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Friday, February 15, 2008

The democrate super delegate fix is in

The democrates candidates actually pay delegates for their vote and here is the proof. 20% of the democrates delegates are super delegates which means the fix is in. The average voter has no control over this and hillary/obama know how to lie and buy. They would buy you vote also. They have bought your vote. Like hillary said all hat and no cattle, but in this case her investment in delegate futures is a hedge fund that leaves the voter out in the cold. What kind of election are theses people running. I will tell you, a legal way to steal your vote the DEMOCRATE WAY! Your vote is wasted!

Posted by Foon Rhee, deputy national political editor Bostob Globe February 14, 2008

Many of the superdelegates who could well decide the Democratic presidential nominee have already been plied with campaign contributions by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, a new study shows.

"While it would be unseemly for the candidates to hand out thousands of dollars to primary voters, or to the delegates pledged to represent the will of those voters, elected officials serving as superdelegates have received about $890,000 from Obama and Clinton in the form of campaign contributions over the last three years," the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics reported today.

About half the 800 superdelegates -- elected officials, party leaders, and others -- have committed to either Clinton or Obama, though they can change their minds until the convention.

Obama's political action committee has doled out more than $694,000 to superdelegates since 2005, the study found, and of the 81 who had announced their support for Obama, 34 had received donations totaling $228,000.

Clinton's political action committee has distributed about $195,000 to superdelegates, and only 13 of the 109 who had announced for her have received money, totaling about $95,000.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Media prop who gives speeches about change

A group of people who are democrates were asked the following question on hanady and colmes: "Can you name any specific Senator Obama accomplishment?" Answers: He served in the Senate, votes as a Senator, gave a great speech not to go to war in Irac, pass, only african American senator in senate. These were the answers given by a focus group of democrates. This is obama, the empty suit revealed! People can't name any real accomplishments only answers like the above. He is only pie in the sky. It is amazing to me the stupidity of some Americans, who will only vote for obama because he represents change to them. He will change things in America for sure but it will be liberal changes. He is only a media prop who people like to hear give speeches about change. Nothing here to sink your teeth in, only a liberal wrapped in cotton candy. ["Obama has a patent on saying nothing", Rush Limbaugh.]
Texans have a phrase "All hat and no cattle." This phrase applies to pretend cowboys that dress and talk the part, pretending to be what they aren't. Hillary is all witch hat! These other phrases apply to the empty suit and the witch:

All booster, no payload.
All crown, no filling.
All foam, no beer.
All hammer, no nail.
All icing, no cake.
All lime and salt, no tequila.
All missile, no warhead.
All shot, no powder.
All wax and no wick.

Forrest Gump had it right, when he said, Stupid is as Stupid does. Stupid applies to anyone who would vote for obama or hillary. Changing the subject below:

Dolly Pardon This has got nothing to do with the above story but I thought it would be a nice change of pace.......ya know change is the big thing now!