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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bonds Wallops No. 756

From the book The Science of Hitting by former Red Sox great Ted Williams:
“A good hitter must identify a pitch to hit, know enough about the pitcher and the game situation to give himself the best chance to succeed, and put hands and hips into motion to drive the pitch. Nowhere does Williams mention that muscle mass aides in any of those critical elements. Williams, himself, of course, was rail-thin, and yet, he managed to crank out 521 career homers.”

“Sure, added muscle mass may increase the distance a player is able to hit a baseball, but what negative effect does that added mass have in altering the fluidity of the player's swing and, thus, his ability to hit the ball in the first place? A popular baseball refrain cautions fast players who have deficiencies in the batter's box that one cannot steal first base. Similarly, a power hitter cannot hit a home run if he cannot hit the ball. And hitting a baseball is a unique skill in the world of sports. It is a powerful act that does not require extraordinary muscle strength. Instead, it is primarily dependent on technique, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination, not brute strength. It is a correlation that so many people are failing to make these days.”

The ballparks (today) are smaller and the ball is harder. I know those are two reasons for more home runs. Maybe steroids were the third reason.

Recently, it was released that suspected steroid-user Barry Bonds had failed a drug test for ampethamines during the 2006 season. For a first-time offender, there is no suspension; however, the player must take six drug tests the following season. In addition, the name of the player is supposed to remain confidential, which obviously did not work.

Why would Bonds leak his own name? Two reasons: 1.) Most people won't care much about his failed test if it is not a test for steroids; therefore, it should not hurt his legacy, 2.) He wants the world to know he will be given "extra attention" in 2007. If fans know he is getting tested frequently all season, Bonds has hard evidence that he could not have been juicing during the season.

What do you think? Has Bonds jucied in the past? I say Yes.

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