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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Why Do You Hate Obama?

Barack Obama's personal plea backing Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid backfired when the city was eliminated in the first round of voting. Obama is an epic FAILURE. The people's faces that believed in him reflect his failure. They trusted in a FRAUD to deliver.

Why Do You Hate Obama, is it because he is a black man?

This is what a black guy asked me. Why are you always talking about obama in a negative way? Don't you think that the economy obama is trying to get under control was given to him by bush?

I said, "I don't hate obama." I disagree with his policies. I see you are trying to make this discussion about race. With you its about race because you identify with obama because you are black. With me its not about race its about obama's ability to lead and present policies that make the economy prosper. To him anyone who disagrees with obama must hate obama. To me this is racist. He is telling me I am a racist that hates obama if I disagree with obama about anything. This is a diversion from the failure of obama.

Everything about obama is negative when the economy is in the news. Obama talks about the unemployment rate going down .2 of 1% and plays that up as if thats all that matters and ignores the 10% rate still there. To him its improving if it goes down .2 percent.

What matters is the 10% or greater national unemployment rate. What counts is the action being taken or not taken by the government to help the unemployment situation. Is obama responsible? Yes. Because his policies now are what controls the economy, not what happened a year ago. Its what obama is doing. He is totally failing.

Obama has only made things worse by creating a climate for businesses that require them to take a wait and see what the heck the government is going to spring on America next.

The problem with the unemployment rate and the economy is OBAMA. OBAMA is the reason we are in a recession that has not improved. Small and large businesses don't know what obama and his inept crew are going to do next. This is only one reason we are still in a recession.

Another reason is obama talks about raising taxes through his total government control "health care bill". This talk alone is killing any growth in the US economy.

Another reason is obama again proposing a "global warming/climate change bill/law that will vastly increase the tax on businesses and individuals if passed.

Obama is doing everthing he can to increase taxes and kill the incentive for businesses to grow and therefore the economy to recover.

No its NOT about race. Its all about the fact I or someone else does not like or disagrees with the first "black" president because he makes illogical decisions and plans.

It is because the first "black president" has appointed czars that are or have been communist party members as obama was at one time and as far as I know still is.

No I don't like obama. Its not because he is a "black man" its because of his policies. He is inept and unable to lead this country. Obama is a FRAUD. Obama is a media creation fashioned after tiger woods for mass comsumption. The difference is tiger woods has produced. Obama has not produced but unlike tiger woods is a media creation only.

I say obama is only a media creation that has not produced anything he has stated he would accomplish. Obama makes excuses for his failures. The state run media covers up for the "first black president" and his failure to lead or produce tangible results America can see.

Tiger woods is a real talent but as we have learned not the person the media would have us believe. Tiger's talent is real and has produced documented results.

Obama's talent is not real and has not produced documented results as he claims.

Obama talks but does not produce. Obama leads by teleprompter. Obama is a failure.

Will I give obama a pass as others might do just because his is a "black man". No.

Can I find anything obama has done that I agree with? Yes.

Before obama was nominated he signed a resolution describing himself as ineligible to be president.

Obama admits he is not a natural born citizen by affirming a natural born citizen must have parents that were both US citizens at birth. Senate resolution

I agree with his acknowledgment that a "natural born citizen" is a citizen that was born with parents that were US citizens.

“Because he was born to American citizens, there is no doubt in my mind that Senator McCain is a natural born citizen,” said Leahy. “I expect that this will be a unanimous resolution of the Senate.”

Obama was a co sponsor of a Senate resolution affiriming that John Mccain was a "natural born citizen". Yet by doing this obama also affirms he is NOT a "natural born citizen" because his parents were not both US citizens at his birth. His mother was a US citizen. His father was a Kenyan citizen.

Therefore obama has by affirming and signing this resolution on "natural born citizenship" stated he agrees Mccain is a natural born citizen but also agrees he is not.

Obama can't have it both ways. This is the one thing obama has done I agree with.


Does this mean I hate obama, NO. It means I think obama is as worthless as tits on a boar hog.

I challenge any liberal democrate supporter to explain to me how obama can state he is a natural born citizen when he stated in the senate resolution a natural born citizen must have 2 parents that are US citizens at birth. I want to see you spin this one. It is obvious obama is a LIAR! It is "overlooked" by the media and his supporters because the truth does not matter to them unless it supports obama. They ignore or spin anything else.

Has the state run media ignored this fact? Yes. Has Congress ignored this fact? Yes

Has the Supreme Court ignored this fact? Yes

Have the people that voted and supported obama ignored this fact? Yes

I have not ignored this fact. I read what obama cosponsored and signed. I know what he agreed to. I know what he stated on his web site "fight the smears" and in his books about his Kenyan citizenship until age 21.

Obama A kenyan Until age 21 Fight The Smears...IE "defend the lies by fighting the truth"

A smear is slanderous defamation.

Defamation is the damaging of someone's good reputation by saying something bad and untrue about them.

If something said about obama is true and a fact it is not defamation.

It is a fact obama cosponsored the Senate resolution for Johm Mccain.

Its is a fact obama claims to be a Kenyan citizen until age 21.

I have provided the links that provide the documention that can be verified.

I in effect am fighting the smears of obama's web site "fight the smears'.

Obama's web site should be called "defend the lies by fighting the truth"

I know obama is a FRAUD and IMPOSTER.

Obama committed fraud in Arizona before taking office by swearing he was a natural born citizen Obama commits fraud in Arizona


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