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Monday, July 6, 2009

Dereliction of Duty Robert McNamara Dies

No change in washinton. Idiots have elected idiots who support the idiot obama. Macnamara never met with vietnam vets. He was a coward as is obama. Obama will not meet to answer the real questions like where is your birth certificate? I have an open invitation for you obama to let me interview you on my terms which are only I pick the questions without any of your preprogrammed answers. I also want at least 1 followup question for each of my questions. If you are not a coward and are not a FRAUD let me interview you.

MacNamara's enthusiastic support and encouragement and his willingness to lie about the administration's actions led to 58,000 soldiers killed in a war he clearly knew couldn't be won. MacNamara's enthusiastic support and encouragement and his willingness to lie about the administration's actions is unforgivable. This individual thought he was above the common man and knew all the answers. This is the progressive/liberal mindset. In reality most are IDIOTS who will get you killed or destroy America. The current administration is infested with "macnamara's" who like robert macnamara will lie,cheat etc for the obama administration. Have you heard obama talking about the wonderful success of the lbj administration? All obama decisions are based on domestic political criteria just like johnson's were. Both of these democrate sick FRAUD "leadership" destroys America for political gain with the goal of unlimited power.

Author H.R. McMaster masterfully examines historic events that led to the disastrous Vietnam war within the context of two gigantic egos. Early on President Lyndon Johnson is shown to have a long political career of stretching the truth...starting with his alleged heroic air combat role in World War II. Robert McNamara is a towering intellectual who is not afraid to manipulate statistics to support his Cold War position or that of the president. The pattern is contagious as the Joint Chiefs of Staff also maintain upbeat reports that do not properly reflect the reality in Vietnam. (Sound Familiar?)

"Dereliction of Duty," is an eye-opening book that documents how powerful leaders in Washington D.C. who were bestowed with an enormous trust by the American people betrayed the young men and women who answered the nation's call in Vietnam. McMaster impressively reviews a painful period in American history and clearly shows how American foreign policy in Vietnam was manipulated for political and egotistical reasons. This book is clearly written and well researched. The conclusions are stunning...Lyndon Johnson, Robert McNamara and the Joint Chiefs of Staff [mislead] the American people. One of the few heroes in this book is Marine Corps Commandant David Shoup, who received a Medal of Honor for heroism on the Pacific island of Tarawa and who in November of 1963 strongly advised, "not, under any circumstances, should we get involved in land warfare in Southeast Asia."

The same educated IDIOTS are in washinton today manipulating statistics to support "global warming" and "national health care". The state run news media feeds the American people BS and they believe it until reality sets in. America has been "dummed down" by the state run educational system that feeds on federal government programs. It is the ENEMY WITHIN.

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