people restricted and denied opportunity in such an appealing land only 90 miles away from our country.

The accident of birth has put me in a free country and I have never been so grateful.


Cubam Free Health Care Or Nationalized Health Care

Government Controlled Health Care Means Waiting Lines, Serious Drawbacks..something called QUEUING

President Obama said that the government is going to "fix what is broken about health care in America." It sounds like a great idea, but often what sounds good has intended consequences.

When the government takes over you may not get the care and breakthroughs you need to save your life. It will depend on queuing.

"The only way they can get costs down under a government-run system is to control the amount of money that is spent on health care," says Sally Pipes of the Pacific Research Institute, who was born in Canada, and is wary about government taking the reins of health care in the U.S. "We are going to have denied care, lack of access to the latest technology, and long waiting lists, just like people do in Canada and Great Britain," she warns.

The Top Ten Things People Believe About Canadian Health Care, But Shouldn't

Health 'Reformers' Ignore Facts Sally Pipes

Reducing costs means rationing the care of those who currently have private insurance and Medicare. Its all an obama lie. Don't believe the liar obama.

In those countries, the government pays for all health care, and bureaucrats put limits on spending in order to control costs. They determine how much doctors can be reimbursed and put caps on the amount of money that can be spent on treatments.

The result of all this cost-cutting? People wait for care.

In England, shortages of dentists have caused hundreds of people to wait in line just for an appointment. The queues can be so long that some people have resorted to pulling out their own rotting teeth, using vodka and pliers as tools. One British hospital even tried to save money by not changing bed sheets. Instead of washing them, a British newspaper reported that the staff was encouraged to simply turn the sheets over. At any given time in Great Britain, there are over half a million people waiting to get into a hospital for treatments.

But Obama has said he doesn't want a government takeover of health care.

"When you hear the naysayers claim that I'm trying to bring about government-run health care," he told the American Medical Association last week, "know this -- they're not telling the truth." Obama is again proved to be a liar. Obama gives no specifics of the obamacare plan. He knows it is a "deathcare plan".


OBAMA YOU LIE! Rep Joe Wilson SC Tells The Truth

Suppport Congressman Joe Wilson by contributing to his reelection campaign.

Click Here to contribute to Rep Joe Wilson SC

'YOU LIE!' OBAMARep Joe Wilson Exposes Obama the FRAUD! Remember its not about health care, its about centralized complete control of your life and freedom in the 1100 page house bill doublespeak no matter what it morphs into!
Congressional Research Service CRS Report for Congress Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress Treatment of Noncitizens in H.R. 3200 (THIS PROVES OBAMA IS A CHRONIC LIAR ABOUT HEALTH CARE
For federal tax purposes, alien individuals are classified as resident or nonresident aliens. In general, an individual is a nonresident alien unless he or she meets the qualifications under a residency test. Thus, legal permanent residents, and noncitizens and UNAUTHORIZED ALIENS who qualify as resident aliens (i.e., meet the substantialpresence test), WOULD BE REQUIRED under H.R. 3200 to have health insurance. In addition, under H.R. 3200, a “Health Insurance Exchange” would begin operation in 2013 and (Unauthorized aliens are ILLEGAL ALIENS)
H.R. 3200 includes an individual mandate to have health insurance, with tax penalties for noncompliance. Individuals who do not maintain acceptable health insurance coverage forthemselves and their children would be required to pay an additional tax. Some individuals, including nonresident aliens, would be exempt from the individual mandate. “Nonresident alien” is a term under tax but not immigration law.
Congressional Research Service CRS Report for Congress Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress Treatment of Noncitizens in H.R. 3200 (THIS PROVES OBAMA IS A CHRONIC LIAR ABOUT HEAL CARE

Listen To Joe Wilson Explain ObamaCare Here

OBAMA YOU LIE! Non Resident Aliens Are Illegal Aliens and obama provides for their free health care on PDF page 170 of the house bill and the Congressional Research Service CRS Report for Congress, Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress, Treatment of Noncitizens in H.R. 3200 (THIS PROVES OBAMA IS A CHRONIC LIAR ABOUT HEAL CARE. Congressman Joe Wilson was correct to call you a LIAR

A HERO! South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson shouted "You lie" after Obama said extending health care to all Americans would not mean insuring illegal immigrants. Wilson appeared to consult his Blackberry for much of the rest of Obama's speech. He shook his head defiantly after several of the president's statements. When Obama finished, Wilson bolted from the chamber.

Wilson speaks for American's who believe obama is a liar. Wilson spoke the TRUTH. Obama is a deciever as is pelosi, michelle obama, mccain, and others who are silent allowing when obama speaks lies about health care.

Obamacare does provide free health care for illegals. He calls them "non resident aliens" which is ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!! THIS MEANS OBAMA IS A LIAR!!!!

The bills are not "designed to provide health insurance to illegal immigrants," but they will do so nonetheless. As Jim Edwards and Jon Feere demonstrate in some detail, the supposed bar on illegal aliens getting subsidies is inadequate: The bar applies only to one section of the bill; there's no requirement that applicants' eligibility be verified as is the case with other welfare programs, and the Democrats specifically rejected amendments to require verification.

I thought it was an interesting avoidance of the word “alien”...which was more fitting than “immigrant”. Immigrant usually means that the guy has come to live here permanently and has some kind of visa....whether temp or permanent.

Then there’s this simplicity of ensuring the public. The White House team can simply write one additional page on top of the 1,000 already written, and say that no non-citizen or immigrant without a permanent visa can have any part of the universal health care package. It would take you and me about four minutes to write such a brief two-paragraph item to insert.

Doublespeak is the same as lying. When obama speaks he speaks doublespeak.

ObamaCare Huuse Bill

Let me prove obama is a LIAR as Joe Wilson said.

Obama the extraordinary lair also said the plan does not provide health insurance to illegal aliens, it does not represent a government takeover of health care and it would not lead to government funding of abortion. ALL THIS IS PROVIDED FOR IN THE HOUSE BILL

My answer.

• Page 50: All non-US citizens, illegal or not, will be provided with free healthcare services.

Page 50 of PDF
22 (a) IN GENERAL.—Except as otherwise explicitly per
23 mitted by this Act and by subsequent regulations con
24 sistent with this Act, all health care and related services
25 (including insurance coverage and public health activities)

Page 51 of PDF
1 covered by this Act shall be provided without regard to
2 personal characteristics extraneous to the provision of
3 high quality health care or related services.

• Page 91: Government mandates linguistic infrastructure for services; translation: illegal aliens

• Page 170: Any NON-RESIDENT alien is exempt from individual taxes (Americans will pay for them).

Page 170 Of PDF House Bill
1 ‘‘(2) NONRESIDENT ALIENS.—Subsection (a)
2 shall not apply to any individual who is a non-
3 resident alien

1 ‘‘(2) NONRESIDENT ALIENS.—Subsection (a)
2 shall not apply to any individual who is a non
3 resident alien.
5 STATES.—Any qualified individual (as defined in
6 section 911(d)) (and any qualifying child residing
7 with such individual) shall be treated for purposes of
8 this section as covered by acceptable coverage during
9 the period described in subparagraph (A) or (B) of
10 section 911(d)(1), whichever is applicable.
12 OF THE UNITED STATES.—Any individual who is a
13 bona fide resident of any possession of the United
14 States (as determined under section 937(a)) for any
15 taxable year (and any qualifying child residing with
16 such individual) shall be treated for purposes of this
17 section as covered by acceptable coverage during
18 such taxable year.
20 ‘‘(A) IN GENERAL.—Subsection (a) shall
21 not apply to any individual (and any qualifying
22 child residing with such individual) for any pe23
riod if such individual has in effect an exemp24
tion which certifies that such individual is a
25 member of a recognized religious sect or divi-
resident alien.

Executive Order 13489. Obama bans access to his records first day in office

Obama unlike chester arthur has revealed to the world he was a dual citizen at birth. See Leo Donofrio blog

The main point is obama was a DUAL CITIZEN AT BIRTH by his OWN ADMISSION. Upon his birth Obama was subject to a foreign power and STILL IS!

Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the US Constitution requires that the President be a natural born citizen. The word “born” refers to the status of the President at the time of his birth, not any other time. Barack Obama was born to a father who was not a US citizen at the time he was born. Therefore Obama should not legally be President under the Constitution.

The fact that obama hides his original birth certificate and any other documentation is further evidence he is a FRAUD. The key evidence has been exposed by obama himself, by his own admission he was a citizen of kenya until age 21 because at birth his father was a kenyan citizen. The Supreme Court and Congress have ignored this fact and have continued to let our nation be governed by a FRAUD who has deceived the American public. Many legal challenges were filed before obama took office. They were all ignored or thrown out. Why? I think the system has no means of vetting a presidential candidate before they are elected. Most states rely entirely on the DNC or RNC to vet the qualifications of the candidate including their citizenship. It is a rubber stamp process. No real vetting. If obama or mccain had been made to verify their citizenship both would have failed. Obama to this date has produced no legal documentation proving he is a US citizen.

He has produced a statement he was a dual citizen at birth. Hawaii especially has a flawed method of documenting anyone as a US citizen because in Hawaii any person could have been born out of the US and obtained a "certification of live birth" later promoting them as a US citizen, when in fact they were born out of the US and the only documentaton required from Hawaii was a relative or friend applying for a "certificate of live birth" with only a statment from the relative or friend required to obtain the phoney document. This is additional evidence obama is a FRAUD. The "certification of live birth" could have been obtained though a scam system in Hawaii. Obama was running a scam from birth because of Hawaiian law.

To sum it up again: Obama is a FRAUD because: (1) He was a dual citizen at birth by his own admission. (2) He will not reveal his true identity by obtaining his original birth certificate from Hawaii for publication. (3) He signed an executive order his first day in office 13489 to hide any documentation proving or disproving he is a FRAUD. On the one hand he admits he is a FRAUD because of his dual citizenship at birth and on the other he hides the fact he is a fraud by concealing any and all his records that would indicate who he really is. Its like doublespeak about his citizenship. The state run media, supreme court, congress and of course the executive branch all are HIDING THE TRUTH OBAMA IS A FRAUD AND NOT QUALIFIED TO BE PRESIDENT.

Money talks in the form of george soros who shapes government policy through payoffs to congress and his other "network of foundations" to manipulate public opinion and promote the SCAM OF OBAMA. The IDIOT al gore said, "there is no controlling authority". This is not true. Because the "controlling authority" is bought off or intimidated through various means, such as mass media control of news the SCAM will continue. Congress has been "bought off". We the people are now required to protest in the streets to counter the scam in the state controlled media. The state controlled media and obama portrays peaceful ordinary citizen protests of any kind as, right wing extremist racists. Racists because we disagree with a "black man" scam artist and extremists because we are members of the NRA or oppose abortion etc. Obama has been shown to be a racist because he "plays the race card" if anyone condems him or raises their voice to declare he is a FRAUD and SCAM artist.

(I have noticed because the above facts cannot be refuted the left wing radical extremists resort to talking over you when you speak the truth or will intentionally distort the facts to confuse the issue. They will accuse you of exactly what they are doing to distort the facts. Talk radio is their NEMESIS, an opponent that cannot be beaten or overcome. Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and other local talk radio hosts expose the scam of obama daily. Blogs like this present the facts. The cess pool of the state run media distorts the facts or on purpose does not publish anything but talking points. The whitewash prsented by the national media only promotes the FRAUD obama. Don't call it the whitehouse call it the whitewash.)

Executive Order 13489. Obama bans access to his records first day in office

Obama overturned all provisions in the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that allows for public inquiry and retrieval of the President’s personal records for purposes of vetting after taking office.

FOIA was amended by George W. Bush late in is Presidency to include public inquiry and retrieval of the President’s personal records, as if knowing Obama may not be qualified, thus giving the public access to his records after taking office.

From the Executive Order text: 13489

Upon receipt of a notice of intent to disclose Presidential records, the Attorney General (directly or through the Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel) and the Counsel to the President shall review as they deem appropriate the records covered by the notice and consult with each other, the Archivist, and such other executive agencies as they deem appropriate concerning whether invocation of executive privilege is justified.

(b) The Attorney General and the Counsel to the President, in the exercise of their discretion and after appropriate review and consultation under subsection (a) of this section, may jointly determine that invocation of executive

privilege is not justified. The Archivist shall be notified promptly of any such determination. What this says, is that only the Attorney General and Council to the President, are able to review records’ requests and determine if they can be made public or not (what they deem appropriate).

Did you know Eric Holder is a personal close-friend of Obama’s? Eric Holder was even on his campaign when usurping for Presidency. Eric has stated himself that he shares Obama’s same views on the “World” and “Race”.

In effect, what this order does is over-turn the previous executive order by Bush, that Presidential records can be made publicly available through the Freedom of Information Act.

EO 13489 PDF

Winds Of Civil War: Driven Marxist Attempt To Conquer USA..A possibility.

Threatened With Military Challenges
February 22nd, 2009 Posted By Pat Dollard.

Now I’m going to run with a theory.

So, what if Obama, Soros and Emanuel understand fully that our current, sudden, violent lurch into Socialism will not be tolerated by many to most of the American people, and that these people may possess sufficient physical concentration in order to secede in large territorial chunks, including those already defined by current state borders? They understand that they will be facing a crisis, right? Well, what is a crisis to the current Marxist regime of Obama other than an opportunity? Based on Emanuel’s stated philosophy, one can conclude that he and Obama seek the greatest crisis that they can possibly create. And this is it. Civil war born of broad secession is the Mother of All Crises, and therefor it is the nirvana of all crises. The current regime seeks civil war just as it seeks oxygen and food. And the actions of Abraham Lincoln provide the precise blueprint by which Obama can achieve all of his life ambitions. They provide the map with which he can navigate to the zenith of personal power, the desired destination of every narcissistic psychopath. Yes, he is a dedicated Marxist, but only insofar as Marxism is his chosen vessel to reach his ultimate goal of Absolute Power. He will defend Marxism until the day he dies, for Marxism is the only means by which he can be king, and being king is the only reason for which he lives.

In order to possess long-term dictatorial powers, Obama must recreate America as a Marxist culture and Marxist economy protected by both a limitless intelligence agency and a paramilitary police force. Once these goals are achieved, the traditional military will be preserved to support similar revolutions overseas, and to defend against foreign threats. (Subduing you is his first goal, but not his ultimate one. His brain his already 150 chess moves past the end of the upcoming American civil war. You are but stepping stones. In his mind, he’s already buried you.) Audacious? Yes. The epitome of change? Yes.

Now, how does Obama achieve and maintain the goals laid out in the paragraph above? Implementing Marxism by legislation in a pluralistic democracy is not sufficient to maintain the reigns of both Marxism and a Marxist leader. They can be voted and legislated away. Capitalism can then return as the controlling process of the economy. Any Marxist who let things stand as such would be committing a fatal crime against Marxism. As such, Obama can not let America stand as a pluralistic democracy. If he is to follow his duty to his Allah, one Karl Marx of Germany, he must terminate pluralistic democracy. In order to achieve this, he must first adopt the assumption that this can only be achieved by force. This is a highly convenient assumption, given that in order to maintain a Marxist dictatorship, he has to establish a paramilitary police state, along with a plausible rationale for its existence. There is one swift way to achieve all three goals. Civil war.

All he has to do is create an excuse to wage literal war on those who would oppose him. This allows him to suspend democracy, crush his enemies, and establish a permanent police state, with the excuse to the American people that all of the above were done in order to preserve the Union. (The permanence of the police state will be secured by the slogan “Never Again”.) An updated version of Lincoln’s playbook, through and through.

For Obama, in order to catalyze a civil war, he must first create a crisis of secession or rebellion. He intends to do so via a mix of irresponsible, crisis-creating government, and legislative implementation of the first stages of absolute Marxism. These two will be sufficient to create a rebellion against his government. The rest will follow naturally.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama Doublespeak

We hear and read doublespeak every day, but what, exactly, is doublespeak? Webster's dictionary defines doublespeak with these words: evasive, ambiguous, high-flown language intended to deceive or confuse. Doublespeak is not an accident or a "slip of the tongue." Instead, it is a deliberate, calculated misuse of language.

Specific Attributes of Doublespeak

* misleads............Obama
* distorts reality..........Obama
* pretends to communicate............Obama
* makes the bad seem good..................Obama
* avoids or shifts responsibility.................Obama
* makes the negative appear positive.....................Obama
* creates a false verbal map of the world.......................Obama
* limits, conceals, corrupts, and prevents thought....................Obama
* makes the unpleasant appear attractive or tolerable.......................Obama
* creates incongruity between reality and what is said or not said................Obama

Several forms of doublespeak

Doublespeak can be classified into several different types. Being able to recognize the different forms of doublespeak obama uses can take can help you spot his doublespeak more easily.

words that attempt to soften, hide, or distort reality by putting the thing described into a better light, making the object it describes sound less frightening, less threatening, or less offensive.

Examples of Euphemisms

* categorical inaccuracy or terminological inexactitude: a lie
* constructive dismissal, voluntary severance, vocational relocation, or career assignment and relocation: fired or laid off the job
* senior citizen or the chronologically advantaged: old

jargon specialized language used by a particular professional, trade, or hobby group; this specialized language used in discourse with lay audiences; overly-complex terms used to impress others. Obama uses the teleprompter for this.

Examples of Jargon

* organoleptic analysis: the act of smelling something
* fused silicate: glass
* distributionally conservative notions: conservative economic policies

gobbledygook many long, sophisticated words (think "gobs of words") used in long, convoluted sentences to confuse the audience and hide the real issue of the discourse

Example of Gobbledygook
Here's a classic piece of gobbledygook from Alan Greenspan. (It's OK to laugh when you read this. As Lutz mentions, if we all laughed at statements such as these, perhaps the people making the statements would be forced to quit.)

It is a tricky problem to find the particular calibration in timing that would be appropriate to stem the acceleration in risk premiums created by falling incomes without prematurely aborting the decline in the inflation-generated risk premiums.

inflated language puffed-up, important-sounding words used to give commonplace things and events an elevated, glowing appearance

Examples of Inflated Language

* negative patient care outcome: the patient died
* mental activity at the margins: insanity
* reutilization marketing yard: junkyard

Example of Mixed Doublespeak

Sometimes the line between euphemism, jargon, and inflated language becomes blurred, as the following paragraph taken from Lutz's Doublespeak shows:

Teachers are "educators" these days, or "classroom mangers," or "learning facilitators" who possess effective "instructional delivery skills" which they demonstrate in "microteaching sessions." Teaching is called the "learning process" and learning is called "adjusted behavior." Students don't study, they spend "time on task" in their "learning environment."

When jargon is used to show off to others or to hide meaning or to deceive, that usage is clearly doublespeak. When euphemism is used not to be tactful or polite, but to hide meaning or deceive, that usage is clearly doublespeak. This is the obama forte. David axelrod writes the obama speeches and the dummy obama, a person secretly in the service of another, deceives the general public about nationalized health care.

Doublespeak Corrupts Thought

The language we hear and use in our everyday lives influences us and helps shape our opinions to a greater degree than we probably realize. If the language we hear and read is corrupt and misleading, it will corrupt and mislead our thought processes. (This is the Obama plan to deceive the nation. He as the puppet of axelrod purposefully corrupts and misleads the public to decieve. He must not reveal he is centralizing his power through legislation and commizars who answer only to him. He is increasing the power of the presidency though stealth. He must ram though the health care bill now or his socialist agenda will not be fully implemented)

Doublespeaks Influence through the state run media

The words we use to ask questions or to label an issue will influence our actions or alter the way we see the issue.

Are you in favor of welfare? No? Then how about assistance to the poor?

Do you think the US should spend more on the military? Or would you rather support the national defense?

Are you in favor of foreign aid? Well, how about assistance to other countries?

As you can see from these examples, words are incredibly powerful in shaping our perceptions about issues. Like we learned in English 101, certain words have connotative meanings that overshadow or even alter their denotative meanings.

In the world of doublespeak or obamaspeak, no word is used idly! Each word is carefully chosen, with its particular nuances and shades of meaning, to fulfill the mission of axelrod and the other communists/socialist/facists in congress and the whitehouse.

How Do You Spot Doublespeak?

Even though you know the definition of doublespeak and are familiar with the different forms it can take, you may still have a hard time detecting doublespeak. One way to spot doublespeak and its accompanying insincerity is to ask questions about what is being said.

Ask these questions:

1. Who is saying what to whom?
2. Under what conditions?
3. Under what circumstances?
4. With what intent?
5. With what results?

By asking and answering these questions, you will be able to see the whole context of the discourse.

To analyze any type of discourse, you will need to look at both the speakers and the receivers, the purposes of the speakers and receivers, the language that is normally used in similar situations, and the language that is actually used in a particular situation. Obama speaks different doublespeak to different groups and individuals.

Obama is a lawyer who uses doublespeak to persuade you to believe him. Remember to ask these questions:

1. Who is saying what to whom? Obama speaks in the style you can relate to.
2. Under what conditions? Obama morphs into someone like yourself.
3. Under what circumstances? Obama plays on fear and gullibility
4. With what intent? Obama intent is to allways deceive because he is a FRAUD. He must.
5. With what results? Obama wants complete control of your life though nationalized health care and climate change/global warming agenda for the purpose of centralizing power to seize control of the USA.

He stumbles in speech without a teleprompter because axelrod writes much better doublespeak than obama can utter on his feet.

Question what obama says and does. Double check his doublespeak. You will find obama is a chronic LIAR and a FRAUD! Remember obama is a front man, a salesman for one world government. Obama like any salesman can tell you anything to get you to buy his product. The only thing that counts is what is in writing or the contract. If obama could be taken to court he would be found guilty everyday of PURGURY. Read the contract or bill. Also note he speaks as required to different groups and says completely different things. In doublespeak obama would tell you what you heard was taken out of context etc. If it was not then OBAMA IS A LIAR!

Obama Rolls Out A New Speech On ObamaCare

China's national flag to go up in White House on Sept 20

China Daily

"The national flag of the People's Republic of China (PRC) will be hoisted at the South Lawn of the White House in Washington on September 20, media reported Sunday

Its the same speech. Obama will plea before a joint session of congress to ignore Americans. The majority of America does not want national health care run by obama. Its the same cult of personality. The cult has diminished as obama struggles to force the government "healthcare" plan on us all. Obama is rolling America again. The same speech. The same lies. The same dung ball. Obama rolls another dung ball to the state run media. The state run media rolls another dung ball to all who believe the propaganda. Obama rolls and the state run media moves the dung ball forward. The state run media never questions anything obama says or does. This alone proves he and the state run media are hiding the truth. This is exactly what propaganda is....dung! Obama will feed you as long as you continue to believe what he says and deny the truth. Everything that comes out of obama's mouth is a lie. He does the opposite of what he says. He is a FRAUD, LIAR and hides any proof or documentation of who he is. No one can document who obama is. Obama will not release any records, in fact he signed an executive order on his first day in office to seal all his records. Only a FRAUD would do this. A FRAUD has something to hide.

Valerie Jarrett Unmasked

Valerie Jarret Unmasked. Special Ethics Waiver From Obama. Obama has no ethics as this reveals again.

Jarret Gets Special Ethics Wavier From Obama A Corrupt THUG And FRAUD

Valerie Jarret is corrupt like obama.

Valerie Jarret Is Corrput As Is Obama..Michelle Malkin

Valerie Jarrett: "Jarrett [managed] a controversial low-income housing project located in Obama's former state senate district... [the] complex was considered 'uninhabitable by unfixed problems, such as collapsed roofs and fire damage... In 2006, federal inspectors graded the condition of the complex an 11 on a 100-point scale -- a score so bad the buildings now face demolition.' ...According to documents uncovered by Judicial Watch, Jarrett is also linked to a series of other shady real estate scandals involving convicted felon and former Obama fundraiser Antoin "Tony" Rezko..." Jarrett was also named in a 2008 Boston Globe report on Grove Parc, an immense housing complex largely funded by taxpayers and managed by her company. After burning through millions in public funds, Jarrett's management skills resulted in a complex that was largely "uninhabitable."

Obama advisor is a thug like obama

All subsidized by the taxpayers, mind you, and aided and abetted by the likes of Jarrett and Obama. The Boston Globe explained the troubling quid pro quo between Jarrett, Rezko and Obama:

These are the kinds of corruption stories that Obama and Jarrrett left in their wake in Chicago. This is exactly what obama and jarrett are doing to America now. Their are destroying America the same way they managed to destroy the housing projects in chicago. Obama is corrupt and surrounds himself with corruption.


The Sound(?) Advice of "Chief Advisor" Valerie Jarrett

Advice on “green energy” czar Van Jones--- HIRE HIM!
Advice on Healthcare--- DUMP and DECEIVE the POOR PUBLIC (in action, not word)
Advice on Public Housing for the Poor and Underprivileged--- SCREW EM! (in action, not word)

“Van Jones, we were so delighted to be able to recruit him into the White House, we've been watching him, really, for - he's not that old— but for as long as he's been active out of Oakland and all of the ways that he has - the creative ideas that he has and so now we have captured that and we have all that energy and enthusiasm in the White House” Valerie Jarrett

“Van Jones, we were so delighted to be able to recruit him into the White House, we've been watching him, really, for - he's not that old— but for as long as he's been active out of Oakland and all of the ways that he has - the creative ideas that he has and so now we have captured that and we have all that energy and enthusiasm in the White House”


Republicans on Capitol Hill are taking a fresh look at one of the seedier Chicago stories from Barack and Michelle Obama's past in ratcheting up the debate on Obamacare: the University of Chicago Hospital's "Urban Health Initiative," which Michelle Obama ran prior to her taking a leave of absence to campaign with her husband in 2007.

Because of the medical center's location on the South Side of Chicago, a large number of indigent patients, without health insurance, were using the hospital's emergency room for care. The nonprofit hospital, which in 2007 made more than $100 million in profits, largely because its beds and facilities were used by paying patients and those fully insured, paid Mrs. Obama to oversee the Urban Health Initiative program that identified indigent patients and then steered them to other area medical facilities. In fact, some of those profits came from Canadian citizens who traveled to the U.S. for medical procedures they could not get due to Canada's restrictive national health care programs.

It wasn't just Obama's wife who was involved in creating the program. Senior White House adviser and political strategist, David Axelrod, and his PR firm in Chicago were retained to develop a media campaign to encourage area residents not to use University of Chicago as a medical facility. Senior White House official, and Obama friend, Valerie Jarrett served on the board of directors of the hospital and approved the plan for the Urban Health Initiative, and the hiring of Axelrod. And on the recommendation of then Senator Obama, Dr. Eric Whitaker, was named director of the Initiative in late 2007, after serving as the director of the Illinois Department of Public Health, a job he got after Obama recommended him to then Gov. Rod Blagojevich via another Obama crony, Tony Rezko, a fund-raiser for Obama and now a convicted felon on federal corruption charges. Candidate Obama thought enough of the program to tout it as an example of how health care reform should be done….

The resultant PR campaign was a study in Orwellian audacity. Chicago's inner city residents soon began hearing that UCMC's patient dumping program would "dramatically improve health care for thousands of South Side residents" and that the medical center was generously willing to provide "a ride on a shuttle bus to other centers." Likewise, the people who ran the community hospitals to which these unwanted patients were being shuttled began to read claims in local media to the effect that the Urban Health Initiative was good for them as well. Dr. Eric Whitaker, the Blagojevich crony who succeeded Mrs. Obama as Director of the program, repeatedly assured gullible reporters that the financial impact on these hospitals would be positive: "The initiative actually is improving their bottom lines." The CFOs of those hospitals were no doubt relieved to learn that treating Medicaid and uninsured patients is profitable.

Advice on Public Housing for the Poor and underpriviledged: Screw em! (in action, not word)

Valerie Jarrett is the chief executive of Habitat Co., which managed Grove Parc Plaza from 2001 until this winter and co-managed an even larger subsidized complex in Chicago that was seized by the federal government in 2006, after city inspectors found widespread problems.

The owner, a local nonprofit company called Woodlawn Preservation and Investment Corp....Woodlawn Preservation hired a private management firm, William Moorehead and Associates, to oversee the complex. In 2001, the company lost that contract and a contract to manage several public housing projects for allegedly failing to do its job. The company's head, William Moorehead, was subsequently convicted of embezzling almost $1 million in management fees.

Woodlawn Preservation hired a new property manager, Habitat Co. At the time, the company was headed by its founder, Daniel Levin, also a major contributor to Obama's campaigns. Valerie Jarrett was executive vice president.

Residents say the complex deteriorated under Moorehead's management and continued to decline after Habitat took over. A maintenance worker at the complex says money often wasn't even available for steel wool to plug rat holes. But as late as 2003, a routine federal inspection still gave conditions at Grove Parc a score of 82 on a 100-point scale.

“About 99 of the units are vacant, many rendered uninhabitable by unfixed problems, such as collapsed roofs and fire damage. Mice scamper through the halls. Battered mailboxes hang open. Sewage backs up into kitchen sinks. In 2006, federal inspectors graded the condition of the complex an 11 on a 100-point scale - a score so bad the buildings now face demolition.”

Who “Advises” Valerie Jarrett?

Jarrett has surrounded herself with some rather unsavory characters who appear to be more like 'enforcers' than 'advisers.'

Meet Mike Strautmanis, Jarrett's Chief of Staff.

Strautmanis is one of Barack and Michelle Obama's closest friends, going all the way back to the beginning in Chicago. He has worked not only for the Obamas but for disgraced former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.

But here is an interesting tidbit concerning Strautmanis, in Jarrett's own words:

Obama describes him as a “utility man,” and campaign advisor and Obama family friend Valerie Jarrett says he’s the person you call when you need help with a delicate situation. “He understands the importance of the personal touch and that e-mails and phone calls are not always appropriate,” she said, talking about a specific example that she wouldn’t describe in detail…

This is how the entire obama machine operates through intimidation. Obama is a thug who has appointed thugs to force his agenda on you. If you won't accept his bogus programs he will use his enforcers to make you. These are his "brownshirts" hitler types of thugs. Obama is similar to hitler in that he uses harrassment, intimidation and bullying to get his way. He is the most corrupt fraud America has ever seen.

In May 2009...
Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to President Barack Obama, said Monday the special ethics waiver she recently received from the White House to lead the federal government's effort to bring the 2016 Olympics to Chicago was needed only out of an abundance of caution in trying to be transparent.

"We wanted to have one point of contact in the White House who is responsible to make sure everything runs smoothly," she told the Tribune after a Chicago fundraising event for Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.). "Our goal is to try to win the bid."

Jarrett, who previously served as vice chair of Chicago 2016, needed the waiver because the White House ethics pledge prohibits appointees from dealing with matters "substantially related" to previous employers or clients.

The White House has said Jarrett's previous work for Chicago 2016 was voluntary and she has no ongoing financial relationship with the entity. She said her role will include trying to coordinate the involvement of various federal agencies in a successful bid.

Jarret Gets Special Ethics Wavier From Obama A Corrupt THUG And FRAUD

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obama African Footprint

Shocker! Judge orders trial on eligibility issue

Shocker! Judge orders trial on eligibility issue. Arguments planned Jan. 11 for major Obama challenge. Also a hearing Oct. 5 on the motion to dismiss and ordered arguments submitted on the issue of discovery.


By Jerome R. Corsi

A California judge today tentatively scheduled a trial for Jan. 26, 2010, for a case that challenges Barack Obama's eligibility to be president based on questions over his qualifications under the requirements of the U.S. Constitution.

If the case actually goes to arguments before U.S. District Judge David Carter, it will be the first time the merits of the dispute have been argued in open court, according to one of the attorneys working on the issue.

In a highly anticipated hearing
today before Carter, several motions were heard, including a resolution to long-standing questions about whether attorney Orly Taitz properly served notice on the defendants, which she had.

In a second ruling, Carter ordered that attorney Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation can be added to the case to represent plaintiffs Wiley Drake and Markham Robinson, who had been removed by an earlier court order. Drake, the vice presidential candidate for the American Independent Party, and Robinson, the party's chairman, also were restored to the case.

Want to know for certain where Obama was born? Demand the truth by joining the petition campaign to make President Obama reveal his long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate!

But the judge did not immediately rule on Taitz' motion to be granted discovery – that is the right to see the president's still-concealed records. Nor did Carter rule immediately on a motion to dismiss the case, submitted by the U.S. government, following discussion over Taitz' challenge to the work of a magistrate in the case.

The judge did comment that if there are legitimate constitutional questions regarding Obama's eligibility, they need to be addressed and resolved.

Carter ordered a hearing Oct. 5 on the motion to dismiss and ordered arguments submitted on the issue of discovery.

If the case survives that challenge, a pretrial hearing has been scheduled for Jan. 11 and the trial for two weeks later.

The case would be the first time, according to Kreep, that the actual merits of the dispute will have been heard in open court. A multitude of such disputes have been rejected out of hand by various state and federal courts. Even the U.S. Supreme Court repeatedly has rejected urgent appeals to hear the evidence.

The suit alleges Obama is actually a citizen of Indonesia and "possibly still citizen of Kenya, usurping the position of the president of the United States of America and the commander-in-chief."


Is this obama's african footprint?

Lame Cherry Story About Obama Footprint....Interesting

Can anyone match the bigfoot bo with the littlefoot bo?

Story Reports Comment Below

Quote: Obama from his book, “Dreams from My Father,” where the Illinois Democrat, who inhaled, describes how, as a teenager, he once flashed “a reassuring smile and patted (his mother’s) hand and told her not to worry,” when she charged into his room demanding to know if he was “drifting into delinquency.”

This, Obama says, was “usually an effective tactic, because (white) people were satisfied as long as you were courteous and smiled and made no sudden moves. They were more than satisfied; they were relieved – such a pleasant surprise to find a well-mannered young black man who didn’t seem angry all the time.”

Obama has not used the "usually effective tactic" when it comes to "obamacare" and "global warming/climate change". The cats out of the bag obama and because you have moved too fast America is no longer relieved or satisfied nor do we believe you are or ever were a well-mannered black man who didn't seem angry all the time. We know you have a deep hate for America and "white" people. We know because of your sudden moves who and what you are. A FRAUD! Pretending to talk to school children after you wanted them to originally write a letter to you explaing how they could help you. What a sick sick sob you are to ask children to help you destroy America.

Monday, September 7, 2009

The structure of government morphs into the structure of the party

(From American Thinker)

The structure of government morphs into the structure of the party

Not Obama's Czars but his Commissars

The three dozen or so people that Barack Obama has surrounded himself with to handle this problem or that issue, and yet are not confirmed by the Senate or operating an agency created by Congress, are not really his "czars." These people are, instead, his "commissars." Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany both called those vague, undefined figures appointed by the Leader to carry out his intentions "commissars"

In our constitutional republic, government does not have a role in every part of life. That is why Congress has to create departments, agencies and administrations. Everything that the federal government does must, in some way, relate to its powers under the Constitution. The first cabinet offices dealt with clear cut federal duties - diplomacy, war, justice, money, and postal services. Before Congress creates a federal office, a threshold question is whether the Constitution allows the work of that office to be done by the federal government. That is the heart of limited government.

There is, for example, no Department to Promote Politically Correct Thinking. No Congress would ever pass a law creating such an entity. A terrified Reichstag or the Central Committee of the Communist Party, on the other hand, might well do that. In those totalitarian regimes, "government" does not really exist: the party exists or, rather, the party and the state in a hopeless confusion of purpose and function. The very independence of Congress, even a venal and silly Congress, is a natural check upon a party-state with a leader at its apex.

Congress also has the right and the obligation of oversight of the federal government. This means it can create and it can destroy executive branch departments. Congress also can create and destroy federal courts as well as change the jurisdiction of federal courts and increase or decrease the size of the Supreme Court. Congress sets the budgets and appropriates the funds for other parts of the federal government.

Congress has the right and the duty to review, confirm, or reject the chief officer of the federal executive and legislative branches (except, of course, for the president and vice president.) And Congress has the right and the duty to remove any important federal officer who is corrupt or exceeds the powers of his office. The duty of Congress to remove corrupt principal officers of the executive and judicial branches is often simply forgotten. If the Secretary of the Treasury, for example, engages in some stinky behavior, he usually simply resigns. But whether he does -- indeed, even if he does -- the House can impeach him and the Senate can convict him.

That is a deliberate check the Founding Fathers intended to give Congress over the Executive Branch. But could the House impeach or how could the Senate convict an Obama commissar, who had never been confirmed by the Senate and who held a position not created by Congress? Cabinet secretaries and heads of agencies are accountable both to the president and to Congress. These commissars, on the other hand, could not be impeached and removed from office because they do not, formally, hold an office.

This why Obama is very dangerous.

The leader, in this case Obama, becomes more than the office itself. The structure of government morphs into the structure of the party.

Stalin, in large measure, did not wield his awful power as the head of the Soviet Union or chief of the Soviet government: he did, in fact, often brag that he was simply a member of the Communist Party, an ordinary Soviet citizen. Hitler did combine the offices of Chancellor and President, but his real power was as leader of the Nazi Party, not an official of the German government.

When separate parts of government blend together, when rules of procedure are simply bypassed, when the distinction between political parties operating within government are transformed into political parties (through a system of commissars) operating as the government, then any nation with established, stable, and republican institutions has entered a very deadly phase.

The patterns are already ominously clear. Legislators, quite literally, vote for legislation not yet written (which rather sounds like Hitler's Enabling Act.) Judicial nominees make only the vaguest pretense of adhering to ideals of impartial administration of justice (Hispanic Justice and Aryan Justice may sound different to some people, but they are not.) Now commissars are replacing cabinet secretaries -- and we should stop letting Obama define the changes. He is not appointing dozens of "czars." He is creating a party-state system of political commissars.


Obama, becomes more than the office itself through appointing political commissars. This is a prelude to obama seizing complete control of America. He is bypassing congress and the US Constitution! Obama IS A TRAITOR! THE ENEMY FROM WITHIN. A TROJAN HORSE PRESIDENT.

List of Obama's Czars August 21, 2009

NOTE: positions that also existed under previous administrations are indicated with an *.

1. Afghanistan Czar - Richard Holbrooke

Title: Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan
Salary: unknown
Reports to: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Appointed: January 2009
Department that might have handled similar issues: State

• Will work with CENTCOM head Gen. David Petraeus to integrate U.S. civilian and military efforts in the region.
• 45 years of experience have made him a fixture of the Democrats' foreign policy establishment.
• Was U.S. ambassador to U.N., 1999-2001
• Brokered the 1995 Dayton Peace Accords in Bosnia
• Also served as Assistant secretary of state, East Asia and the Pacific (1976 to 1980); worked in foreign service (1962 to 1976)
• From 1972 through 1976, was the editor of Foreign Policy magazine.

2. AIDS Czar * - Jeffrey Crowley

Title: Director of the Office of National AIDS Policy
Salary: $102,000
Reports to: President Obama (as part of the Executive Office of the President’s Domestic Policy Council)
Appointed: February 2009
Department that might have handled similar issues: Health and Human Services

• Coordinates HIV/AIDS policy domestically and internationally.
• Senior Research Scholar at Georgetown University's Health Policy Institute and a Senior Scholar at the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, Georgetown University Law Center.
• Was Deputy Executive Director for Programs at the National Association of People with AIDS
• Has Master of Public Health from the Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health

3. Auto Recovery Czar - Ed Montgomery

Title: Director of Recovery for Auto Communities and Workers
Salary: unknown
Reports to: Larry Summers, the president's top economic adviser, and Labor Secretary Hilda Solis
Appointed: March 2009
Department that might have handled similar issues: Labor

• Will work to leverage government resources to support the workers, communities and regions that rely on the American auto industry.
• Was Deputy Secretary and Chief Economist at the Labor Department (1997 to 1998)
• Is Dean of the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences at the University of Maryland (2003 to present)
• Has PhD in economics from Harvard
• In 2008, made $1,200 in political donations, all of which went to Obama’s presidential campaign.
• Wife is the granddaughter of a General Motors worker from Portland, Mich.
• Drives a 2000 Lincoln

4. Border Czar * - Alan Bersin

Title: Assistant Secretary for International Affairs and Special Representative for Border Affairs
Salary: unknown
Reports to: Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano
Appointed: April 2009
Agencies that might have handled similar issues: Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

• Will coordinate all of the department's border security and law-enforcement efforts.
• Essentially had the same job under President Clinton; served as Attorney General Janet Reno's special representative on border issues, a job that he held while retaining the position of U.S. attorney for San Diego.
• This time, boss will be Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who will expect him to handle illegal immigration and drug violence issues along the Mexican-American border
• Previous experience: Chairman of the San Diego Regional Airport Authority (2006 to 2009); Secretary of Education for California (2005 to 2006); Superintendent of San Diego Public Schools (1998 to 2005); U.S. Attorney for San Diego (1993 to 1998)
• Graduate of Harvard and Yale Law School
• Talking about border security shortly before he was named Clinton border czar in 1995, said he wanted to focus on suspected smugglers of both drugs and people and was not interested in prosecuting “economic migrants.”
• Often tied to the 1994 border policy called “Operation Gatekeeper.” The policy shifted the U.S. focus from the arresting of immigrants who actually crossed the border to an increased border presence designed to stop border crossing in the first place. When Bersin left the position in 1998, border arrests were on pace for an 18-year low of just more than 200,000. Latino groups complained that Operation Gatekeeper was immoral, saying the program monitored the border near San Diego but simply forced illegal immigrants to other, more dangerous areas.
• Has given more than $50,000 to political campaigns since 1999, almost all of it to Democrats.

5. California Water Czar - David J. Hayes

Title: Deputy Interior Secretary
Salary: unknown
Reports to: Interior Secretary Ken Salazar
Appointed: June 2009
Confirmed by Senate (as Deputy Interior Security): May 20, 2009
Department that might have handled similar issues: Interior

• Charged with coordinating federal agencies to ease California's water shortage
• Graduate of Stanford Law School; clerked for U.S. District Court for the D.C., has been a partner at two big D.C. law firms
• Was deputy interior secretary under Bruce Babbitt during Clinton administration
• From 1993 to 1995, was chairman of the board at the Environmental Law Institute, a non-profit research center.
• As a lobbyist, represented the Southern California Metropolitan Water District in 2001
• In August 2008, wrote a policy report while working at the Progressive Policy Institute accusing the Bush administration of leaving a “damaging legacy” in their natural resource management policies
• Donated $2,300 to Clinton during 2008 campaign; after she withdrew, donated $2,300 to Obama

6. Car Czar - Ron Bloom

NOTE: on July 13, 2009, Bloom took over as head of the Presidential Task Force on the Auto Industry, replacing Steven Rattner

Title: Counselor to the Secretary of the Treasury
Salary: unknown
Reports to: Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and National Economic Council head Larry Summers
Appointed: July 2009
Department that might have handled similar issues: Treasury

• A leader of the White House task force overseeing auto company bailouts; worked on restructuring of General Motors and Chrysler LLC.
• Was special assistant to president of the United Steelworkers union from 1996-Feb 2009
• Has negotiated restructuring deals for more than 50 companies, getting major concessions from unions and companies.
• Was raised in New York in a pro-union family, which included a schoolteacher mother and unionized relatives.
• After working for the Service Employees International Union, got an MBA from Harvard University because he thought unions lacked business smarts, he said in a 1996 interview in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
• From 1985 to 1990, he worked as an investment banker with Lazard Freres & Co., which specializes in mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructuring, before co-founding the investment-banking firm Keilin and Bloom.

7. Central Region Czar - Dennis Ross

Title: Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for the Central Region (encompasses the Middle East, the Gulf, Afghanistan, Pakistan and South Asia)
Salary: unknown
Reports to: National Security Adviser Gen. James L. Jones
Appointed: June 2009
Department that might have handled similar issues: State

• Spent 12 years in the George H.W. Bush and Clinton administrations trying to create a permanent agreement between the governments of Israel and the Palestinian territories
• In 1981, was named to President Ronald Reagan’s national security staff as the director of Near East and South Asian Affairs.
• Was director of the State Department’s Policy Planning office during President George H. W. Bush’s term.
• 1993: appointed to the position of Middle East coordinator, making him the top negotiator for peace between Israel and Palestinian territories
• After he left government in 2000, headed up Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a hawkish think tank with a pro-Israeli bent

8. Climate Czar - Todd Stern

Title: Special Envoy for Climate Change
Salary: unknown
Reports to: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Appointed: January 2009
Agency or department that might have handled similar issues: Environmental Protection Agency; State

• Responsible for developing international approaches to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.
• Served in the Clinton White House from 1993 to 1999; Was Head of the Initiative on Global Climate Change (1997 to 1999) and Adviser to the Secretary of the Treasury (1999 to 2001)
• As a top aide to President Clinton, helped negotiate the Kyoto and Buenos Aires climate pacts, both of which fell apart partially because of a lack of U.S. support during Bush administration.
• After Bush was elected to office, went to the Wilmer Hale law firm, where he is a partner in the regulatory and government affairs division.
• Was most recently a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, where he focused on climate change and environmental issues.
• Has written extensively on climate change, and has called on the American government and the international community to take a series of steps to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.
• Supports a national cap-and-trade system that would limit carbon emissions and reduce U.S. dependency on foreign oil
• Has law degree from Harvard

9. Domestic Violence Czar - Lynn Rosenthal

Title: White House adviser on Violence Against Women
Salary: unknown
Reports to: President Obama and Vice President Biden
Appointed: June 2009
Department that might have handled similar issues: Health and Human Services

• Will advise the President and Vice President on domestic violence and sexual assault issues.
• 2000-2006: served as the Executive Director of the National Network to End Domestic Violence
• Was an advocate for the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act in 2000 and 2005 and has assisted states and local communities with implementation of this federal legislation
• Was director of the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence

10. Drug Czar * - Gil Kerlikowske

Title: Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy
Salary: unknown
Reports to: President Obama
Appointed: March 2009
Confirmed by Senate: May 7, 2009
Department that might have handled similar issues: Justice

• Directs drug-control policy in the U.S.; is expected to shift drug policy to intervention, treatment and a reduction of problem drug use.
• Was police chief for the city of Seattle from 2000-2009
• Was Deputy Director of the Department of Justice’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (1998 to 2000); Police Chief for the city of Buffalo (1994 to 1998); Police chief of Fort Pierce, Fla. (N/A to 1994)
• A strong gun-control advocate, urged both the Washington legislature and the U.S. Congress to pass an assault-weapons ban and has worked to close the loophole that doesn't require background checks at gun shows
• 2003: admitted that busting people for personal marijuana possession was not a top priority of the Seattle police department.
• As Seattle police chief, assigned an officer full-time to the drug court, which commuted sentences of drug users who complete medical treatment in lieu of going to jail.

11. Economic Czar * - Paul Volcker

Title: Chairman of the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board
Salary: Volcker reportedly isn't paid for his advice.
Reports to: President Obama
Appointed: January 2009
Department that might have handled similar issues: Treasury

• Charged with offering independent, nonpartisan information, analysis, and advice to the President as he formulates and implements his plans for economic recovery.
• Some reports say he's been marginalized by Larry Summers.
• Former Federal Reserve chairman (1979-1987)
• Was Undersecretary for Monetary Affairs, Department of the Treasury (1969 to 1974); Deputy Undersecretary for Monetary Affairs, Department of the Treasury (1963 to 1965)
• Gave Obama campaign $2,300 in 2008.

12. Energy and Environment Czar - Carol Browner

Title: Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change
Salary: $172,200
Reports to: President Obama
Appointed: January 2009
Agency that might have handled similar issues: EPA

• Coordinates energy and climate policy, emphasizing regulation and conservation.
• Was Environmental Protection Agency administrator in the Clinton administration (1993-2000)
• Was Florida Secretary of the Environment (1991 to 1993)
• Founded and continues to serve as a principal of The Albright Group LLC, a global strategy firm led by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. Also a principal of Albright Capital Management, an investment advisory firm that concentrates on emerging markets.
• Worked on the Socialist International's Commission for a Sustainable World Society, which argues that the global community must work collectively to address environmental policies
• Described Bush administration as the "worst environmental administration ever"
• While orchestrating private discussions between the White House and auto industry officials on vehicle fuel efficiency standards, kept the talks as quiet as possible. Mary Nichols, the head of the California Air Resources Board, said, "We put nothing in writing, ever."
• 2003: A federal judge held the Environmental Protection Agency in contempt for destroying computer files during the Clinton administration that had been sought by a conservative legal foundation. U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth also ordered the EPA to pay the Landmark Legal Foundation's legal fees and costs because the agency disobeyed his order to preserve the electronic records of Browner, the former EPA chief.

13. Faith-Based Czar * - Joshua DuBois

Title: Director of the Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships
Salary: $98,000
Reports to: President Obama
Appointed: February 2009
Department that might have handled similar issues: Health and Human Services

• Acts as a liaison between faith and secular community groups and the White House, often partnering with them to tackle social issues. Helps these groups apply for federal grants available to them.
• Is 26 years old
• Has master’s in public affairs from Princeton University; served as associate pastor
• Worked for Rep. Rush Holt (D-N.J.) as an intern and then as a fellow for Rep. Charles B. Rangel (DN. Y.).
• Hired as a legislative correspondent in Obama’s Senate office in May 2005
• In 2008, at the age of 25, was appointed director of religious affairs for the Obama campaign.

14. Government Performance Czar - Jeffrey Zients

Title: Chief Performance Officer
Salary: unknown
Reports to: Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orzag
Appointed: April 2009
Confirmed by the Senate (as deputy director for management for the OMB): June 19, 2009
Agency that might have handled similar issues: OMB

• Charged with cutting costs and finding best practices throughout government.
• Has never worked in government before
• Was a chief executive and former management consultant
• Was founder of Portfolio Logic (2004 to present); Partner of the Washington Baseball Club (2004 to 2006); CEO of the Advisory Board (1998 to 2004)
• Has donated just over $90,000 to political campaigns since 1999, almost all of which went to Democratic candidates

15. Great Lakes Czar - Cameron Davis

Title: Special advisor to the U.S. EPA overseeing its Great Lakes restoration plan
Salary: unknown
Reports to: Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson
Appointed: June 2009
Agency that might have handled similar issues: Environmental Protection Agency

• Oversees the administration's initiative to restore the Great Lakes' environment.
• President of the Chicago-based environmentalist group Alliance for the Great Lakes
• Was a litigating attorney and served as an adjunct clinical assistant professor of law at the University of Michigan Law School.
• Served with the United Nations Environment Program in Nairobi, Kenya, where he worked on the Montreal Protocol to protect the Earth’s ozone layer, and U.S. EPA’s Office of Regional Counsel in Chicago.

16. Green Jobs Czar - Van Jones

Title: Special Adviser for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality
Salary: unknown
Reports to: Head of Council on Environmental Quality Nancy Sutley
Appointed: March 2009
Agency or department that might have handled similar issues: Environmental Protection Agency; Labor

• Will focus on environmentally-friendly employment within the administration and boost support for the idea nationwide
• Rose from near obscurity in the Oakland, Calif., grassroots organizing scene to the leader of a national movement to spur the green economy.
• Founded Green For All, an organization focused on creating green jobs in impoverished areas
• Also co-founder of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and Color of Change, which includes Bay Area PoliceWatch, a group devoted to "protect[ing] the community from police misconduct"
• Published New York Times best-seller The Green Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems, in October 2008
• Started career as a prison-reform advocate in Oakland, Calif., lobbying for reform of the juvenile justice system and youth-violence prevention programs
• Has law degree from Yale
• 2007: worked on the Green Jobs Act with then-Rep. Hilda Solis (D-Calif.), who co-sponsored the bill in the House
• 1993: was arrested at the Los Angeles riots that followed the acquittal of cops in the Rodney King beating. "I was arrested simply for being a police observer," says Jones, who had just graduated from Yale Law School and was working with the Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights in San Francisco.
• 1999: was arrested in the 1999 Seattle protests against the World Trade Organization
• Excerpt from a Nov. 2005 interview in the East Bay Express:
Jones had planned to move to Washington, DC, and had already landed a job and an apartment there. But in jail, he said, "I met all these young radical people of color -- I mean really radical, communists and anarchists. And it was, like, 'This is what I need to be a part of.'" Although he already had a plane ticket, he decided to stay in San Francisco. "I spent the next ten years of my life working with a lot of those people I met in jail, trying to be a revolutionary." In the months that followed, he let go of any lingering thoughts that he might fit in with the status quo. "I was a rowdy nationalist on April 28th, and then the verdicts came down on April 29th," he said. "By August, I was a communist." In 1994, the young activists formed a socialist collective, Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement, or STORM, which held study groups on the theories of Marx and Lenin and dreamed of a multiracial socialist utopia. They protested police brutality and got arrested for crashing through police barricades. In 1996, Jones decided to launch his own operation, which he named the Ella Baker Center after an unsung hero of the civil-rights movement.

17. Guantanamo Closure Czar - Daniel Fried

Title: Special envoy to oversee the closure of the detention center at Guantanamo Bay
Salary: unknown
Reports to: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
Appointed: March 2009
Department that might have handled similar issues: Justice; State

• Works to get help of foreign governments in moving toward closure of Guantanamo Bay, in fulfillment of Obama's promise to close the prison within a year of taking office.
• Was Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasian Affairs, State Department (2005 to 2009); Director for European and Eurasian Affairs, State Department (2001 to 2005); U.S. Ambassador to Poland (1997 to 2001)

18. Health Czar * - Nancy-Ann DeParle

Title: Counselor to the President and Director of the White House Office of Health Reform
Salary: $158,500
Reports to: President Obama
Appointed: March 2009
Department that might have handled similar issues: Health and Human Services (HHS)

• Coordinates the development of the Administration's healthcare policy agenda.
• Experience: Managing Director, CCMP Capital (since 2001); Adjunct professor (focusing on healthcare policy), Wharton School of Business (since 2001); Commissioner, Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (since 2001); Fellow, Harvard Institue of Politics (2000 to 2001); Director, Healthcare Financing Administration (1997 to 2000)
• Has law degree from Harvard
• Served as the OMB’s representative on health-care reform during Bill Clinton’s first term
• As head of the HHS Health Care Financing Administration under Clinton, ran the largest health insurance provider in America, overseeing $600 billion in payments annually to 74 million recipients of Medicare and Medicaid
• 2001: left government to take a year-long fellowship at Harvard’s Institute of Politics, where she was part of Harvard’s Health Care Policy Forum and led a weekly study group on reforming Medicare.
• During Bush administration, sat on the boards of many health companies, from medical treatment producers to hospital systems
• In September 2008, donated $2,300 each to Clinton and Barack Obama.

19. Information Czar - Vivek Kundra

Title: Federal Chief Information Officer
Salary: unknown
Reports to: Director of the Office of Management and Budget Peter Orszag
Appointed: March 2009
Agencies that might have handled similar issues: other federal agency CIOs

• Basically in charge of overseeing other federal agency CIOs and for setting technology policy across the government.
• Head of a federal technology budget that amounts to $71 billion annually
• Operation is housed in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and will likely have authority to question how money in departmental technology budgets is used
• Formerly head of the District of Columbia's technology operations
• Shortly after he joined the OMB, federal authorities raided his old District government office. They arrested two technology office managers and a subcontractor, charging them with a bribery scheme that allegedly defrauded the city out of at least $500,000. Kundra was not a suspect in the case, the U.S. Attorney’s office said.
• Has a masters from Maryland in information technology.
• Experience: Washington, D.C. Chief Technology Officer (2007 to 2009); State of Virginia's Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Trade (2006 to 2007); CEO of computer security firm Creostar

20. Intelligence Czar * - Dennis Blair

Title: Director of National Intelligence
Salary: $197,700
Reports to: President Obama
Appointed: January 2009
Confirmed by Senate: January 28, 2009
Agency that might have handled similar issues: CIA

• Nation’s top intelligence official.
• Retired four-star admiral.
• Graduate of the United States Naval Academy, 1968; sixth-generation naval officer
• Lacks professional roots in the world of intelligence
• Held a number of prestigious Washington posts, including the Pentagon’s top liaison to the CIA and director of the Joint Staff.
• Ran the non-profit Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA), which focuses primarily on issues related to national security, and does a lot of work for the Defense Department. Left IDA under a cloud of controversy in mid-2006.

21. Mideast Peace Czar - George Mitchell

Title: Special Envoy for Middle East Peace
Salary: unknown
Reports to: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton
Appointed: January 2009
Department that might have handled similar issues: State

• Works to maintain the shaky peace between Israel and Hamas after recent hostilities
• Senate majority leader from 1989 to 1994
• Was special envoy to Northern Ireland during the Clinton administration and lead investigator into steroid use in Major League Baseball.
• 2000: led a fact-finding committee to study violence in the Middle East; 2001's Mitchell Report formed the basis for the road map for Middle East peace

22. Pay Czar - Kenneth R. Feinberg

Title: Special Master on executive pay
Salary: reportedly receiving no compensation for his work.
Reports to: Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner
Appointed: June 2009
Department that might have handled similar issues: Treasury

• Named to examine compensation practices at companies that have been bailed out more than once by the federal government
• Oversaw the payouts to the families of the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks
• Was the chief administrator to the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund, which commemorates the students who died in the April 2007 shooting rampage at Virginia Tech
• Founder and managing partner of Feinberg Rozen LLP (1992 to present), law firm specializing in mediation
• Was Chief of staff for Sen. Edward Kennedy (1978 to 1980)
• While working with the Feinberg Group, donated over $150,000, nearly all of which has gone to Democratic candidates and political action committees. In 2007, donated $2,300 to 2008 presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani (R).

23. Regulatory Czar - Cass R. Sunstein *

Title: Administrator of the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs
Salary: unknown
Reports to: Office of Management and Budget head Peter Orszag
Appointed: January 2009
Nomination was sent to Senate on April 20, 2009 - no action yet taken
Agency that might have handled similar issues: OMB

• Will be responsible for reviewing draft regulations and assessing their costs and benefits
• Is a Harvard Law School professor; prior to that, was a professor at the Univ. of Chicago Law School (1981-2008)
• Academic specialties: constitutional law, administrative law, and regulatory policy
• Obama: "Cass is not only a valued advisor, he is a dear friend"
• Known for advancing a field called "law and behavioral economics" that seeks to shape law and policy around the way research shows people actually behave; though embraced by conservatives, critics say it fails to account for the sometimes less-than-rational aspects of human behavior.
• In his 2002 book,, discussed the drawbacks of limitless choices on the Internet that allow people to seek out only like-minded people and opinions that merely fortify their own views; he talked about the idea of the government requiring sites to link to opposing views. He later came to realize it was a "bad idea."
• In his 2004 book, Animal Rights, suggested that animals ought to be able to bring suit, with private citizens acting as their representatives, to ensure that animals are not treated in a way that violates current law.
• In a 2007 speech at Harvard he called for banning hunting in the U.S.
• The American Conservative Union started a website, Stop Sunstein, in an effort to keep him out of the White House.

24. Science Czar - John Holdren

Title: Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Co-Chair of the President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology
Salary: unknown
Reports to: President Obama
Appointed: December 2008
Confirmed by Senate: March 19, 2009
Agency or department that might have handled similar issues: Energy

• Top adviser to Obama on science and technology, issues that are increasingly relevant to other issues such as homeland security, energy and environmentalism
• Teresa and John Heinz Professor of Environmental Policy and Director, Program in Science, Technology, and Public Policy at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government (1996-2009); Harvard University Professor of Environmental Science and Public Policy (1996-2009); University of California, Berkeley Professor of Energy and Resources Emeritus (1996 to present)
• Studied aerospace engineering and plasma physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology — where he earned his BS and MS — and Stanford University, where he received his doctorate in 1970
• Is an outspoken advocate of the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and believes the United States should sign the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty.
• In a 2008 New York Times op-ed, Holdren called climate change skeptics “dangerous” members of a “denier fringe.”
• In 1971, co-authored a paper in Global Ecology suggesting "some form of ecocatastrophe, if not thermonuclear war, seems almost certain to overtake us before the end of the century."
• Some conservative media outlets have called attention to a book Holdren co-authored in 1977 titled Ecoscience: Population, Resources, and Environment. The book reportedly includes this statement: "population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution." Holdren's office says he "does not now and never has been an advocate of compulsory abortions or other repressive measures to limit fertility."

25. Stimulus Accountability Czar - Earl Devaney

Title: Chair of the Recovery Act Transparency and Accountability Board
Salary: unknown
Reports to: Vice President Biden
Appointed: February 2009
Agency that might have handled similar issues: OMB

• Leads oversight board that monitors money spent by the stimulus package
• Experience: Inspector General at the Interior Department (1999 to present); Director of criminal enforcement at the Environmental Protection Agency (1991 to 1999); Special Agent at the Secret Service (1970 to 1991)
• During his tenure at Interior, uncovered the shady dealings of disgraced ex-lobbyist Jack Abramoff, an investigation that eventually led to Abramoff's imprisonment and the resignation of Interior's no. 2, J. Steven Griles, for lying under oath about his own role in the scandal.
• On July 8, 2009, the U.S. General Services Administration issued a press release announcing an $18 million contract for a new web site, which quoted Devaney as saying, “We are pleased that another major milestone has been achieved."

26. Sudan Czar - J. Scott Gration

Title: Special Envoy to Sudan
Salary: unknown
Reports to: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Appointed: March 2009
Department that might have handled similar issues: State

• Will coordinate U.S. role in the aftermath of the genocide in Darfur
• Experience: Supreme Allied Command, NATO (2004 to 2005); Air Force assistant deputy undersecretary for international affairs (2003 to 2004)
• Commanded all air operations during the Iraq war in 2003
• 2006: left Air Force position to join Obama’s staff after traveling to Africa with the then-Senator from Illinois, even though he was a Republican
• Has won a Bronze Star, a Purple Heart, a Defense Superior Service Medal and 16 other awards
• Is a fluent Swahili speaker who grew up in the Congo
• Has called on the Obama administration to incentivize participation by the Sudanese government in peace talks by lifting sanctions, a position that is controversial. Also worked to position himself as the principal negotiator between the Sudanese government and its adversaries in Darfur, and is planning an international conference for September 2009
• Has M.A. in security studies from Georgetown

27. TARP Czar - Herb Allison

Title: Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Stability
Salary: unknown
Reports to: Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner
Appointed: June 2009
Department that might have handled similar issues: Treasury

• Leads the government's $700 billion financial rescue program in the office of financial stability
• Veteran Wall Street banker and interim head of the mortgage-finance company Fannie Mae
• Worked at Merrill Lynch for 28 years, reaching position of president and COO
• Was CEO of Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association College Retirement Equities Fund (2002 to 2008); CEO of the Alliance for Lifelong Learning (2000 to 2002)
• Has undergraduate degree from Yale and MBA from Stanford
• 2000: was John McCain’s 2000 presidential campaign finance chairman
• In 2008, donated $2,300 to Obama's presidential campaign

28. Technology Czar - Aneesh Chopra

Title: Chief Technology Officer
Salary: unknown
Reports to: President Obama
Appointed: April 2009
Confirmed by Senate: May 21, 2009
Department that might have handled similar issues: Commerce

• Will lead in the effort to eliminate wasteful government programs
• Will probably work to increase broadband access nationwide and computerize medical records
• Was Virginia’s secretary of technology (2005-2009)
• Has degree in public health from Johns Hopkins, Master's from Harvard in public policy
• Worked at Morgan Stanley as investment banker; also worked at Advisory Board, a health-care research and consultancy firm
• Has donated more than $24,000 since 1997 to various campaigns. With the exception of a $1,000 donation to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) in 2004, all of Chopra’s contributions have gone to Democrats. From 2007 to 2008, Chopra donated $2,750 to Obama’s presidential campaign.

29. Terrorism Czar - John Brennan

Title: Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism
Salary: $172,200
Reports to: National Security Adviser James L. Jones
Appointed: January 2009
Department that might have handled similar issues: Homeland Security

• Under Obama's plan the homeland security adviser’s office would be eliminated, and the National Security Council would take over those duties. Brennan would be responsible for guarding against natural disasters and terrorism.
• Has called for increased integration between the Departments of Commerce, State and Defense
• Graduated from Fordham University in 1977 after a year of intensive Arabic and Middle Eastern studies in Cairo. Earned his J.D. from the University of Texas at Austin before joining the CIA as an intelligence director in 1980.
• Is a CIA veteran and fluent Arabic speaker
• Was CIA deputy executive director (2001 to 2003) and National Counter-Terrorism Center, Chair (2004 to 2005)
• Worked at Analysis Corp, (2005 to 2008);
• Staunch supporter of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Program; defended the use of extraordinary rendition, saying it is “an absolutely vital tool.”

30. Urban Affairs Czar - Adolfo Carrion Jr.

Title: White House Director of Urban Affairs
Salary: $158,500
Reports to: President Obama
Appointed: February 2009
Department that might have handled similar issues: Housing and Urban Development

• Job entails coordinating transportation and housing initiatives, as well as serving as a conduit for federal aid to economically hard-hit cities.
• Has undergraduate degree in world religions from Kings College; became an associate pastor at a Bronx church; earned his master’s degree in urban planning from Hunter College
• Was Bronx Borough President (2001-2009); President of the National Association of Latino Elected Officials (since 2007); City Council member (1998 to 2000)
• Many reporters say he has higher ambitions and will probably run for New York City mayor in the next ten years.
• Was an active campaigner for Obama, travelling across the country to speak on his behalf. He focused particularly on states with large Hispanic populations.
• The NY Daily News reported numerous developers made tens of thousands of dollars in campaign donations to CarriĆ³n around the same time he was considering approving their projects in the Bronx.

31. Weapons Czar - Ashton Carter

Title: Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics
Salary: unknown
Reports to: Defense Secretary Robert Gates
Appointed: April 2009
Confirmed by Senate: April 23, 2009
Department that might have handled similar issues: Defense

• Will coordinate the Pentagon's acquisitions, technology and logistics for weapons.
• Will oversee a weapons-buying system that Obama has placed at the top of his list of federal programs he wants to fix and will be asked to quickly weigh in on difficult decisions concerning at least 10 major defense programs, while also instantly dissecting the procurement system’s ailments so he can advise the administration on its Pentagon acquisition reform agenda
• Is a physicist and Harvard academic whose only previous Pentagon stint was in a mid-level policy post from 1993 until 1996 under the Clinton administration
• Graduated from Yale summa cum laude; studied at Oxford University as a Rhodes scholar and earned a doctorate in theoretical physics.
• Chair of Harvard’s International Relations, Science & Security Area International Security Program within the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs; Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy (1993 to 1996); Director of the Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University’s Kennedy School (early 1990s)
• Has donated primarily to Democratic politicians since 2000. He donated $6,900 to then-Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) in 2007 and 2008. He gave the same amount to then Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) during that same span.

32. WMD Policy Czar - Gary Samore

Title: White House Coordinator for Weapons of Mass Destruction, Security and Arms Control
Salary: unknown
Reports to: National Security Advisor Gen. James L. Jones
Appointed: January 2009
Department or agency that might have handled similar issues: NSC; Defense; State

• Will coordinate issues related to weapons of mass destruction across the government. His portfolio includes proliferation, nuclear and conventional arms control, threat reduction, and terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction.
• Position sits within the National Security Council.
• Is a veteran arms control negotiator.
• B.A. in sociology from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and his PhD in government from Harvard University in 1984.
• After brief stints with the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the RAND Corporation, joined the State Department during the Reagan administration in 1987. Held several positions there, including director of the Office of Regional Non-proliferation Affairs; special assistant to the Ambassador-at-Large for Non-proliferation and Nuclear Energy Policy; and deputy to Ambassador-at-Large for Korean Affairs Robert Gallucci. Helped to negotiate the 1994 U.S.-North Korea Framework Treaty
• Joined the Clinton administration’s National Security Council in 1995 as an adviser on nonproliferation. Coordinated U.S. policy on nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.
• Was Director, Council on Foreign Relations (2006 to 2009); Vice President for Global Security and Sustainability, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (2005); Researcher, International Institute of Strategic Studies (2001 to 2005)