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Friday, February 13, 2009

UN Agenda 21 And ICLEI Eliminates Private Property Rights

Forcing International Agendas Through Local Mayors

Community Plans are about creating Sustainable Communities. At first blush, the words sound good, but the ideas behind them are not. Sustainable Communities are based on a new set of values where, for example, nature takes precedence over man and where non-elected council members decide what we can and cannot do.

Some neighborhood residents are recruited to join newly forming planning committees, and there may be valid issues that need to be addressed, but selective community presence in name and/or participation is designed to garner the appearance of broad community support for a plan that has been predetermined and not fully revealed. The plans that neighborhoods actually end up with are not local and they are not popularly driven.

Agenda 21 is a world-wide blueprint for implementing Sustainable Development that is designed to control everything we do, from the cradle to the grave and the bedroom to the boardroom.

The foundational infrastructure for Sustainable Communities is created by implementing Smart Growth. Smart Growth policies are characterized by the development of rails, trails and high-density real estate, accomplished by central planners in coalition with select businesses. Under these policies, private automobile use is discouraged (taking away our freedom of mobility), residents are crammed into dense living and working conditions, and control of public utilities and natural resources is consolidated in a central authority.

Plans Claim to Guide, Protect and Enhance the Community. Some people believe that neighborhood "plans" will help "guide", "preserve" and "enhance" their community. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, the words "guide", "preserve" and "enhance"? should be substituted with "control".

Control with a Carrot and a Stick

ICLEI, the International Council, explains that since local government will never be in a position to monitor and guide the millions of daily actions of local residents, "positive and negative feedback" is a valuable tool in the development of Sustainable Communities. The establishment of clear incentives and rewards for approved behaviors and clear disincentives for what they deem to be undesirable behaviors is part of a strategic "Action" plan. Incentives can include rewards ranging from public recognition to financial rewards or rebates. Disincentives can range from simple notification of problems to the imposition of fines and regulations.

ICLEI stands for policies that are anti-constitutional and anti-human. It is no surprise that we have seen increasing regulations and arbitrary code-enforcement policies adversely affecting mountain and rural residents. Many have been driven out of their homes and forced to sacrifice their livelihoods. Agenda 21 plans include policies that make it hard for rural residents to protect themselves against fire, while simultaneously rejecting solutions to create viable water supplies.

Why is this happening?

The true objective behind Sustainable Communities and larger regional plans is to restructure government by taking clearly defined political boundaries represented by elected officials and incorporating them into larger intra-regional councils that are run by non-elected and unaccountable bureaucracy. This creates the opportunity for the formation of new councils, committees, associations, organizations, agencies, etc., that typically report to higher apex councils. This is the same governmental operating system used in the twentieth century Russia, Italy, Germany and throughout the soviet bloc. The purpose of such a defacto governing system is to "partner" government with business and gain control over the production and distribution of all resources.

Don't be fooled.

Community Plans shift the answer of "Who decides?" from you to a coordinated but often unknown system of councils that partner with government enforcement agencies. The goal is to modify individual behavior so that people become molded into compliance to the dictates imposed by the rule of elitists. Barack Obama and the democrates will ensure this is done with the help of the congress and the so called "stimulus bill".

Now is the time for all good people to start understanding the internal workings and ultimate implications of Sustainable Development/Agenda 21. Don't be confused by Agenda 21's "warm and fuzzy" programs including: Community Plans, Smart Growth and Sustainable Communities. The feel good greenies that are everywhere are really useful idiots being used to transform the US into a thrid world country and very soon into a one world government when the dollar becomes worth nothing and martial law is imposed.

ICLEI and others are dedicated to controlling your locally elected public officials to quietly implement an all-encompassing tyranny over every community in the nation. And your mayor is probably helping them do it – in the name of environmental protection. It’s not about protecting the environment, it’s about reinventing government with a specific political agenda. ICLEI has money- lots of it, along with a lot of high-level government contacts, and they use them. The target is your local community, your home, your place of business, your child in school, your car, your light bulbs, your drinking water, your food consumption, your tax dollars, and every other aspect of your lives.

The mayors have been targeted and are now in a vice grip between international forces like the UN and Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) like ICLEI. Today, however, global forces which do not accept the unique American form of government sneak behind the curtain, avoiding controversy and honest debate. They target unknowing local officials, wine and dine them, and blind them with power and influence. The only possible result can be the tyranny of a powerless electorate stripped of their rights, property and self-determination.

Mayors across the nation must be clued in to the fact that ICLEI and its ilk are not their friends, rather they are the purveyors of a self-made crisis hysteria using fear rather than truth and logic to impose their agenda.

The united nations one world government agenda is Obama's agenda.


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