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Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Talk Radio Spot

Listen to Expose The Fraud Obama on internet talk radio


English Translation: bwana
Language Expression English Translation or Definition
Chiga Bwana Mr, title for a government official.
Gilbertese bwana lubricate.
Jita bwana pleasant, sweet.
Mabia bwana grandfather.
Swahili bwana Mr, boss, master, lord, sir.
Yao bwana term of reciprocal address between friends.

The Swahili are a people and culture found on the coast of East Africa, mainly the coastal regions and the islands of Kenya and Tanzania. Kenya is the homeland of barry sorento aka barack hussein obama. It is interesting that bwana is a title for a government offical, boss etc. So knowing this is would be appropriate to address barry as, Bwana barry sorento aka barack hussein obama. Keep in mind he is a government offical and a fraud.

I also think it would be useful to address barry sorento in his native tongue.
English to Swahili Dictionary

English to Swahili Dictionary

In barry's native tongue.

Bwana Mwizi! Wongo Kuelekea Mmarekani. Sisi Atikali Nyinyi Ni Le Danganyo.

Sir stop lying to Americans. We know you are the fraud.

Talking about Obama aka Barry Sorento with Your Host bwa-na

Example: Hello caller go ahead. Response: Bill can you tell me why obama will not produce his original certificate of birth?

Call-in Number: (646) 915-9095

My first radio spot is on Wed Jan 28 at 5:00PM.

Talking about Obama aka Barry Sorento What is all the fuss about? Everybody says Obama was born in Hawaii because he says he was. His website even has a picture of his certifiction of birth so why question his citizenship? ANSWER: Because Hawaiian law is not conclusive, any evidence Obama is a citizen must be questioned. Especially when his lawyers have spent thousands of dollars to keep his documents sealed. WHY? When I ask this question to others I get no answer. WHY? Because they also that something about BO's tactics smell. Its that BO smell that won't go away.

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