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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Great Swine Flu Massacre April 1976

This unprecedented H1N1-H5N1 flu outbreak implicates the Ango-American Vaccine Pipeline. Consider the skyrocketing stock values of Novavax, Inc., precipitated by dozens of alleged flu deaths in Mexico. Then investigate the leading Anglo-American network of genetic engineers manipulating, mutating, and distributing these viruses. The evidence compels you, for the benefit of public health and safety to seriously consider, even decree, a conspiracy to commit genocide.


Flu Shots - Beware of Toxic Additives

The vaccine makers have found it difficult to cultivate the quantities of virus needed for H1N1 influenza vaccine, as the strain yields 50 percent to 75 percent less antigen, the substance that induces immunity, compared with a typical seasonal flu strain, according to the WHO. The strain doesn’t grow well in eggs, the principal medium used by the industry, vaccine makers said. So guess what? They are going to add something called adjuvants. The adjuvants are mixes of oil and water that -- by stimulating the immune system -- offer a way to boost the body’s response to antigen.

A safety concern was raised in 2004 when researchers at the University of Florida in Gainesville reported that mice injected with oils used in the adjuvants developed conditions of the type that occur when the body’s immune system produces an excessive protective reaction. Under the U.S. health emergency, the FDA may authorize the use of unlicensed vaccines, according to Peper Long, an agency spokeswoman. “Until GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis can show me it won’t harm a rat or guinea pig, I think it’s a bad idea to give it to humans,” Vicky Debold, a registered nurse with a Ph.D. in public health, who is a member of the FDA’s advisory committee for reviewing vaccines, said July 27 in an interview.

Swine flu vaccine makers may rely on a U.S. emergency declaration to use experimental additives made by GlaxoSmithKline Plc and Novartis AG to boost a limited supply of shots that will be available to fight the pandemic. (Note its allways an "emergency" just like the "emergency" when the government borrowed billions and it has accomplished amost nothing positive.)

The ingredients, known as adjuvants, may be added for the first time to flu shots in the U.S. Health officials, meeting today at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, plan to discuss use of the additives, and may also recommend who should be first to receive the limited amount of vaccines drugmakers say they will begin delivering in October. (These untested adjuvants will again cause thousands of deaths and most likely result in real crisis that was MANUFACTURED BY THE OBAMA GOVERNMENT)

the Food and Drug Administration has the power to allow the use of unapproved medical products during such a crisis. The U.S. has been slow to approve the use of adjuvants because of safety concerns, and for fear of giving Americans an excuse to avoid getting the shots, said John Treanor, a University of Rochester researcher. Did you read this? UNAPPROVED MEDICAL PRODUCTS. The DAMN government is going to test their drug on the American public.

“The question is, do you really feel comfortable throwing this new thing into the mix and do you really need to?” said Treanor, a professor of medicine, microbiology and immunology at the school in Rochester, New York. “I myself, if I had to do it, would really wrestle with that decision.”

This is just another fake obama crisis that will result in failure as did ford's crisis and result in the public subjected to lethal injections. I for one will never get a damn obama "flu shot". The SOB i'm sure will not require one for himself or family.

Flu Shots - Beware of Toxic Additives

In what is now known as "the Great Swine Flu Massacre," the President of the United States, Gerald Ford, was enlisted to persuade the public to undergo a national vaccination campaign. The moving force behind the scheme was a $135 million windfall profit for the major drug manufacturers. The same killing of citizens by the government is about to happen again.

In what is now known as "the Great Swine Flu Massacre," the President of the United States, Gerald Ford, was enlisted to persuade the public to undergo a national vaccination campaign. The moving force behind the scheme was a $135 million windfall profit for the major drug manufacturers. They had a "swine flu" vaccine which suspicious pig raisers had refused to touch, fearful it might wipe out their crop. The manufacturers had only tried to get $80 million from the swine breeders; balked in this sale, they turned to the other market, humans. The impetus for the national swine flu vaccine came directly from the Disease Control Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Perhaps coincidentally, Jimmy Carter, a member of the Trilateral Commission, was then planning his presidential campaign in Georgia. The incumbent President, Gerald Ford, had all the advantages of a massive bureaucracy to aid him in his election campaign, while the ineffectual and little known. Jimmy Carter offered no serious threat to the election. Suddenly, out of Atlanta, came the Centre for Disease Control plan for a national immunization campaign against "swine flu." The fact that there was not a single known case of this flu in the United States did not deter the Medical Monopoly from their scheme. The swine breeders had been shocked by the demonstrations of the vaccine on a few pigs, which had collapsed and died. One can imagine the anxious inferences in the headquarters of the great drug firms, until one bright young man remarked, "Well, if the swine breeders won't inject it into their animals, our only other market is to inject it into people."

The Ford-sponsored swine flu campaign almost died an early death, when a conscientious public servant, Dr. Anthony Morris, formerly of HEW and then active as director of the Virus Bureau of the Food and Drug Administration, declared that there could be no authentic swine flu vaccine, because there had never seen any cases of swine flu on which they could test it.

The damage control consisted of that great humanitarian, Walter Cronkite, and the President of the United States, combining their forces to come to the rescue of the Medical Monopoly. Walter Cronkite had President Ford appear on his news program to urge the American people to submit to the inoculation with the swine flu vaccine. CBS then or later could never find any reason to air any analysis or scientific critique of the swine flu vaccine, which was identified as containing many toxic poisons, including alien viral protein panicles, formal­dehyde, thimerosal (a derivative of poisonous mer­cury), polysorbate and some eighty other substances. Meanwhile, back at the virus laboratories, after Dr. Anthony Morris has been summarily fired, a special team of workers was rushed in to clean out the four rooms in which he had conducted his scientific tests. The laboratory was filled with animals whose records verified his claims, representing some three yean of constant research. All of thr animals were immediately destroyed, and Morris' records were burned. They did net go so far as to sow salt throughout the area, because they believed their job was done.

On April I5, 1976, Congress passed Public Law 94-266, which provided $135 million of taxpayers' funds to pay for a national swine flu inoculation campaign. HEW was to distribute the vaccine to state and local health agencies on a national basis for inoculation, at no charge. Insurance agencies then went public with their warning that they would not insure drug firms against possible studies from the results of swine flu inoculation, because no studies had been carried out which could predict its effects. It was to foil the insurance companies that CBS had Gerald Ford make his impassioned appeal to 215,000,000 Americans to save themselves while there was still time, and to rush down to the friendly local health department and get the swine flu vaccination, at absolutely no charge. This may have been CBS' finest hour in its distinguished career of "public service."

Hardly had the swine flu campaign been completed than the reports of the casualties began to pour in. Within a few months, claims totalling $1.3 billion had been filed by victims who had suffered paralysis from the swine flu vaccine.

The medical authorities proved equal to the challenge; they leaped to the defense of the Medical Monopoly by labeling the new epidemic, "Guillain-Barre Syndrome." There have since been increasing speculations that the ensuing epidemic of AIDS which began shortly after Gerald Ford's public assurances, were merely a viral variation of the swine flu vaccine.

And what of the perpetrator of the Great Swine Flu Massacre, President Gerald Ford? As the logical person to blame for the catastrophe, Ford had to endure a torrent of public criticism, which quite natu­rally resulted in his defeat for election (he had previ­ously been appointed when the agents of the interna­tional drag operations had ushered Richard Nixon out of office). The unknown Jimmy Carter, familiar only to the supersecret fellow members of the Trilateral Commission, was swept into office by the outpouring of rage against Gerald Ford. Carter proved to be almost as serious a national disaster as the swine flu epidemic, while Gerald Ford was retired from politics to life. Not only did he lose the election, he was also sentenced to spend his remaining years trudging wearily up and down the hot sandy stretches of the Palm Springs Golf course.


The Washington Post ran a story that not only extolled the use of the influenza vaccines but pushed for a new and improved version by saying, “Why wait for the pandemic to benefit from better flu vaccines?”(1) The story went on to say that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is planning to strengthen the flu shot “destined for the elderly” by adding an immune-boosting compound to the shot called an adjuvant.

An adjuvant is a substance added to produce a high antibody response using the smallest amount of virus (antigen) possible. By definition adjuvants are considered to be “pharmacologically active drugs.” They are designed to be “inert without inherent activity or toxicity” and yet they are required to “potently augment effects of the other compounds” in the vaccines. It is difficult to explain how a substance can be defined as “pharmacologically active” and at the same time be described as “inert and have no activity or toxicity.”

The limiting factor for approval of new adjuvants has been that most are far too toxic for use in humans. However, one adjuvant has been approved in Europe and its approval is on the way for use in the U.S. It is an oil-based adjuvant called MF-59, a compound primarily composed of squalene.

On first blush, squalene seems like a good choice for an adjuvant. Manufactured naturally in the liver, squalene is a precursor for cholesterol. In addition, squalene can be purchased at health food stores in its more commonly known form, “shark liver oil.” However, ingested squalene has a completely different effect on the body than injected squalene.

When molecules of squalene enter the body through an injection, even at concentrations as small as 10 to 20 parts per billion, it can lead to self-destructive immune responses, such as autoimmune arthritis and lupus. (This is what our great government wants us to endure without testing knowing that it can cause these effects. What ever you do DO NO TAKE OBAMA'S FLU SHOT!)

Several mechanisms have been proposed to explain this reaction. Metabolically, squalene stimulates an immune response both excessively and nonspecifically. More than two dozen peer-reviewed scientific papers from ten different laboratories throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia have been published documenting the development of autoimmune disease in animals subjected to squalene-based adjuvants. A convincing proposal for why this occurs includes the concept of “molecular mimicry” in which an antibody created against the squalene in MF59 can cross react with the body’s squalene on the surface of human cells. The destruction of the body’s own squalene can lead to debilitating autoimmune and central nervous system diseases.


The squalene in MF59 is not the only cause for concern. One of its components, Tween80 (polysorbate 80) is considered by vaccine manufacturers to be “inert” but is far from it. A study published in December, 2005 discovered that Tween80 can cause anaphylaxis, a sometimes fatal reaction characterized by a sharp drop in blood pressure, hives, and breathing difficulties. Researchers concluded that the severe reaction was not a typical allergic response characterized by the combination of IgE antibodies and the release of histamines; it was caused by a serious disruption that had occurred within the immune system.


A record 121 million doses of flu vaccine was produced for the 2006-2007 flu season and production is being ramped up to 140 million doses for the coming flu season. Be prepared for a huge push to get everyone vaccinated this fall. Consider it to be psychological pre-conditioning. The plan is to get each person ready—and eager—to roll up their sleeve for an injection of the “pandemic” flu vaccine when it becomes available.

Retaining freedom of choice will become increasingly important for those who want to refuse. Self-appointed experts at the WHO and the CDC who really believe the only way to survive a pandemic to be innoculated with viruses and chemicals will be pressuring you to comply. When the media begins to, once again, shriek about the coming bird flu pandemic by urging everyone to be vaccinated, remember that the bird flu vaccine will be largely untested. Worse, it will be no more effective than the annual flu shot and there is a high probability it will contain MF-59.

Flu Shots - Beware of Toxic Additives

To help you avoid any forced vaccine here or in any other country, below are links to 2 pages to be kept and taken with you. The first is the letter that the person requiring you to take a vaccine must sign before you take it. The second page is instructions on how to handle the situation.

Page 1

Page 2

Swine Flu Swindle

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Keeping The Heat On Exposing The FRAUD Obama

(This is an example of a real Hawaiian birth certificate) (Obama's is a FAKE)

Hawaii's 1961 long-form birth certificates
certified documents include name of doctor, hospital.

Images of two 1961 Hawaii birth certificates similar to the one President Obama purportedly has on file have now been unveiled.

The Honolulu Advertiser published photostats of the original long-form birth certificates of twin daughters born to Eleanor Nordyke at Kapi'olani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital Aug. 5, 1961, one day after Obama was supposedly born at the same facility.

The Nordykes' certificates include information missing from the short-form document for Obama published online, including the name of the hospital, the name of the attending physician , name and address of the parents, the race of the parents and the race of the baby.

the Hawaii Department of Heath affirmed that no paper birth certificate records were destroyed when the department moved to electronic record-keeping in 2001.

A close examination of the birth certificates issued by Kapi'olani to the Nordyke twins shows the registration number precedes the number given Obama, even though the future president was born a day earlier.

Susan Nordyke was born at 2:12 p.m. Hawaii time and was given No. 151 – 61 – 10637, which was filed with the Hawaii registrar Aug. 11, 1961.

Gretchen Nordyke followed at 2:17 p.m. and was given No. 151 – 61 – 10638, which was also filed with the Hawaii registrar Aug. 11, 1961.

According to a version of Obama's purported short-form certificate available from, Obama was given a higher registration number than the Nordyke twins. The online image indicates the number is No. 151 – 1961 – 10641, even though he was born Aug. 4, 1961, the day before the twins, and his birth was registered with the Hawaii registrar three days earlier, Aug. 8, 1961.

The middle figure in Obama's purported registration also is different than the Nordykes'. Obama's is 1961, indicating the year, while the Nordykes' is merely 61.

One explanation for the out-of-order serial numbers might be that several serialized stacks of birth certificates were made available at different hospitals.

Another possibility is that Obama's number is not a genuine registration number created in 1961 but was issued when the short-form document was generated during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Eleanor Nordyke told WND she thinks her twins got lower numbers because she went into the hospital Aug. 4, 1961, and was in labor for 20 hours before she delivered. She speculates that Ann Dunham came in after her and was given a later number, even though Dunham's baby was born earlier. Nordyke's twins were not born until the afternoon of the next day.

It's not just Obama's original birth certificate at issue. Among the documentation not yet available for Obama includes his kindergarten records, his Punahou school records, his Occidental College records, his Columbia University records, his Columbia thesis, his Harvard Law School records, his Harvard Law Review articles, his scholarly articles from the University of Chicago, his passport, his medical records, his files from his years as an Illinois state senator, his Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records, and his adoption records. All these records were sealed by the FRAUD obama on his first day in office as the FRAUD "president". Why? He, unlike most people, is hiding his true identity. Because obama has not released any college records anything can be assumed including he never graduated, made bad grades, or was attending college as a foreign student. Honest people release records if they don't have anything to hide. It can be assumed also obama is has a mediocre education and political record. He has not released any records of his time in illinois politics because this to is a sham. No bar records indicating how he performed as a lawyer. No adoption records which I believe would indicate he is not a US citizen. Obama hides his true identity. All his records are hidden yet many people believe he is a "black" man born in America. In truth he is not a black man. He only chooses to identify himself as a "black Male". Again this is fraudulent. Obama is a first class FRAUD who is living a lie. America is being deceived by a possessed devil. (Story Reports)

Obama's short-form document published online, does not indicate the name of the hospital, the name of the attending physician , name and address of the parents, the race of the parents and the race of the baby. In other words it doesn't reveal his true identity. No hospital, no physician, no name and address of the parents, race of the parents or race of the baby. THIS IS WHY OBAMA IS A FRAUD!

His online "certificate of live birth" is not a real birth certificate that indicates who he is and where he was born. Obama hides his true identity. Why? Because he is a FRAUD!

Television is the most powerful weapon of psychological warfare in history and yet it is a member of the family in most households. The programming that we are constantly assaulted with conditions us to a particular world view. The view that obama is legitimate and can be trusted.

Obama is a liar and almost every word that comes out of his mouth is a lie. He truly is a con man or devil in disguise.

Officials confirm 'Obama document' not necessarily accurate

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Where is your ID obama

The little girl is looking at obama not gates and asking, "Why don't you just show your ID?." This is the question more and more people are asking. Why don't you show us your birth certificate, your id. If obama was forced to prove who he is in court I believe he could not prove he is a US citizen as he has led people to believe. He doesn't have a real ID. Its a good thing the cop didn't arrest obama because he like gates would have also played the race card to further promote himself and hide the truth.

Obama Latest Info Exposing The FRAUD

Obama Pouts Like A Child

Pout: To protrude the lips in an expression of displeasure or sulkiness.

A child pouts. Obama is a man/child or boy/man similar to michael jackson. Obama or Barry Sorento acts and thinks like a child. Obama was asked about Gates' arrest at the end of a nationally televised news conference on health care Wednesday night and began his response by saying Gates was a friend and he didn't have all the facts.

Earlier in the day Friday, the Cambridge and area police unions voiced their support for Crowley and called for an apology from Obama for his statement.

"His remarks were obviously misdirected but made it worse yet by suggesting somehow this case should remind us of a history of racial abuse by law enforcement," Dennis O'Connor, president of the Cambridge Police Superior Officers Association, said at a news conference.

"Whatever may be the history, we deeply resent the implications and reject any suggestion that in this case or any other case that they've allowed a person's race to direct their activities. However we hope they will reflect upon their past comments and apologize to the men and women of the Cambridge Police Department," O'Connor said.

Obama's remarks sparked outrage among many police officers who say the criticism could make it harder for police to work with people of color and set back the progress of race relations that helped Obama become the nation's first black president.

Obama was asked about Gates' arrest at the end of a nationally televised news conference on health care Wednesday night and began his response by saying Gates was a friend and he didn't have all the facts. (This is how a child reacts. A child reacts without thinking. Obama is a man/child. America has elected a man/child as president. A man/child who pouts when he is caught doing wrong. A man/child who when confronted by an adult sulks and protrudes his bottom lip just like a kid does when he is ashamed of what he did.

Gates Arrest Record

Obama acted "Stupidly in that he commented on gates before he knew all the facts even saying he didn't know all the facts. Yet he accused the cop of racism. Obama is an immature racist. He is everything America is not. Obama is a fraud. A child in a man's body. Gates is also an immature racist.