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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Obama says he has no Illinois records

This is really the truth! I should say partial truth. He like hillary evades answering questions that would expose his lack of experience to be considered as someone who could lead this country as president. When he says he has no record it is the truth, no record or qualifications to make anyone other than a simple emotional voter who is willing to believe anything and will vote for him because of the liberal media attention. He is a poor example of a candidate for president. Just like hillary he is carefully managed to keep the American voter in the dark about his "elvis type campaign and handlers" He says he didn't keep any records when he was a state senator. This sounds just like a clinton reason for not doing what you know he did. Why would you vote for this man who doesn't have enough common sense to keep any records of anything he did while he was in elected state office? Immature,dangerous and no qualifications is what I have have observed.

No record or I don't recall?


Anonymous said...

I know a person like this. The same mindset. The person I know recently purchased a car for about $1,000. About 2 weeks later he bought rims for the car costing $3,000. or more.
This type of person only cares about himself and what others think of his ride. This is obama in a nut shell. People will be fooled by the less than lackluster talking points he tries to explain. He will only take you for a ride and drop you off on the street speeding away after he gets your vote. Wake up, this guy is only what the media makes him. A bland senator riding on the liberal media bias with high priced chrome wheels that cost too much! Big government and never ending tax increases!

Anonymous said...

I agree, just listen to what he says. Most of it makes little food for thought. Just a liberal media fabrication.