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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Arctic Meltdown Opens Fabled Northwest Passage

The ice melts out of Hudson Bay in early July and does not return till November. The 1000's of polar bears in the Hudson Bay region do just fine without it for a few months.

The natural variability of Greenland climate
For the arctic, we are talking about melting from mid-August to mid-September. Big deal, the Bears camp out on land for a month or two. Most females spend 1 year on land when they are ready to give birth.

The ice will refreeze in the arctic as soon as the 6 months of 24 darkness sets in on September 21 or 22 every year.

The average person will just absorb this global warming lie because of the picture and junk science used. (See note this below) The data is doctored to look like a dramatic change in the artic but in reality it is all man made global warming on paper. The data was skewed to result in a false model of artic ice melting. Keep in mind the ice in the arctic normally melts every year from mid aug to mid sep. Melting is normal for the arctic. Keep in mind the data is flawed and doctored to portray climate change, ie global warming. Climate change is normal, global warming does not exist.

A fabled sea route above North America linking the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans has become a reality thanks to global warming.

Scientists have confirmed that in August, Arctic sea ice shrank to its lowest levels since satellite measurements began monitoring the region nearly 30 years ago. One consequence of this is that the Northwest Passage has opened up much earlier than expected.

"We're several decades ahead of schedule right now," said Mark Serreze, a senior scientist at the University of Colorado's National Snow and Ice Data Center, which monitors the region.

The premature opening of the passage does not mean that climate models are unreliable, only that their predictions have been far too conservative, Serreze said. "They're getting the right trajectory, but they're too slow," he said.


Arctic Sea Ice Continues Decline to Set New Records ?
The modern low was in 1961, after which it increased dramatically well into the satellite era. No it wasn't. A mistake was made in interpretation of a paper.

The sea ice extent chart from 1961 was in 100,000s of sq. kms versus 1,000,000 sq. kms in the rest of the paper and how the sea ice is always measured. It actually makes no sense to chart the ice in 100,000s of sq. kms because it can change by that much on a DAILY basis. The paper probably had an error on the axis title but I have no way of knowing that since it was produced in the 1970s.

On the other hand, the current sea ice record low could also be the result of an error since the NSIDC re-wrote the sea ice data so dramatically this January.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gov't didn't act after E. coli outbreak

It figures, nothing was done to step up inspections after 200 got sick and 3 were died.
The government can get companies to recall toys with lead paint to protect children but with food that we eat they won't do anything extra like step up inspections. Federal officials inspect companies growing and processing salad greens an average of just once every 3.9 years. An AP review found that since last year's E. coli outbreak, California public health inspectors have yet to spot-test for bacteriological contamination at any processing plants handling leafy greens. And some farms in the fertile Salinas Valley are still vulnerable to bacteria-carrying wildlife and other dangerous conditions.
How can we trust the government to protect us. They wanted to open the borders to trucks from mexico etc. They wanted to make illegals legal in 24 hours. Our government cannot be trusted to do anything right! Today harry reid says alcadia is on the comeback because osama's beard is now black were before it was grey. What an idiot! We have idiot's in congress not protecting this country. Calling this STUPID is being kind.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It was cold blooded murder

Winkler says she did not remember getting the gun but she did know her husband kept a shotgun in their home. The next thing she heard was a loud boom. Matthew Winkler was shot in the back as he lay in bed. He rolled from the bed onto the floor, and, still alive, he asked his wife, "Why?" to which she responded, "I'm sorry." When she left the home, Matthew Winkler was still alive. This is as bad as the jury decision for oj simpson. She shot a man in the back and said i'm sorry and gets only manslaughter?
Cold blooded murder is what I call it. She should have got the chair. Where is the evidence of abuse and if there was any how can cold blooded murder be justified by this excuse? Where is the evidence of spousal abuse? Does this mean a man can shoot his wife in the back with a shotgun, say i'm sorry and claim spousal abuse also?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The woman who killed her minister husband with a shotgun is seeking custody of her three daughters, or at least frequent visits.

A petition filed in Carroll County Chancery Court argues that Mary Winkler's continued separation from the girls — ages 2, 8 and 10 — is "unconscionable and detrimental" to the children.

Carroll County Chancellor Ron Harmon set a hearing for next week on her motion.

Her former in-laws, Dan and Diane Winkler, who have had custody of the girls since their mother's arrest, are seeking to terminate her parental rights and adopt the girls.

Winkler, 33, shot Matthew Winkler in the parsonage of Fourth Street Church of Christ in Selmer on March 22, 2006, after what she described as an abusive marriage. She was convicted of voluntary manslaughter, but served only five months in jail, followed by two months in a mental health treatment facility.

Separately, Harmon denied without comment the Winklers' motion to try to prevent Mary Winkler from appearing on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" on Wednesday.

Her in-laws had argued that "it is in the best interest of the children to live normal lives and it is not in their interest for their private lives and problems to be aired in the newspaper and on television. No good can come of it."

The couple's attorney, Jake Adams Jr., declined to comment on the judge's decision.

Part of Mary Winkler's "Oprah" interview had already been recorded.

I guess if oprah passes on her she should get the kids, right. Oprah will make her the victim when of course she is the murderer and is a danger to others in my opinion. The next time she feels abused BAM your dead! Next a book detailing how she did it etc etc. If you have a wife that is a little flakey men lock up your guns or you could be the next victim of an 'oprah' victim.

Never forget 9/11 nor the traitors in congress

Lets not forget 9/11 and lets not forget the members of congress who have lied and caused the enemy to rejoice. Many members of congress give aid and comfort to the enemy with their statements and actions. For what, for their own benefit without regard to the military or America in general. These people in congress are traitors and should be named so. Anyone who gives aid and comfort to the enemy is a traitor, don't you agree? Lets not forget 9/11 and lets not forget the traitors in congress!

Why the Left Must Deny 9/11
By James Lewis
In the endless Summer of Love there is no 9/11. And to tens of millions of dreamy folk on the Left, the Summer of Love never stopped. For those people there is no dangerous Ahmadi-Nejad in Tehran, threatening a fiery new holocaust for Tel Aviv and Washington, DC. There is no nuclear proliferation by mad little mass-murdering Kim Jong Il. There is no Osama Bin Laden stirring up terror cells around the world -- just a poor, confused man somewhere in the mysterious, deeply spiritual East, whom we have offended in some terrible way.

For the Dreamy Left there is no history, and no fundamental human conflict. There was no Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor half a century ago -- except as a terrible misunderstanding, because our parents and grandparents were just so ignorant and racist in that benighted time. There was never a Cold War, there is no necessary war ever, there is no human value worth fighting for. We have transcended all that by our saintly morality and good will. History was mostly a big misunderstanding. Reality is only an agreement. Peace and Love are forever and ever, and nobody has to do anything to make it so, except to wish for it hard enough. If everybody wants it, it will be so.

For decades I've seen the bumper stickers: "Visualize World Peace," "If you think it, it will happen." What I never really grasped is that millions of reality-impaired people actually believe that. Last summer, the good people at "World Jump Day"

"plan to shift the orbit of planet Earth in order to 'stop global warming, extend daytime hours and create a more homogenous climate.' They were going to achieve this by having 600 million people jump up in the air at the same time."

I blush to say this, but I think I know those people. They're my liberal friends. They think wars happen because Americans are evil -- not because we were attacked by the Emperor cult of bushido Japan, or war was declared on us by the Hitler fanatics of Nazi Germany. Or, least of all, by Soviet imperialism, the greatest peace-loving movement on earth. Or by Osama Bin Laden. They are the people who are convinced today that if only the United States left Iraq, there would be peace, and that Saddam Hussein wasn't such a bad guy after all.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin got it exactly right: "The West are wishful thinkers. We will give them what they want to think." It worked like a charm for the Soviets for more than seven decades, in spite of all the known horrors. The Left simply extends an open invitation to con artists and sociopaths everywhere, and guess what? They come buzzing around like fat flies to horse droppings. Where are you, Charlie Trie, and Norman Hsu? Where are you Bill Clinton and the Reverend Jim Jones? Come and get it!

So when the world turns out to be different from dreamland and 9/11 happens in front of our eyes, somebody else has to be blamed. Because God is Love and Love is Love and Reality is Love. If that's not true, it's because of the evil people. (Like Republicans and neocons, and fat white middle-aged men with Southern accents and cruel faces, and mean people in military uniforms like in the Hollywood movies ... and you know what they're really like. Kluxers in sheets, every single one of 'em. You can tell just by looking at them.)

I've never understood why the Left hates Republican presidents so much, though I've heard them say it for decades. The Democrats didn't just oppose Eisenhower politically, they feverishly hated and despised him. The same for Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and so on until George W. Bush. (The next Republican president will also be hated and slandered. It's totally predictable.)

Oddly enough, LBJ was also fervently hated by the Left, even though he was a liberal Democrat who transformed the grief over Kennedy's assassination into the trillion-dollar War on Poverty. Yet he was still hated by the Left, with real, eye-popping, carpet-biting hatred.

I never understood it.

Until 9/11 happened -- and the Left went right along believing what they did before. Life changed right in front of all of our eyes, with the dark, smoking Twin Towers. And on the Left, nothing changed.

Then I think the saner folks in the country started to get it.

I had a dark, heavy-hearted feeling during the Clinton years that we were in for some terrible blow, because the country was pretending that the Summer of Love was back, Bill Clinton was President and nothing bad would ever, ever happen again. To me it looked like we were just asking for it.

When 9/11 happened, half the political world woke up. But not the other half, on the Left. The Left can't be wrong. If the facts on the ground contradict what's in their heads, the facts must be wrong.

That's not just true for the Mooney Left, but even for the Hard Noam Chomsky Left. Because the Chomsky Left is only the Mooney Left grown more verbose. Like Chomsky, the Hard Left believes that ordinary people are easily suckered by the Big War-Mongering Corporations, just like the ad campaigns for Coke and Pepsi. Chomsky calls it "manufactured consent". That just means that normal people can't be trusted to think for themselves. They are constantly suckered by the Big Evil Corps.

Reality is too painful for these folks. It's too scary. They protect themselves by a powerful, invisible shield of psychic Saran Wrap. It's just like the miracle of plastics.

I never really understood that, because, frankly, it would mean that half of my contemporaries were mad. Or -- let's use a nice word -- they are "in denial." But not just the normal, everyday denial, the kind that doctors see when their patients are dying in the hospital. Rather, the Left denies entire categories of shared physical danger that are plainly visible to all us, every single day. They just turn those facts upside-down, or shift the responsibility to the wrong side. In Winston Churchill's perspicacious phrase, they blame the fire brigade, not the fire.

It's like blocking out an oncoming ten-wheeler truck even as it bears down on you, hooting its ear-splitting powerhorn. What truck? I don't see any truck!

Well, get across the street, you fool, I feel like shouting. But of course that doesn't do any good either. They are shielded. They are impenetrable.

So why are plainly un-sane people allowed to vote? I think we need to give a reality test before anybody gets a vote in a democratic society. Just put every aspiring voter in front of a ten-wheeler, and slowly drive it toward them, honking the big horn, and giving them plenty of time to walk away. If they escape alive, they can vote. If not, well, tant pis, as the French would say. (That's not what you might think it means).

OK, that's not exactly right, but why should millions of plainly deluded folks be allowed to sink the civilized world, in the face of clear and present danger?

Well, we get to watch them again today. Just notice how they are in denial. As Ronald Reagan said on a memorable occasion debating Jimmy Carter, "There he goes again." On September 11, there they go again.

Don't get upset. Just watch them being themselves. And don't ever let them to cross a busy street without adult supervision.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Have It Your Way Pod Cast Sep 9/07

Have It Your Way Pod Cast Sep 9/07 Macdonalds vs MacDummies

Have it Your Way?

Now I ask you, can anyone be this stupid? Supervision at Mikeedee's ain't no better than where I work. These people are brain dead. The girl strips as a fake caller says he is a police officer and that she is accused of stealing a purse. The fake cop on the phone tells her to strip and get a near by guy to do oral sex on. This is insane. How could anyone be this dumb. The mcdonald's supervisors also went along with what they were told to do. (Global warming must have caused this because what else could have?) So what if she was accused of stealing over the phone, she was not charged and booked. What do they think police are, just someone to tell them what to do no matter what it is? STUPID! What's in them burgers any way!!! They can't get an order correct 1 out of 5 times yet when ya call in they follow insturctions. Did the caller tell them to hold the mayo to?

LOUISVILLE — Three years ago, an 18-year-old high school senior making $6.35 an hour at a McDonald's in Bullitt County, Ky., was subject to the cruelest of hoaxes — accused by a caller of theft, then detained, stripped and sexually humiliated for hours in the restaurant office.

Two others, also duped by the hoax, were convicted of crimes, though a jury acquitted the man police charged with orchestrating the entire thing.

Now, a jury will decide what price — if any — McDonald's Corp. should pay for Louise Ogborn's degrading ordeal.

In a fiercely litigated lawsuit scheduled to go to trial tomorrow, Ogborn will ask a Bullitt Circuit Court jury to make the company pay her more than $200 million — including $100 million in punitive damages — for failing to warn her and other employees about a hoax caller who had already struck 32 other McDonald's stores and as many as 130 other fast-food restaurants and retail stores across the nation.

It is believed to be the first such suit to go to trial; the rest were settled.

McDonald's says it's not to blame and that the real culprits include the caller — and Ogborn herself.

The trial is expected to take four weeks. Stacked one atop the other, the pleadings in the case — 815 documents in 35 volumes — would stand 10 feet tall, twice the height of Ogborn herself.

"It is an interesting collision of forces going to battle over a bizarre set of facts," said William McMurry, the Louisville lawyer who helped win a $25.7 million settlement in sex-abuse cases against the Archdiocese of Louisville.

"There is no middle ground," he said. "It will be either a zero verdict for the plaintiff or a gazillion dollars. I have never seen as sensational a case as this, with so much to lose on both sides."

Lawyers have taken 57 depositions from more than 40 witnesses, and each side lists more than 80 people it might call to the stand.

McDonald's has retained eight expert witnesses in fields as diverse as psychiatry, probability, corporate security and human behavior, and will employ two major law firms in its defense.

The principal antagonists are two of Kentucky's leading trial attorneys, Ann Oldfather for Ogborn and W.R. "Pat" Patterson for McDonald's.

Ogborn, claiming she is wracked by fear and depression, seeks compensation for her lost enjoyment of life and an expected lifetime of therapy and medication costs. A psychiatrist, hired last year by her attorneys, said her symptoms were worse than the typical rape victim's.

Nix was engaged at the time to the store's assistant manager, Donna Jean Summers, who asked him to come watch Ogborn. A man who phoned the store pretending to be a police officer accused Ogborn of theft and ordered her strip-searched.

According to police and court records, Nix said he thought he was following an officer's orders when he directed Ogborn, who was detained four hours in the restaurant's office, to do exercises in the nude and perform oral sex on him. He also slapped her several times on her buttocks, at the direction of the caller, the records show.