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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Big Ice Pick vs Mag 45 in the future?

Sudan, the country's name derives from the Arabic Bilad-al-sudan, literally "country of the blacks. The Muslim population is almost entirely Sunni but is divided into many different groups. Note the guy with the big ice pick. Now you may think this is some nut in sudan wanting to chop someones head off, and you are correct. All this over a teddy bear named by children called moh-ham-mad. They go crazy and want to kill, kill, kill for most any reason. It's all they have to do. They will and can kill you and me here in the US if the democrat and republican moderates and liberals have their way. So when you see a guy with a big ice pick like in the picture comming towards you I hope you have a mag45 to drop him.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Hillary – a dangerous demagogue

This is a "first hand" account of the clintons and what they have done and will do in the future. This is terror plain and simple. May GOD help us if hillery is elected president! They will use the news media to exploit the simple minded. An example is the hostage news at the hillary office today. She will use this to her advantage, trying to make herself into someone who can act in an emergency. The hostage taker called cnn three times about health care, "a convenient truth", looks like a set up of some kind for sure. Just ask her a real question at a news conference and see what happens. She can't answer and will not answer questions from reporters because she has much to hide but she can make speeches and talk real big about what she will do, but what has she done? She has no experience or record to point to the path of the presidency. She is just a product of the news media. The liberal news media. A liar and a fake. She has a dangerous hidden agenda to push on the citiizens of the US. Bill clinton is her only claim to fame.

Hillary – a dangerous demagogue
Posted: November 14, 2007
1:00 a.m. Eastern WND

I knew Hillary Rodham Clinton pretty well, before I read Kathleen Willey's new book, "Target: Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton."

Yet, I emerge from this experience with far more dread of a second Clinton administration than I thought was possible for me.

Like Willey, I have the bruises to show for the experience of eight years dealing with these dangerous demagogues, these Svengalis of American politics, this corrupt-to-the-core scam couple.

What I expected from "Target" was an expanded articulation of the sexual assault the former White House staffer suffered at the hands of the philanderer-in-chief. I certainly got that. But I got much more than I expected.

Willey's book is perhaps the best expose of the personal, moral bankruptcy of both Clintons – one of whom, you may have noticed, is a leading candidate for the presidency in 2008.

What Clinton did to Willey in the Oval Office is shocking. It showed he is a serial sexual predator. It showed he sees women as mere sexual objects. It showed he is some kind of psychotic narcissist. It showed he is immoral. It showed he has no self-control. It showed he has no respect for other human beings nor the office of the presidency. And it showed he is, as Willey put it, capable of just about anything – including rape.
But that is only a tiny part of the story, told in graphic detail though it is.

The bigger part of the expose is what both Bill and Hillary Clinton did to cover his tracks.

It is a story of absolute abuse of power, thuggery unimaginable to most Americans, terror no citizen should ever have to endure from "public servants."

Kathleen Willey makes a point most media people have never understood and most Americans could never understand. Many of us who crossed the Clintons – whether it was because of what we wrote or whether it was because we didn't yield to unwanted sexual attacks – feared for our lives as a result of winding up on their "enemies list."

And there were real-world consequences to being on the Clintons' enemies list. It could mean losing jobs. It could mean threats and harassment. It could mean invasion of privacy. It could mean break-ins and dead pets and flat tires. It could mean audits from the Internal Revenue Service. And I am convinced, as is Willey, it could mean untimely death.

Willey exposes it all – just in time to alert Americans to what they don't know about Bill and Hillary Clinton.

These are not just harmless, politically misguided hayseeds. This is a pair of ruthless, arrogant, power-mad politicians who would use any means necessary to return to the White House and stay there for as long as possible.

That most Americans still don't understand the kind of criminal syndicate they ran out of the White House is the most alarming part of all. After Monica and Paula and Dolly and Gennifer and Juanita and Elizabeth and Sally and Kathleen and many more, why is it that this serial abuse and harassment is still perceived as a matter of the Clintons' personal lives?

Could any other couple, in or out of politics, get away with sexual attacks, followed by mob-style intimidation and threats of violence?

I hope not. I don't know of any other – not even the Sopranos. And I'm from New Jersey.

The stakes are high, given Hillary's poll numbers, given her position as the leading candidate for the Democratic nomination, given the way so many of my colleagues in the press turn a blind eye to her devilish ambition and cunning criminality.

Thanks to Kathleen Willey for reminding America of what we will get if this wicked woman is not stopped.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Here is a man that knows what he is doing

State Representative Randy Terrell, R-Okla. is my kind of representative. He is more interested in US citizens than illegal aliens. I and other US citizens pay the bills for illegal aliens in the form of taxes that give free medical care, education etc.

The Huddle Study (Estimated cost of illegal aliens)

Because the number of illegal aliens can only be estimated, similarly the fiscal cost (government budget outlays) for those aliens can only be estimated. Dr. Donald Huddle, a Rice University economics professor, published a systematic analysis of those costs as of 1996 (see table below). The study also estimated the tax payments of those same aliens.

At that time, the illegal alien population was estimated to be about five million persons. The estimated fiscal cost of those illegal aliens to the federal, state and local governments was about $33 billion. This impact was partially offset by an estimated $12.6 billion in taxes paid to the federal, state and local governments, resulting in a net cost to the American taxpayer of about $20 billion every year. This estimate did not include indirect costs that result from unemployment payments to Americans who lost their jobs to illegal aliens willing to work for lower wages. Nor did it include lost tax collections from those American workers who became unemployed. The study estimated those indirect costs from illegal immigration at an additional $4.3 billion annually.

During the years since that estimate, the illegal alien population is estimated to have roughly doubled, so the estimated fiscal costs also will have at least doubled. Furthermore, the passage of time is accompanied by inflation in the costs of services, e.g., school budgets continue to climb. Therefore, what was estimated to be a cost to the American taxpayer of $33 billion in 1996 today would be at least $70 billion. Similarly, tax collections would have increased — sales taxes at least — so that the net expense to the taxpayer from illegal immigration would currently be at least $45 billion. The indirect fiscal costs would have also increased, especially during a period of already high unemployment, to perhaps and additional $10 billion annually.

1996 Costs Table from the Huddle Study 1


Public Education K-12

Public Higher Education

ESL and Bilingual Education

Food Stamps



Social Security

Earned Income Tax Credit


Medicare A and B

Criminal Justice and Corrections

Local Government

Other Programs


Total Costs


Less Taxes Paid


Net Costs of Direct Services


Displacement Costs


All Net Costs


The cost of incarceration of illegal aliens in state prisons has also risen rapidly. In fiscal year ’02, the Department of Justice’s State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) distributed $550 million to the states to help defray their expenses, but this was estimated to cover only about one fifth of their outlays. Between FY'99 and FY'02, alien detention increased by 45 percent (from about 69,300 inmate years to over 100,300 inmate years), and that trend is continuing. These expenses do not include the costs of illegal aliens incarcerated in federal prisons, public safety expenditures, detention pending trial, expenses of trial proceedings, interpretation, public defenders, or the incarceration expenses of immigrants for minor offenses that do not meet the standards of the SCAPP reimbursement program. Therefore, it is clear that outlays for Criminal Justice and Corrections costs is today much greater than double the 1996 estimate.

Liberals would have you not know the truth about how much it costs the US taxpayer.
Rep Randy Terrell knows that illegals cost the US taxpayer ever increasing taxes to pay for free government services while business gets to hire them for less and there for can cheat the US taxpayer. Also most illegals of course don't pay taxes and business gets another bonus from this. It's all about business wanting to hire illegals and pay them less and make more money. (Just think about this) Now you know the dirty little secret. The US worker loses his job to the illegal and pays for his government services! Rep Randy Terrell thank you for helping the US CITIZEN. Mexicans don't give a "xx" about Americans they just want to take advantage of the free ride because the US Government liberals have given them the green light to walk all over Americans. What a bunch of dirty bastards the liberal democrats and republicans are.

While many bills have addressed only one issue, Oklahoma passed an omnibus immigration bill in April that covers four major areas: documentation, public assistance, employment and law enforcement. The law prevents illegal immigrants from obtaining official government identification documents, including driver's licenses and voter registration cards. The legislation also terminates public assistance or entitlement benefits, with the exception of emergency medical assistance; criminalizes those who have an unlawful presence in the state and/or who harbor and transport undocumented aliens, or make them eligible for bail; and penalizes employers who hire undocumented workers. “Illegals will not come [to Oklahoma] if there are no jobs, no subsidies, and if they know they will be detained if they come in contact with law enforcement,” says State Representative Randy Terrell, R-Okla., who sponsored the bill. Terrell says those crafting the bill wanted the Oklahoma legislation to be in sync with federal immigration policy.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Dumb and Dummer

Dumb and Dummer. Dumb describes the Bush policy on immigration and the wide open borders. Dummer doesn't come close to describing Gore and his dangerous global warming lies. Together they are dumb and dummer.